Fancy a challenge - Cum join the fun

It's some unknown hour of the early morning. My insomnia is in full force and my brain is wandering. I've been pondering some ideas to contribute to the fine forums at Orgasm Army - looking for a topic to get people interacting, having fun and getting to know some of the characters lurking about.

And so, I've come up with a challenge...

I've got money to spend at LoveHoney and I want you to spend it for me (one of you at least!).

I've got £20 to spend (to include P&P - currently £2.95 to save you looking it up) which I will use to buy from LH an item or items that the first person to respond to this post suggests.

There is, of course, a catch!

By accepting my challenge you have to agree to put up £20 of your own money and be challenged by the next person... and so on!

The rules:

- You should make your toy selection based on details from the person's profile - read their comments, reviews and descriptions. to get a better idea of their particular fetish, fantasy or perversion.

- Once you've picked the item(s) give your reasons why you've chosen it, any tips on using it or requests for testing it.

- Then provide some additional information about yourself:

Are you Male, Female or a couple:
Is the gift for solo play or with a partner:
Most recent LH purchase:
Most/Least favourite toy:
What's urrently occupying your thoughts::
Turn off's:

Sit back, wait for the next challenger and then purchase their suggestion. Thoroughly test the item and report back here with your comments, stories, feelings and orgasmic tales. You might even want to review the product as well.


So, here are my details to get things going:

I'm male

I'm in a relationship, but want suggestions for an item to use alone (I'm a lot less inhibited than my partner so that should give you more freedom)

My newest toy and current favourite is a butt plug (my first)

Anal play is on my mind a lot at moment, along with latex and spanking.

Turned off by sex dolls - the ones with the gaping pout :-o


So that's me. Who will take up the challenge?

Hi there, now if you were up for letting me add to the twenty ponuds then l would suggest the three bangs for your butt. Yes it is a biggie, but the attempts to take it l am certain would provoke a storm of advice from your fellow OA colleagues. Equally interesting would be the reports back to us all as you endeavoured to take the monster in the fullness !!! of time.
Making up the money to the cost price would be the issue, maybe Love Honey might offer a sutably inducing incentive like a discount to bring it within your range!!!
Let's see if they pick up on this, alternatively you could purchase a never ending supply of items from your local Tescos veggie shelf, twenty quid would go rather a long way !!!
How about it Ameliorate !!!
I was awake at 4am pity l didn't know about you !!

To see the fun l had with 3 bangs do have a dekko at my review, don't write too many and they thought it was a Lulu!!

Tallboy - I must confess I am more than a little intrigued by your idea.

I assume that you are propsing I buy Three Bangs for Your Butt Junior -

I only set the £20 limit in the challenge so that people don't feel tempted to get carried away. That said, rules are meant to be broken. I'm sure I can stretch the budget by £2.94!

Perhaps I should add an additonal rule - people should specify how much they are willing to spend when accepting the challenge?

So if I buy the Three Bangs, does this mean that you are going to join the game and be prepared to accept a challenge from another OA colleague? If so, let's have your additonal info. and set your budget.

Also. as you appear to be a bit of an expert on these toys, what lube would you recommend?

Hi Ameliorate, seems only fair if you are willing to stretch your budget as well as your arse then l should stick to the rules, and finances permitting l would be up for the challenge, well certainly consider it but there are some quirky souls out there, and l wouldn't relish being a potential hostage to fortune!!!
Will enter more at the weekend.
Cheers Tallboy

Tallboy, I guess it's game on for me then.

Reckon you're pretty quirky yourself ;-) but that's part of the fun of the challenge. Your suggestion has been occupying my thoughts rather a lot (and causing my sphincter to contract in self defence a lot too) :-P

I'll start a new posting in the approrpiate forum to tap into the wealth of advice from fellow butt-plugging members and will diary my efforts with the 3 bangs there too.

Lovehoney... Expect an order in the next few days :-)

Hi Ameliorate, l can only recommend you take it slowly slowly when you are maybe alone and in the mood. No particular fave re lube but Elbow Grease or Anal ease should do it, consider applying more as you insert past those difficult spots.
You might trigger an involuntary orgasm as you nudge your prostate but hey consider it a bonus !!!
Will result in mighty erections as naughty in the extreme!!!!!!
I found better to brace against post or something upright, seems to slide in with fewer obstacles.......
Plenty of lube on any ridges as will help with cleaning, you will get my drift!!!!
Guilty as charged with the quirky allegation, if it goes well maybe chat msn !!! re further exploits.
Do we have to wait for your first report before l am challenged- remember folks animal, vegetable or mineral !!! ha ha.
Can't wait to hear from you Ameliorate.

Looks like the happy campers have not picked up on this thread yet will have to do something !!!!!

Please see sex talk threads
There- done it.....

Haha you made me think I'd posted my question in the wrong place! I had noticed this thread and thought it was a good idea but unfortunately I'm a bit on the poor side at the moment so even if I posted my particulars, I wouldn't be sure when I would be able to get the suggested item :( sounds fun though and when I eventually win the lottery/find some money lying in the street I'll check back here and hope this thing is still running!

Have fun guys!

Sorry folks, been out of action for a couple of days. Back now and, more importantly, I've placed my order for the Three Bangs! Delivery due Tuesday and I can't wait to get started with the bugger! I'm off all day, so here's hoping it arrives nice and early so I'll have plenty of time to play.

I've further bent the rules of the challenge by spending a little more money on a couple of additional aids (decent lube & an intermediate size butt plug) to help build me up to the Three Bangs - it's only money... and, after all, I so want this experience to go well ('involuntary orgasms' and 'mighty erections' - why haven't I done this before?) - I think i'm gonna need all the help I can get ;-)

@ Tallboy - Kudos on your efforts across the forums to get this thread fired up - if you weren't such an ardent soldier round these parts I reckon you'd have been kicked off as spam - let's hope your persistence pays off. Sage advice on taking things slow - I've felt the pain of rushing things once, in my youth, when I dabbled with smaller insertions.

@ Sweeter - Thanks for noticing us :-) Appreciate a lack of funds not allowing you to join in. I've already proposed dropping the £20 stake, with people instead stating their own max. budget. Tallboy's earlier suggestion of me buying £20 worth of veg from Tesco was intriguing but impratical for me - I've got nowhere to store that amount of veg :-) If you can find a quid, someone might suggest you buy a squash - seem's to work for Kunilingus (see pic ) If you are really skint, set a budget of zero - I'm sure plenty of our comrades can think of readily available household objects for you to pervert :-P

I guess the underlying purpose of this thread is, by accepting a challenge, to broaden your horizons a little by trying something new. I've dabbled with anal play before but doubt I would have considered taking on the Three Bangs without the nudge from Tallboy. It's also an interesting thought that the adventure I'm about to begin has come from a stranger!

I don't see why tallboy should have to wait for my first report before accepting a challenge so if you are pondering joining in, get to it!

Hi Sweeter, sorry for any confusion, certainly not my intention!!!
Ameliorate, if l were to be kicked of for spamming then a. happen to love the stuff so worse things could happen and as your fingers fumble to unwrap the three bangs you could rest assured with the thought that l,b. would be watching the Monty Python spam spam spam sketch as l bemoaned my fate.
Would want to launch an appeal to the happycampers- goes without saying!!!
Curious to know how far you jettison your plume of spunk when you come, if you are like me then often the first experience of anything new is seemingly the most erotic, and can produce the most explosive outpourings.... will have to bide my time!!! b4 l find out l suppose.
Wont this just be the most frustrating wait ever!!! till it arrives, l live in north east London and would drop you off a toy if l thought it would help and you didn't live at the end of the world !!!!
Hope it arrives earlier rather than later on Tuesday, and off with the dressing gown and away !!!
Have fun....

Sorry to let you down guys. Unfortunately that isn't Mrs Kunni, I can hardly get a finger in much less a squash!! I posted that picture because of an earlier thread where the butternut squash was the order of the day...

No apology necessary Kuni mate, glad to see others adore this phallic veg as much as l do !!well found Kuni.
Hope you are having fun these days.

Go on then, I'm up for a challenge. Do your worst!! Better make it a big one though otherwise its not worth the bother!! Cost irrelevant by the way.

@tallboy.. So much fun. Mrs kuni is so horny after finding a friend who wants to eat her pussy. They will be meeting in December, while on our hols. Come January, if I'm alive WATCH THIS SPACE

Hell Kunni, meeting in December- can l herewith nominate Mrs Kunni for the OA 'Patience of a Saint Award' it is so far in the distance it almost begs the question !!!
Good on you both Tallboy !!!
Happycamper- Game on !!!

Happycamper, bugger (hopefully) but the link didn't open for me... what is the gizmo l will look it up, hopefully not a barcode for butternut squash .... ha ha lol.

@Tallboy - Happycamper's link worked for me. If you haven't made it work yet, see if this one does:

Otherwise, she has proposed the Adam and Eve Vibrating Pro 5 Prostate Massager Vibrator and I must say a rather sinister looking device it is too!

My agonising, yet strangely arousing wait, is almost at an end. Lovehoney have posted the Three Bangs so D day commeth (or should that be A day?). Your offer to drop off a toy to pass the time amused me - what an idea for a business - same day sex toy delivery for the perverted and desprately aroused - we'll come to you, so you can cum too!

I've created a new thead on the Anal forum so I can report back on my exploits with the Three Bangs - (i'll let you know just how far my cum jettisons Tallboy, don't you worry ;-).

@ Solopleasurer - glad you're up to joining in too - happycamper may have just beaten you to challenging Tallboy (assuming he accepts) so you need to be thinking up an idea for Happycamper.

@ Happycamper - you've pretty much got the jist of the game. I've been making the rules up as I go so I'll summarise them for clarity below. Assuming Tallboy accepts your challenge, then you'll be the next trooper up for a shot!

_________________________________RULES OF THE GAME_________________________________

1. Propose a toy for the current challengee
2. Give your reasons why you've chosen it, any tips on using it or requests for testing it.
3. State your budget limit
4. Provide some additional information about yourself:
- Are you Male, Female or a couple:
- Most recent LH purchase:
- Most/least favourite toy:
- Turn On's:
- Turn Off's:
5. Sit back & wait for a challenger.
6. If you accept a proposal, acquire it post haste, thoroughly test the item and report back to OA with your comments, stories, feelings and orgasmic tales.