First time sex with a prostitute?

Howdy y’all.

Just popping in to ask for experiences anyone willing to share about losing virginity to a prostitute

How comforting/encouraging would they be? Anything that most wouldnt think about when deciding on a lady to book?

Mostly due to a lack of interest/effort, Ive remained a virgin, but as time passes, I find myself wanting to achieve some life milestones I previously never thought about.

Just curious if anyone has stories and all to share if y’all have some. :slight_smile:


I really have no experience or advice on looking for a suitable prostitute but please take a very long and hard think about this. Do you really want your first time to be like this? When you pay for sex there comes no lust or emotions. I honestly think it’s something you could possibly regret in the future. My advice would be if your wanting to lose your V is to go out and start making connections with people.


@keledistus I have to agree with @Deanna32 I really don’t think that this is the best way to lose your virginity, you would be much better off getting yourself out there and find someone real that you can make a conection with.


I think depending on the likelihood of you meeting someone I suppose . If you feel that there are possibly aspects about you that may be potentially putting partners off, it’s something to consider. However, as others have said, you’ll miss out on the connection you’d have with someone who was doing it because they actually wanted to, as opposed to doing it because it’s their job.

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Hi @keledistus,

I’ve not had that direct experience of losing virginity to a prostitute, but have experienced both separately.
Personally, I would suggest as others have, it’s a once in a life time and for me its a vulnerable experience, it only happens once and then it’s done. So think long and hard around it, and I’d suggest being patient and finding the right person to have the experience with.

If you’re looking to avoid the partner/relationship route, have you considered looking for an NSA type scenario? It might feel more human. I would imagine taking someone’s virginity is a niche that might interest male and female alike. Worth some thought before rushing down the prostitute route, as it would feel a lot more human, and whichever route you go, for it to work, will take effort.

There’s a stigma around paying for sex/prostitutes, people don’t like to talk about it. A lot of people see prostitutes, it’s all discreet and in the shadows.
I’ve been there, done that. My better half knows about my past (beautiful thing being in a relationship of honesty and openness!), so thought I’d step forward and give some pointers.

Please keep in mind at the time I was in active addiction (in recovery now, hence the honesty and openness :slight_smile: ), patience was not a virtue of mine. I was not in relationships when I used prostitutes, but I needed what I now know to be artificial validation (and in most cases came away feeling worse than before, mainly due to zero connection). Anyhow, this is for you, not about me.

My past experience of paying for sex yielded very mixed results, and ultimately it really is a lottery.
I found ladies did this line of work for many reasons, and these (IMO) define the client experience. I’m comfortable to say if you just pick a random prostitute and shoot, the odds are 95% it’ll be a bad experience you’ll regret. However, I think it is possible to find someone that would be comforting, encouraging and understanding, if you’re prepared to take the time to find them (and of course money to pay for them). My experience was there always being a cold feeling of isolation after the event.

Before you start your search, decide what your needs are, what you can and will not compromise on. And stick to it.
Take your time finding the right person. I believe you can find someone that will provide what you need, but it will take patience and restraint to get the experience you want from it.
I cannot mention sites here, but a google for Adult Work should give you a good starting point.
I think you will find that 90%+ of ladies advertising will be lying, either offering services they have no plans to fulfil, enhanced/touched up pictures, or other jazz going on. Remember, they are selling a service, your needs are less important than their bottom line.
Please note - you do not always get what you pay for. At the same time, sometimes it does cost more to meet those needs. Have a browse and then consider setting yourself a limit of what you’re prepared to pay. Do not haggle with ladies, their price is their price.

Some ladies look like models, they know this, you’ll pay for looks and get no service. They can be quite entitled and feel like they’re looking down on you. Something to be aware of, unless degradation is a thing you like.

Looking through profiles, you will get a feel for those that are more genuine and authentic. To start with you will feel like a kid in a candy store.
Make contact with those that interest you through email. Be open and honest about your circumstances, what you are looking for. Think of it like interviewing someone for a job.
It might feel a little odd, but it is important you stick to what you need and want from the experience.

I would suggest you are looking for the elusive lady that has the looks and figure you like, will be understanding of your needs and provide a true unrushed girlfriend experience.
If things seem OK via email, ask if you can talk on phone. They may entertain a brief video call.
As it’s a big occasion, ask them if they’d consider a drink or meal before hand, this is normally a reduced rate. They may want total cost up front when you meet, some may want a deposit up front as they experience a lot of people that cancel last minute losing them work. That then becomes a grey area as obviously there’s the risk they take your money and you hear nothing. If you get that feeling in your gut that something isn’t right, pause and listen to what its telling you.
There are some genuine ladies that really enjoy their work and pride themselves on customer satisfaction, but it really is the 1% max that will be right for your needs.

All in all, it sounds a lot of effort. To get it right, and for it to be the right experience, it is.
You’re looking for a service that’s custom to your needs.
Once your times up, it’s up. Done with. Go separate ways, and unless rebooking, never speak again. Even the experience, that realization will kick in, it was never a nice feeling for me.


Shit, sorry for the essay!
Hope some of it helps a little.

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to be honest I’d say you get what you pay for. Before you secure a date with them talk openly about what your looking for. If they’re any good they will cater for your needs. I’d payed for an escort and we had a great time and I got what I wanted out of it. As for losing your virginity, if your serious about this make it special and make sure your escort knows this and lastly don’t call them a prostitute. You will get blacklisted.

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I also have no experience in this field but would recommend you go through the right channels for it so your not scammed and try to keep in mind their line of work is to be whoever you want them to for the money you pay them. I should think for a first time many are quite understanding and will go at your own pace but please remember not to gain any emotional connections.

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One thing I’ll throw in is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin still at any age. There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with not being a virgin. Often people feel shamed and pressured about their virginity status either way but in reality, as long as you are happy and comfortable then it’s only up to you - and any consenting partner (s). Your first time doesn’t need to feel “special” but it can if you want it to. More than likely you’ll have plenty of sex that feels “special” in your life. Or maybe you won’t, and that’s okay too.

I personally think society and media puts too much value and emphasis on virginity and not nearly enough on different sexual preferences and consent.


Honestly I think you need to stop, really think about this and consider one day in the future when your other half asks you how you lost your virginity … wound you be happy to share the true story with them ?

Think about this long and hard because it’s not something that you can reverse or that I’d advise doing unless you’re completely 150% comfortable and happy with the situation.


I have no experience with your question to advise but my first time was not the fairy tale that people want their first time to be. It hasn’t affected me 31yrs later.

To me it sounds like you don’t want the fairy tale and that you want to start living out your fantasies and that this is just getting in your way whether it is a physical or mental block, you just want over it.
Doing it with someone you don’t know takes away some of the embarrassment you might feel, I say embarrassed because I am embarrassed with every new partner so I may be projecting there :face_with_hand_over_mouth: But also if things go quicker than you’d hope then not having that emotional connection will help in that situation.
If you were to go ahead with an escort I’d advise complete transparency. Tell them exactly what you want from it, whether thats penetrative sex and learning what its like to give/receive oral. If you want to test out certain positions. If you want anal you’ll probably have to pay more for it and never surprise anyone with anal, ever! If you want to have a strap on used on you, you’ll probably lay more and possibly need to provide it.
If you have an understanding friend that you’re a bit flirty with, you could test the water with them and see if there is any possibility of a friend with benefits scenario, but neber forget that the friendship should come first!

If you were to get yourself onto a 'fab’ulous swinging site, (I’m sure other sites also exist) you could request someone to take you out with a bang. I have seen people request it and if I’m honest they didn’t appeal to me because they were really needy and entitled with their status updates but if they weren’t such twats it would have been appealing to meet up with them and see what they were looking for.

Good luck, I hope you get what you want from it :slightly_smiling_face:

Jayzus sorry this is so long lol


Honestly, I feel a little differently to many of the above posters. People make an awful lot of losing your virginity and yet really it’s a just a social construct; we don’t make this much fuss about the first person to give you an orgasm.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a first time to be with someone special, but at the same time there is also nothing wrong with it just being with someone who consents. If you are happy with the latter, and visiting a sex worker is a possibility, then go for it, if that’s what you want to do. There are plenty of sites that you can find people on, and some may even have experience with first timers.

At the end of the day, only you know what’s right for you


Hubby’s given me permission to write this.

That’s how he lost his virginity at the age of 21, in his word’s ‘he wanted to loose it, but didn’t have the confidence to strike anything up’ so his brother in-law sorted it out for his birthday :woman_facepalming:t2:

When we got together (we already knew each other) he told me right from the start how he lost it, and didn’t bother me in slightest. I loved how he was honest with about it, and didn’t hide it from me.
He said ‘he doesn’t regret it cos, it gave him the confidence to start something up with me, and was more confident in the bedroom’
He told her it was his first time, so he said she took the lead, and went at his pace and took it slow.

You do what’s right for you. Just plan it out carefully, and explain that it is your first time, and what you would like.
Good luck.


I almost posted something identical to this but bortled it @Calie I agree completely with your view.


I’ve edited my post as I think I sounded a bit too abrupt. Just be sure you are happy with decision before going ahead with it x


I think it can also depend on you as a person. Sex can just be sex, even if its your first time. But if you want it to be romantic etc. then a prostitute may not be the best idea. If you literally just want to get it done, then it may be a good idea.

My first time was not necessarily nice; not horrific, but not nice, and over the next few years he abused me, so I don’t think back too fondly.


Abrupt is what we love about you :+1:

Sorry - I don’t mean to be sharp or abrupt … its just me lol

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Ha you were not at all, I was jesting honest. You carry on being you it’s all good.

Sex begins at 18 on LH, you’ll need to remove the reference of you being younger or it will be edited

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