Female ejaculation

My best orgasm was experienced in Amsterdam. We spent the day wondering around sex shops and eyeing up hookers in windows. Followed by free booze (we broke into mini bar), and free porn.
That night, I discovered female ejaculation was definitely possible (during oral sex - I nearly drowned the poor bastard), and I think I actually passed out for a few seconds.... Not the wittiest story, but defnitely the best orgasm MOST people have ever had... :)
Had the juices not squirted up his nose and he hadn't choked and retched everywhere it would have been a flawless evening.
(As I'm not rating a product, I've rated my other halfs tongue - it may not have batteried, but just as good)

My girlfriend ejaculates as well. The first time it happened she was so pleased we rushed round the room doing high fives. I love it now especially when I'm going down on her and she squirts into my mouth, there is nothing quite like the semi sweet taste of a girl's come in your mouth. We stay in hotels a lot and have got into the habit of photographing the huge wet spots left around and about. We have an album of pictures of hotels together with their relevant wet spots....he, he, he We even left one on the stairs of one hotel late at night....

I have a few interesting wet spot photos too! I squirt so much that our metal bed frame is starting to get rust spots :D Mine's quite salty apparently, and my poor girlfriend often gets a face full of it *snigger* Fun for all!

guess wat i like to do
give my self a wet finger play on clit and turn myself right on then go find hubby sit just above his face and play some more till i flood every where then make him lick it up he rekons its like a shower

I'm so jealous - I so want to ejaculate it's the holy grail of orgasms for me!! :s Any tips anyone?

Seymour Butts did a film all about how to do it. Basically its all about stimulating the front wall of the vagina and the g-spot. But success depends upon a few factors like sensitivity and muscle condition.
My wife ejaculates and I luuurv it ;)

I would sooooo love to do that

I'll just have to keep practicing till I get it right!! Lol.

I watched "porn a family business" (seymour Butts)when he done the film about squirting - I was amazed - thought it was just piss though!!!

I have tried to get my girlfriend to learn how to do it but shes to embarrassed, and says she cant.

Are there any tips you can give me to convince her she can do it, or tips for me to make her do it without realising??

If you curl your fingers as if you're beckoning someone and stroke her g-spot then she'll probably get a sensation like she really, really needs a wee. If she can get t
past that feeling and 'go with the flow' she could be squirting in no time! Patience is the key, some women just can't do it, some can control it and some can't, but you will need her full cooperation!! If she's worried about mess just put some towels down for easy clean up.

Good luck, and report back to us!

get one of these: http://www.orgasmarmy.com/product.aspx/Vibrators/Group/Vibrators/Brand/Fun+Factory/?productid=1115

get her in a 69 above you, go to work on her with the above and lick clit a lot. If its going to happen at all it will, and lots.... prepare to get wet ;)

Have fun :)

I can make myself ejaculate but the best part of an orgasm for me is the toe curling sensation before the shudders start,which is the most incredible sense of warmth flooding to my vigina oooooh you can't beat that.The rabbit does it for me everytime.

hi there,did I say the rabbit does it for me everytime !!Well let me bring you up to date on a new vibrator that has just been delivered to me.I am talking about the 9" extra width Phew.When I saw the size of the box it came in I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed.I almost had an orgasm just holding the brut,It felt so real and very heavy I couldn't wait to thrust it up my already wet and twitching fanny.I didn't need much lubrication but thought this baby is going to need a bit of extra help to get up there.I slowly inserted the monster writhing at the girth of it and gasped as i took the entire length.Let me tell you it wasn't long before my body convulsed in deep rocking spasms,as the tip of the massive cock found parts of me i didn't know existed.All other cocks pale into existance compared to this one.

My Girlfriend and I have found that the best way to achieve female ejaculation is to heighten the sences, her first time she was tied up and blindfolded, I used my hands, tongue and cock for about alternatly for about an hour then after not letting her come for all that time eventually I did and she exploded and soaked my face, hair and gave me a genuine mouthfull, was a bit of a surprise, very pleasent though, now its more regular I think its a case of turning it on, once she does it once repeat perfomances become easier.

G-spot stimulation is the key, I've not managed to for quite a while but I used to a LOT when I was younger and I've not really been trying. Although months ago my partner found my g-spot with his fingers and I gave him a little squirt which surprised us both!

There must be some proper articles on this because it does happen and it deffinately isn't pee


Nice informative article. There's also stuff at vaginapagina.com

I can do it without any manual stimulation now, or through just clit stimulation. My girlfriend can do it if she's teased to breaking point! I find a lot of foreplay and teasing makes me gush like a fountain, it gets everywhere. The first few times I did it there was a small amount, but now I can soak through our mattress easily, but it's definitely not urine.

Also, anyone who's worried that it is urine should go to the loo before sex, once you manage to squirt you'll see that the fluid's different. It tastes different, smells different, and has a different consistency.

Once you get the hang of it you'll probably be able to control when you do it, handy in situations where a lot of liquid would be too messy/inconvenient, or when someone's asking you to squirt all over them.

Also - invest in some of those waterproof-backed picnic blankets, or you might end up with a lot of washing to do! :D

[quote=private lick]
Also - invest in some of those waterproof-backed picnic blankets, or you might end up with a lot of washing to do! :D
shes not wrong, sweet jesus... not wrong at all.

Awful isn't it? (in the very best way!) My record is a damp patch on the underside of the mattress, through a couple of duvets, ack. Everything we've tried has ended up soaking through, and those plastic/rubber 'play sheets' look distinctly uncomfy for a 2 hour session!
We were filling the car at our local petrol station and the missus had paid for the petrol when I saw the blankets for £3 each. I wound the window down and shouted "are they waterproof?" She checked and shouted "yeah, why?" I just laughed and shouted back "Grab a few!" :D

Problem solved! Now just got to work on my aim, cos the telly in the bedroom has been directly in the firing line a couple of times.

o.O that impressive, maybe install a fan at the end of the bed to blow things back in or possibly a shower curtain, sexy it aint but hell if you are goign t o loose the deposite on your house due to damp extreme measures must be taken.