First sex club/party experience

Well, I don’t know where to begin… :smiling_imp:

Hubby and I have talked for a long time about experiencing threesomes/foursomes - just as fantasy really.
We are childhood sweethearts - so lucky to have found such an amazing connection when we were young, I’ll always be grateful for that.
However - this means that we skipped a whole phase of going out dating, fooling around a bit and exploring bisexuality.
I’d sometimes think how hot it would be to to get my hands on a woman’s body, I didn’t know if I’d even like it - but it’s something that I would have loved the chance to explore.
At the same time, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if I never did because I have everything I need in my relationship/marriage - it’s just an extra bit of fun (how greedy of me) :shushing_face:

More recently I have opened up about my desire to visit a sex club - for the experience, to watch others and to see what it’s all about. Never had any real intentions to get fully involved at that point. Hubby wasn’t too keen on the idea as he doesn’t really enjoy trying new things or large social events.

Over time - we discussed it more and more and together, were started to really enjoy the idea of trying a threesome. The more we talked it over, the more we discussed what we would or wouldn’t want and thinking about any personal boundaries that we would have.
It was also at this point that we thought we would want to look at having fun with other couples so we could play with another male and female - altogether.
After really serious consideration - we decided that we actually wanted to try our fantasy out for real and get into the swinging scene.

We have spent the past 6 months - networking with other swingers, getting a real feel for how things work.
Making friends, understanding what should be avoided and constantly communicating with each other.
So far we have had a couple of fun, social meets with friends - I experienced some FF play for the first time (so much fun) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but we really wanted to visit a club and meet other people to find a suitable couple for us.

It was around April that I purchased tickets for our first sexy party, booked a Hotel for after too - however, it got cancelled and we had to wait until July until the party could finally go ahead.
I spent months in excitement - waiting for the day to arrive, hubby was more nervous but a little excited too!

We bought new outfits to wear, got ourselves dolled up and rocked up to the party - we were the first guests to arrive (talk about eager beavers) :grimacing:
On arrival, we were greeted and shown around the venue - everyone brings their own alcohol, puts it out on the table and helps themselves during the night.
We got a drink and found ourselves a seat near the entrance so we could eye up all the guests as they arrived - see if there were any potential couples that we were attracted to.

We sat and had some general chit chat with other guests as my hubby managed to get through 4 drinks to calm his nerves.
By 9 - the party was about to get started. We were mingling away, drinks were flowing, clothes started to be replaced by sexy lingerie and nakedness.
I’d now had a few drinks myself, although it felt a little surreal - I still felt at ease and comfortable enough to strip off into something extremely see-through and revealing so I could really get stuck in to the party! :smiling_imp: It helped that my hubby was already naked in the pool and I could see he was clearly having a blast.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with all the details of what happened that evening :wink: but let’s just say we had such an amazing night.
We didn’t find a couple that we wanted to do a full swap with but we did have a little play with others. We also got watched while we were having our own fun together which was pretty hot in some way.
I didn’t go with any expectations, just for a new, kinky experience and that’s certainly what we got!

The next day, we went for a big breakfast (I was a little hungover) and talked it over in detail, communicating with each other about what we loved and what we didn’t, talked about our thoughts and feelings during what was happening and afterwards.
So now we have a better idea of what we want next time, what we are prepared to happen and which boundaries we have.

We have decided that we would like to visit some other clubs so we can dig a bit deeper into the world of sex parties. I very much look forward to that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hopefully our freedom remains and we’ll get to visit another club this year.


@Cupc8kes hun well done to you both for taking the plunger so to speak, really brave if you both to commit and to have had a really fun time thanks for the post great read :+1:. :kissing_heart:

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Glad it worked out for you. If you don’t try, you never know x

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@Cupc8kes this all sounds like a lot of fun, especially the FF part. :heart_eyes::drooling_face:

I’m so happy for you and I’ll be honest, more than a little jealous. Perhaps one day this will be something I explore. I couldn’t imagine how much fun a FF, FFM or even a MMF experience might be for me :crazy_face:


Sounds awesome and really well planned out. I’d love to do this with my wife and try it, we fantasise about it like lots of couples but she wouldn’t be serious.

Would love to know more of the details :grin:

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I’m glad you had a fun time @Cupc8kes

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Thanks for update on the experience. Having sex and being watched at a party has always been a fantasy, but it will remain as such. We aren’t as brave as you are.:joy:.
Look forward to hearing how the next step goes


Wow it sounds like you and your husband are very trusting of each other and that you’ve unlocked a door to a beautiful future of fun and play. Enjoy !!!

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Sounds like you had a fabulous time! What a great way to get in to this new exploration. You’ve been talking things over between yourselves, doing your research, networking, learning, and finally took the plunge. Good for you! I hope you have many more fun, sexy adventures ahead :kissing_heart:


@Cupc8kes, sounds like a great night. Great writeup on prep for it including talking to each other so well. Glad yous enjoyed.

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So happy that you got to attend your first party and your communication as a pair is beautiful, refreshing and inspiring.
I hope that it all works out the way you the two of you hope for :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Cupc8kes really pleased for you and that there didn’t seem, from reading your story, to be any awkwardness afterwards.
Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure and really jealous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thanks for sharing @Cupc8kes - a great, well written post. Super glad you’ve got to experience a shared fantasy together. The thought of a sex club terrifies me and my OH…but really good to read your experience. Hopefully you’ll keep us up to date with further experiences so we can live vicariously through you :smile:


Brilliant read @Cupc8kes
I’m glad to see that you just didn’t go head first into this without your research.
Now that you and your OH have had the time to discuss the likes and dislikes, I’m looking forward to the follow up :kissing_heart:

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This is a great read @Cupc8kes and very happy for the both of you. It’s something I’d love to explore myself but only when the time is right. I’m looking forward to hearing about your future adventures :relaxed:


Sounds like you did everything right to get the most out of the experience, no preconceived ideas or expectations, lots of communication before, during and especially after the event. Read like a “how to” guide for trying out a sex club.

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Thanks for your sweet comments and kind words all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know we have a lot of people on the forum who are interested in swinging and sex clubs. Some are too worried or don’t know how to take the plunge. Some may not be ready for this to be a part of their relationship yet.

As I was writing, I tried to covey as much information and feeling from this experience as I could. Hoping it may help others to decide what might be the right thing for them.
As you can tell from the write up - honesty, (an open mind) and communication are crucial to making it work x


Well done for taking the plunge @Cupc8kes (&OH), sounds like it was well thought out and executed!! They say you only regret the things you didn’t do!! We are all not as brave so can expand our fantasy through your bravery! Thank you for sharing x

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Well done @Cupc8kes for doing ahead with it. It’s a real sign of trust and respect between you and OH. Can only be in awe of you. Something I fantasize about, but wouldn’t be brave enough to talk about.

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@Cupc8kes , I am so happy for both of you ! I myself would be up for it right now , but even 30 years ago my wife would not be ready . It took me until 3 years ago to finally make it to a nudist camp and enjoyed myself . If traffic was not so bad I would have joined . A girlfriend I had 39 years ago ( biker chick ) would have defiantly been up for it . Maybe if reincarnation is a thing , next life .