Favourite LoveHoney Toy - answers on a postcard :)

Hey - me again! Sorry I totally love this site...
What I want to know is ... What's your favourite LoveHoney purchase and why...? I need inspiration!
I've only bought 3 with 2 more on their way. Mine has to be the Kegal ball. It's not something I could climax with but it makes me wet all day and I am out and about and no one has any idea...
I'm on the 30g one but tomorrow I should be receiving the 60g and 90g babies - happy days xxxx

The Tracey Cox rabbit my first rechargeable one so don't need to mess around with batteries and it's quite quiet too and best toy so far ... πŸ™Š

I'd have to say either the Rocks Off Ignition or the Happy Rabbit 2. They're both rechargable and most importantly they're powerful. I have to say I'm a bit of a power queen 😼

My favourite Lovehoney own-brand toy is the Happy Rabbit 2 (Natural). This is closely followed by the new Power Play G-Spot Rabbit. I also really like their Nubby glass dildo.

My favourite from other brands they stock would have to be the We-Vibe Tango, it's insanely powerful. I am a power queen so love the intensity it offers.

If you're not so power inclined, then you might like the Happy Rabbit Ears or Rocks Off Bamboo.

Any of the Vixen dildos, precisely which just depends on how small/big I want to go on any given day, but they are all incredible πŸ˜ƒx

Doxy wand.......I'd happily marry my doxy !

Definately my Holy Cow wand, in joint place with my Nea 2 :) xx



I love my Happy Rabbitt 2 -

The charge seems to last a really good length of time and you can just lay back and build as slow as you like through all different patterns and varying speeds - great for those rainy days off work ☺️

Something tells me this thread is going to prompt me to do another order later πŸ™Š

Loving the comments. I'm really new to this and will look at these products tonight and read the reviews. Gotta be better than watching Eastenders lol 😝

My favourite toy is probably a tie between the Swan Wand and the Doxy, but what I like can change from time to time πŸ˜„

I have 3 Favourites, that I use over and over again, depsite having as many toys as Lovehoney, lol

They are:

The Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand, big wands just don't do it for me, but this one is awesome


My pig pink dildo, because big and pink


And my Fun Factory vibe


Really fun thread, can;t wait to see some more responses :)

I have a couple!

It's between these two at the moment - I tend to prefer rechargeable toys, although I do still use ones that aren't. They're both quite powerful, have a variety of settings and the WeVibe has a slighty tapered end too for precision.

We Vibe:




Specific lovehoney products....




These are often first out of the toy box...
Coupled with an old discontinued glass dildo or if feeling particularly naughty and greedy...
For the male, a little simpler, love this!

My happy rabbit 2 (gspot)
We-vibe Tango and Touch
Doxy die cast

Are you asking what is my favorite Lovehoney branded toy?

for the my happy rabbit II (natural) - Review is linked off my profile page

and tied with my Lovehoney Deluxe Wand (US) plug

For my favorite toy I have recieved from Lovehoney overall -

Probably my Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit Vibrator as I use it all the time.

Yes, I wanted to know your best toys from this site 😜
I can see there are a few glass dildo's on here - can I ask why glass? Is it because it's see-through? Is it like toughened-glass and hard as plastic or just a kinky name for a silicon product? Xxx

Shhh-busy! wrote:

Yes, I wanted to know your best toys from this site 😜
I can see there are a few glass dildo's on here - can I ask why glass? Is it because it's see-through? Is it like toughened-glass and hard as plastic or just a kinky name for a silicon product? Xxx

I personally love glass because of the weight, rigidity and temperature play aspect. It can be cooled or heated in water to create different sensations. Similar to ice play I suppose.

It's not a kinky name for silicone, that's a completely different material. Glass genuinely means glass. The majority are made from borosilicate glass, which is extremely durable and sturdy. It's the same stuff used in Pyrex jugs and oven dishes :)

Read more here http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/dildos/buyers-guide/glass-dildos-explained/

I love Mantric Mouse toys - My favourite being their strapless strap-on! It's incredible!

They also make some incredible vibes! Some of their toys are a bit pricey but they are definitely my favourite brand ever!

My favourite Lovehoney brand you is my magic wand - everyone needs one. And I mean a full size one! None of that mini crap! <3

I bought a lot of things from Lovehoney but my favorite is Magic Wand!