Finding a girl to experiment and do the girlfriend things with

hi everyone

was wondering what are cheaper ways to find girls that you can do the girlfriend things with and experiment with, there is escorts and ebcams where you chat to models and girls and do things with and experiment with but have found neither is cheap.

dont have a girlfriend to experiment and do these things with and looking for a way that isnt going to cost as much money.

what other sites are there that do the video/virtual chat like ebcams do but a lot cheaper and what are other safer ways during the coronavirus to do this where youre not going to be in contact.

also if you live with other people what is a way to have some privacy when you dont have a granny flat out back, there is cabin/apartment.

what am wanting to do is role-play, lingerie and leather pants and heels and leather crop top and same but latex as well and just slowly build up.

most escorts charge about $200 a hour and ebcams probably arent much cheaper when you want to go private chat and while it is ok once in a while, it however is expensive when you want to do it more often to make up for not having a girlfriend.

am happy single and just waiting for right girl and just looking to get the needs filled but not going to be able to afford the constant escorts or private chats on eb cams.

am just feeling like the girls not going to happen in a hurry and just getting a little desperate.

with the dolls if you live with other people how can you go about using them and not wonder wether someones going to see you, do know that theres hotels and apartments.

what virtual and video private chats are there that are same as escorts and eb cams that isnt going to cost as much, what could you do to make enough money to constantly pay for them.

just need help

Hi @daisy202027,

I can’t help you directly with how to find a ‘cheaper’ alternative to finding someone who has similar sexual interests.

In my opinion you might be better trying it from an alternative angle. If you are looking for a ‘girl friend’ then perhaps target some dating apps/websites that allow honesty on what you’re looking for sexually.

It will still probably cost money, however it might allow you to match up with some like minded people who are into similar things sexually. This could just end up with some consentual fun - but could also end up with a longer term relationship if that’s what you’re after.

Honesty is the key - be up front with people about what your wants are both sexually and also from a long term relationship standpoint and take it from there.

If you’re not actually ready/looking for a relationship - but rather an Avenue to try your kinks…then research clubs that offer this. As a single person you might struggle but if you don’t ask…you’ll never know.


where it says If you’re not actually ready/looking for a relationship - but rather an Avenue to try your kinks…then research clubs that offer this. As a single person you might struggle but if you don’t ask…you’ll never know what would you type in google.

where would you go to get the needs met, what other sites are there besides ebcams

wanting to get all the needs met and wondered what is safest way during the coronavirus thats close to real thing, want to be able to do the leather and latex outfits, heels, and you name it and slowly build up.

just feel the girl is not going to come soon, what else can be done

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Hi @daisy202027,

Unfortunately forum rules mean cannot share such sites on here, but if you google for fetish /swing parties you might find stuff. It is about looking around and finding what is right for you.

Plenty of dating apps are designed for ‘casual’ dating, i.e. friends with benefits/hookups. Again, it is having a look about and finding what is right for you - and putting yourself out there.
There will be others looking for similar, but it is a long slow process looking for girls - it tends to be a male saturated market (or was many years ago when I was single looking for casual stuff).

Unfortunately there is no easy simple guarantee option other than those you mention - and of course those come at a cost.

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There’s a certain website dedicated the fetish life… that likely has dozens if not hundreds (or thousands depending on your area) of people who may be happy to indulge in experimenting with fantasies of leather and roleplay and latex. Chances are, you can find it for free with a little bit of searching around the popular apps and websites and connecting with somebody who may just want a play partner to experiment with. I’ve had plenty of successful encounters with people in life like that. Male and female. Remember, a lot of experienced kinksters out there are really just lovely genuine people who want to teach people and help them be their best kinky selves.

As for some of your other questions…
Re: COVID Safety… I personally play with people who give me a rapid lateral flow test. They’re cheap and affordable (and I don’t play with people who don’t get regularly tested for STI’s anyway so a cheap COVID test does no harm and indicates that somebody is serious about things and not just in it for a cheap and quick bit of fun)

Re: Privacy… You’re sort of just hoping you can find somebody who can host, if you’re not willing to pay for hotels for a day. In the end, sex is loud, kink is louder, and no matter how hard you try, people will know most of the time if you let yourself let loose.

Re: Prices… If you do want escorts/cam shows, cam shows are 100% cheaper than escorts given the lack of physical contact involved. But as you mention girlfriends a lot, they will often play the girlfriend role for you if you pay, but you’re not necessarily getting a service that helps you with experimenting and the experiences you might want.

Re: Desperation… Don’t let your libido dig you into financial burden. Be wary of the fact that spending money consistently on such services can quite quickly end up being a large financial burden, overspending your means, and become an emotional crutch to deal with the fact. For all people say life is short, things quite often change over the course of weeks or months if you put the effort in to put yourself out there. No need to be concerned about things not happening in immediacy. This forum is good place to get some extra perspectives and see what else you can do and realize there’s a lot more options out there that might work for you like dating apps or kink websites!

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its a bit hard when you work in hospitality and have no outside life

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I’d buy the lingerie, leather pants, heels, leather crop top and latex when I could, admire myself in it, think how beautiful I was and take some photos, maybe upload some to the lingerie thread here and revel in the likes, enjoy masturbating myself in front of a big mirror while wearing them, then just relax and wait for the right girl to come along. The satisfied glow should attract them. :heart_eyes_cat:

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was wondering while you work in hospitality 7 day a week industry how would you be able to meet a girl to regularly hang around with to treat as a girlfriend and to go out with and do following other things

  1. regular intimacy.
  2. go out on dates and movies.
  3. lay on bed together
  4. all other girlfriend things

also there are interactive toys you can buy that also do it over internet if you had a long distance girlfriend and thats reason for wondering if there was a way the model on cam site can control yours over internet as well or only you be able to control models, imlive and ebcams allow you to control models toy but theres no feature yet where they control yours

what are ways to have privacy when you live with others and the property is so small besides cabins/hotels/apartments if thats not even a option such as lockdowns or quarantine or money.

guessing you can do virtual intimacy on cam sites.

what else can you do to find physical contact besides dating sites and escorts and what is safest way during coronavirus

plus its a bit hard when you work in hospitality and have no outside life

with the girlfriend things want a girl to treat as a girlfriend with no kids and doesnt want them either and dont want to live together just see each other on and off and not share the usual couples things.

what is safest way to have physical contact during coronavirus and have privacy when you dont have your own space from others

I’m afraid there is no magic answer. :man_shrugging: If you don’t leave time and space for a life outside work, then your options for having a life outside work are very limited.

Have you considered a career change? If this particular job is consuming too much of your time and energy it may be time for a new one?


have thought about and will be getting out of hospitality the minute the time is right but at moment the time isnt right and wondered what can be done until the time is right.

what is safest way during coronavirus and how do you get privacy while living with others until youre able to get your own.

what is reason why people have left the industry just as it re opened and moved to other industries

what are ways to have privacy when you live with others and the property is so small besides cabins/hotels/apartments if thats not even a option such as lockdowns or quarantine or money.

guessing you can do virtual intimacy on cam sites.

what else can you do to find physical contact besides dating sites and escorts and what is safest way during coronavirus

The easiest way to have privacy if other people are around is to do what most people living with others would do - either keep your sexual activities to you bedroom or if that’s not possible then move your activities to the bathroom and close the door behind you. The cold reality is that if you want to have a girlfriend, you need to put in the effort to build a meaning relationship but if you just want sex but don’t have your own space to host or the time to establish a relationship, then your options are quite limited to using an escourt facility.

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want intimacy and to build meaningful relationship but dont want kids or to live together 24/7 or to share the usual couples things.

what could be done until you can move onto a industry that only works standard business hours.

what is safest way during coronavirus

and will ebcams or similar private chat work just to practice talking to girls

also could a guy wear those leather and latex lingerie and the pleaser or similar heels in the bedroom, you know how girls buy them to wear in the bedroom

Finding a meaningful girlfriend that doesn’t expect commitment is not realistic so you may need to realign your expectations . Relationships are about respecting each other and it sounds to me that you are looking for all the benefits of a “normal girlfriend / boyfriend” relationship but without any commitment. Think about how you have approached previous friendships and you will realise that it is not enough to just want a friend, you have to also BE a friend.

How to stay safe during Coronavirus - really? There is government advise all over the place including the Internet of how to protect yourself and others so the simple answer is follow the same advice as you do in every other aspect of your life

Webcam and private chat are not the same as a real relationship so, no I don’t think that speaking to cam models will in anyway help you speak to a new potential girlfriend. Think about how you speak to people in your day to day job and how you like to be spoken to - my guess is that you prefer it when spoken to respectfully and in a friendly manner - the same applies when to talking to women.

You can wear whatever you like.


Maybe join a forum or website devoted to people who work in hospitality and find out how THEY manage their relationships?

What it means is find a girlfriend but not have kids or live together 24/7 or to share the couples things such as money and stuff

When talking to a cam model in private chat would that give you a idea on how to talk to girls as you’re already talking to one.

With working in hospitality a cam model might be only way for escort atleast until coronavirus passes and to practice with girls ready for when you find one

I would say that working in hospitality should give you all the skills and practise you need to be able to talk to people, cam girls are not the way to go.
Paying someone like a cam girl to talk to you is not the same as being involved with someone. If you want the girlfriend experience then you will have to meet in person, treat her well, you can’t just find someone to practise on, it’s absurd.

If you don’t want to be in a relationship with a girl you may strike up a friendship with you will need to make that clear as well, in case they are mislead and you hurt their feelings.

If you don’t want to live together, kids etc of course that is fine, it would probably be a ‘friends with benefits’ type of situation and things may progress as you get to know each other.

People can meet now in the UK and if you are working in hospitality then you are probably out and about in the public, not shielding, so Covid shouldn’t really be a reason not to meet someone.


Being in hospitality you’re working long hours and there doesn’t seem to be much time left

Maybe you should try and cultivate friendships with your work colleagues. Even if you don’t fancy them, one might eventually introduce you to someone else they know.

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