Favourite Sex Position

Do you have a favourite position
Ours is Doggystyle, as In this position I can stimulated Clitoral pleasure an myself which I need to orgasm
He has the choice of virgina or anal or fill both holes
If virgina put butt plug in, if anal then put dildo in
Although obviously easy to use butt plug first for anal finish
Hubby enjoys this view of my big ass as he thrusting from behind (big ass my words not his)
We also try and cum together
He cums inside me most times or he’ll put out and cum on my ass
Do you have a favourite sex position?


Our favourite these days is where we sit up, laying back, facing each other on the bed.
My wife sits ups the headboard end and I get a stack of pillows and cushions behind me to support.
We squeeze up to each other so that I can get inside her. It feels great having legs, cheeks and everything touching!
From that point, my wife has a lot of control over what’s going on. Fingers, toys and sometimes using my penis to rub around her clit and stuff. It’s delicious and very sexy because I get a great view of what’s going on (sometimes a few pics or video too!)
It’s pretty easy to stay in that position for a long time, and you can change things up easily (stack of toys to one side)
She really gets to experience a lot of pleasure and edging, just the way she likes it, and same for me too.
It really combines a lot of what we both love, and feels very sexy and sensual.
It’s a massive turn on for me as she often wears lingerie, so she looks super hot as well as all the sensations. Hard to beat!


That sounds really sexy, I’ve been thinking of a variation of that and the stack of pillows would help that. Thanks for the idea!


My hands down favourite position is missionary and him kneeling, any position where we are able to watch each other and kiss is what we love. Its very sensual and being wrapped around each other while we orgasm is heavenly.


Sound very interesting, may have to try that


We when through a time when all we did was missionary, when hubby had a vibrating cock ring
This would bring us both to orgasm, but that has long since gone
One of our favourites in a face to face sit up position with me on top
We use to do this on the edge of the bed, with his feet on the floor and he could lay back if he wanted and I’d ride him that way
Also in missionary position we put a pillow under me so penetration is much deeper
The only problem I have in missionary is being able to stimulate my clit to climax
Maybe we should get a vibrating cock ring again


Doggystyle or reverse cowgirl :wink: I love the feel of my wife’s peachy bum slapping against my balls when I’m slipping in and out of her! I don’t last long in either of those positions but wow I really cum hard when I let go!!! Love reading your posts @Hubby.and.Wife, very very hot :smiling_imp:


Yes hubby loves my chubby arse with the ripple effect and says the same, that slapping sound as he thrusts faster as we are about to both cum

Thank you for your kind comments
We’ve only really just started adventuring new toys and things and hubby is love it
As I’ve always had a lack of body confidence as being a bit chubby/plump
But hubby says he love me the way I am

Anyway getting way off topic, I do also enjoy reverse cowgirl but don’t do it very often


My ultimate favourite position is sidewind her, I love how deep he can get in me, and it takes a matter of seconds for him to make me orgasm :drooling_face::hot_face::ok_hand:

Then it’ll be be hard press, another deep position, and the angle he’s at he can get to my spot perfectly :ok_hand:

On my arms with my ass in the air, for another deep position. Hard, fast and deep session.

If we want a slow, passionate and sensual session, we’ll go into the hard press and work our way into the sandwich position.


Yeah there’s just something about that sound that’s so sexy, really makes me horny before slipping out and spilling cum over her curvy arse :wink:

Always feel confident about your body @Hubby.and.Wife no matter what size/shape you are. I know it’s easier said than done, I used to be a lot lot bigger than I am now so understand how difficult it is to get out that negative mind set about your self image

@JoCat ours is missionary as well, like it when looks in my eyes as I cum inside her

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Yes hubby’s been telling me for years that not all guys like the so called “ideal womans body”
Says he love my curves (all of them)


Yes that is the moment you do t get with doggystyle
I do like that when you know he’s going to cum by the look on his eyes

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My favorite is being face sat . I love the feeling of her weight , the scent and taste of her .
Unfortunately, my wife is unable to do this because of health issues , so I will never experience it again :cry:

Yes I also enjoy sitting on huddy’s face have his licking me there
Sorry to hear of your wife’s health

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@Hubby.and.Wife that really drives me over the edge. Like doggy as well especially if I cum over her bum cheeks


Yes hubby likes cumming on my arse, I’d rather have that warm cum feeling inside me


Think I’ve still yet to discover mine lol

@Hubby.and.Wife it is better to cum inside but I like to see it on her bum as well

@Hubby.and.Wife love reading the post they are very sexy sounding …I am the same and the confidence I have in the bedroom is 0 right now how do you manage to get your confidence up in the bedroom any tips. P.s I don’t do reverse cow girl due to me being wee bit chubby but I want to make my partner say wow again lol.

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