First time butt plug advice?

Howdy y’all.

Im a guy who is new to the world of sex toys and yeah, the desire and curiosity to explore has me doing just that. Exploring.

The next kink to explore is a small bit of solo anal stuff, and so Im here to ask whats a good beginner product to use? Best size to start off with?

For the first time, did everyone use an anal douche to clean up inside first?

Thanks everyone. :hugs:


Go small
We all have eyes bigger than our b*tt holes


Something like this would be good a good start until you become comfortable with having a plug inserted

Start slowly and use plenty of lubricant don’t rush into it, If you feel pain apply more lubricant. It will feel slightly uncomfortable to begin with but the more you use one the more you will get used to it. Just remember to take it slowly to begin with.

Using a douche prior will prevent creating too much of a mess. LH do sell starter kits have a look through them. If you buy one and it’s just too painful each time you try, go for a smaller length and circumference.


@DanceswithPenguins awesome thank you :slight_smile:

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If you do go for a kit, I would consider this set as a good full content starter kit… that just happens to also be on sale at the moment:

I have the douche from this set and it works well.

Personally, I don’t generally douche just to use a butt plug. Obviously, don’t use any toys if you need the loo or for about an hour after going but beyond that our colon’s are very good at self cleaning and it’s rare you’ll find anything there. (Rather more active plungering type actions you are far more likely to need to douche but I dont think that’s what you’re after!)

The plug linked above sounds good if you’re nervous and a complete beginner but you will probably want something just a little larger very quickly as the really tiny circumference will mean it becomes hard to keep in.


Hmm that kit does seem like a good starter rather than just a small butt plug.

So there is never any mess on the plugs when you pull them out an hour or so after using the porcelain throne?
Douching is mainly just for proper anal sex/play?

A plug not staying in surely wouldnt be a great way to be introduced.


This is also a good one. The 3.5inch circumference is a good starting size, but you can go for less if your nervous (though you will outgrow a smaller one pretty quickly)

Also get some good quality anal lube. Dont be afraid to use it, You really need it for anal. (Sliquid sassy is my go to)

Theres lots of tips Here too


Never say never but it’s rare (for me) and obviously they still need a good clean after use even without any visible evidence of where they’ve been. For me, douching is just for anal sex and not always then but it is personal preference and if it makes you feel more comfortable exploring definitely do douche. Colon’s are good at cleaning themselves though as long as you give them a bit of time post poop.

No, but it depends what you’re after. If you are very nervous at the prospect of anything going in then a very slim plug is a good start but I think you will move beyond it very quickly and be wanting something with a slightly greater difference in circumference between the plug and the neck quite quickly so it is more secure.

This, I forgot to say this - Get Lube!


Small butt plug or prostrate massager, lots and lots of lube, go slllooooooow after a nice warm bath to relax everything.

If going for a butt plug, try softer silicone so it has a bit of give. Flared base is a must!


Hey welcome to the forum dude! :partying_face:
Great first question and I’d defo recommend giving the lovehoney beginners anal toy kit a try for your first time butt play -

There are of course a few other beginner kits available too so have a browse and read through some of the reviews to see what sounds best to you :slightly_smiling_face:

If your starting out small for the first time then probably won’t need to worry too much about douching but never hurts to test it out for the experience.


Thank you :blush: :partying_face:
Everyone here sure is welcoming! Its great!
And incredible with giving info on stuff I havent considered.

Thinking I might just grab the beginners kit that comes with the douche, just so the option is there if I decide on that for peace of mind :3

Thankfully some of the reviews on multiple beginners kits are from first time guys exploring. So yay!


At 4” circumference the Tracey Cox toys are a little larger than what I’m using after a year. I found the Lovehoney extra petite plug and Lovehoney beginner’s kit quite enough to start with and aren’t looking to stretch myself. I’m still quite cautious and remove toys over the toilet just in case.

Woohoo!! May your first time exploration into bum fun be fruitful :smiley:

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You should just shower well first if you can rather than using an anal douche.
Check out my recommendations and stuff on this persons topic here;