🥾 ⛺ Festivals!

Hey all!

I’ve got a few questions for you as festival season is approaching! :smiley:

What are your festival top tips?
Have you ever had a sexual encounter at a festival?
Any good stories/embarrassing moments/saucy encounters?
Are you planning any festival trips this year?
Finally, what are your top sexytime jams?



Take a flag with a long pole so you can find your group after visiting the toilet.
Take hand sanitizer and baby wipes cos the toilets will be disgusting.
If you can manage it, take your own food and drink cos the prices will be horrendous.
Allow for all types of weather, including sunshine cos you will get burned.
Take a couple of fully charged power banks for your phone.

My first festival was Donington Monsters of Rock (Now Download) in 1980!


I’ve still never been to a festival and doubtful I would ever get to go to one.
I’m not a massive fan of crowds and become easily claustrophobic. I also like to be clean at all times and need to wash my hands regularly and I need to shower once a day. After hearing about the state of toilets and showers I just couldn’t do it. I certainly couldn’t have sex at one with out a shower available.
It’s a shame because I love camping and hooking up in a cosy tent but yer festivals unfortunately aren’t for me.


A good story? The tyres around a telegraph pole on the track being set alight during Meatloaf’s set in 1983!
ZZ Top flying the Eliminator car over the crowd hanging from a helicopter.
The seemingly never ending bottles of “liquid” in the air at any one time. :rofl:


I’ve never been to a music festival, but have been to a swinging festival. It had live music in the evening, there were naked foam parties, kink and fetish demonstrations eg flogging, shibari, wax play etc. Vendors selling sex toys, lingerie and all manner of things from independent small businesses.

During the day it was more of a chill out. Getting to mingle with others (checking out their tents :wink: ) lots of hot tubs, naked sunbathing, giant tents with sex furniture and beds for the exhibitionists.

The big music festivals arent really accessible for disabled persons and they’re so expensive.


The classic “if the van’s a rocking, don’t come a knocking” springs to mind for any caravan/motorhoming festival goers.

I managed to make it onto National TV during a visit to “Bug Jam” summer festival many years ago. Drunk and a bit lairy, not my finest moment :rofl:

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Went to Leeds festival and camped once in 2004. Been there, done that, never need to do it again :joy: Hotels from there!

Take a lot of loo roll, more than you think you’ll ever need! Practice holding your breath because after the first day the loos will probably be disgusting.

You never know who you’ll end up camping next to or meeting. The guys in the tent next to us ended up befriending us and one of them wound up being my long distance boyfriend for a couple of years (Leicestershire - Manchester), never ever would have met otherwise. Two stupidly shy and awkward people, but somehow we got there.

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We’ve been to a ton of concerts and one festival. At the festival, we were with one other person the whole time, so didn’t get up to anything, but we’ve had sex immediately after almost every concert we went to (when we got back home or to a hotel)… rhythmic metal really gets me in the mood :stuck_out_tongue:

Great advice @WillC ! Our phones died and we both got sunburned, but at least we remembered wipes and sanitizer :joy:


The only way to survive a festival is to have sexual encounters :laughing:

Download and Sonisphere are my festivals.

Basically I second everything that @WillC has said! But the most, most key for me - sun cream!!! The sun never needs to be out and I frazzle into a lobster.

Many inside tents but only with my OH not random people I’ve met at the festival. He’s got some interesting stories from before we met though :rofl:.

Normally, mass single sex shower tents, some girls wear bikinis but generally expect to have no shame - go in, strip by a chair, wrap towel round and go shower en mass hoping no one steals your clothes. No sex for me in them but I have seen some interesting displays! Sonisphere we were in guest camping one year which luxury of luxury included private showers. They were good for sex.

Nope :pensive: - All been replaced with harvest and hay making these days.


Baby wipes and a head torch! Definitely essentials at any festival

Baby wipes are good thing to take, and the phone battery chargers (not the pug in ones :rofl::rofl:), pain killers,glow sticks ,a fold up water cube so you can carry water,little gas stove and kettle for your pot noodles :rofl::rofl:

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@WillC has hit it in the head.

Baby wipes, bog roll, prepare for all weather, prepare to have someone stand or kick your tent, maybe even fall onto it.

Tourch is a good idea. Take a box of wine, keep the bag inside it, empty it one way or another new pillow.

Sex, always used a condom, because hygine on both parties can slip.
Got a few stories on that for later

Download used to, take acase of your warm beer and swap it for cold beers, always a good way to get shot of the crap beers on the sunday.

Dont be dishearted if two or more of the bands/acts are on at the same time. Also dobt disregard the early ones on stages, first time i saw Jimmy Eat World was at 1pm on a friday and they were bloody brillaint.

Dont buy the cheap “eadable mushrooms” from the stalls, my mate went missing after eating a bag and we found him UNDER his tent the next day…funny but not really at the time

Wear a kilt, gaffer tape beers to the inside of your leg, bye bye hair but beer that isnt £5 a can security tend not to go up a guys kilt

No festivals for me as im just bot intrested anymore or can handle the 5day hangover

Sex stories…me and my ex went to T in the Park and we were later than all our friend, they pitched our tent for us, however TiTP done a thursday tv on for the early campers…our tent was infront of it, so everyone could see our silhouettes having sex that night.

A year later when i was single, we went back to our tents and i decided to go a drunken walk around the campsite, befreinded a group jamming at their fire and ended up sleeping with a girl in her tent…this was sat night, we’d been there since thursday afternoon and yes id showered but as said before, its not a great shower you get, and she had the same BO and openly admited AFTER she had sex with 4 gjys this weekend, i was the 5th…glad i wore a condom for many reasons.

Mate done the same at another festival, lost his virginity, came back to the tent with a massive cheeser lol

Check the lay out of the ground aswell, gravity and water etc, make sure your tent or car isnt in a bog or can become a bog if…when it rains

Think thats about it :thinking: :smirk:


Yes, Donington 1991, it was quite cool and windy, but my forehead got so burnt it was unreal, and i had plenty of hair then!


Wow sounds like a proper festival lol where was this and do they still do these events

Fantasia, castle donnington, I was there lol


Went most years from 1980 onwards! :love_you_gesture:

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Lovvvve download !!!

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If you fancy quiet time, nip back for a quick fumble in your tent during the day when people are busy watching the various stages… less chance of being overheard by your neighboring campers.

Also take lots of baby wipes and bottles of hand gel- festivals are filthy!

I much preferred when it was Monsters of Rock, one day, 5 or 6 decent bands. So no camping, and no clashes of bands you would like to see! Must be me being an old git! :wink:

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