Fitness Challenge

Hey everyone!

So... I have jumped into the deep end and have stuck myself into a healthy eating and fitness challenge.

Does anyone have any tips / advice? Have you done one before? :-)

What does yours involve?

I have tried and failed numerous challenges! I seem to find excuses after a few days. I have tried the squat one, the sit up one and workouts with daily routines but i always just end up doing the excersises i like rather than mixing it up!

Mine is a 12 week fitness one. You get given whatΒ excersises you should do but I have asthma, so I think I will just try and work at my own pace.

The food one is not 100% neccesary but i'm just going to work and implement as I go. Almonds and banana smoothie for me today!Β 

Other than that there is an online community and stuff too, so hopefully i'll be okay!

Woo hoo! Go Paige ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

I am sure that you will do great!

That's great Paige! It sounds like fun, I love fitness challenges.

My best advice would be something you've already said, go at your own pace.

Do not give up if you have a setback and miss a day, but do try to not turn that day into 3, then a week and then forever :).

As regards to the healthy eating, we clearly have no idea what exactly it looks like but do babysteps. If you overwhelm yourself with trying to get everything perfect, both exercise wise and food, you are much more likely to slip and give up than if you were to make small changes here and there.

And last, a challenge is a great way to start your improved health journey, but do remember it's a lifetime change that you're making and this is just the start - and it's totally worth it!

Make sure to keep us updated on how it goes for you! Wishing you lots of luck ![](upload://4WyQT1gwKaQJNwhYxrKZ1rOPglF.gif)!

Willpower. That is the key.

Fitness stuff works best if you can incorporate it into your life....

Ie walk or cycle to work, don't pick a gym to go to that is nowhere near your home or work.

And to be honest, gyms don't make you get fit, like stuburns says, it's willpower and altering your routine....

Go for it! :-)

Yey, well done paige, hope it goes well.

Me and hubby start ours today, he went out for a run at 5am and im off out for one this evening when he's back from work :)

The main thing to remember is that too much of anything can be bad for you. Allow yourself some naughty treats every now and then, and don't over-do the exercise as it'll lead to injury, meaning you can't carry on.

Best of luck with it all!

Good luck Paige xx Just remember to build up gradually with the exercise - as subdom27 has mentioned - you can cause injury if you try to push yourself too hard too soon.

Something, that you may be interested in - we have recently treated ourselves to a Nutri bullet - which is fantastic. I have tried juicers/blenders before, but this is so easy to use and minimal clean up too. I also add some protein powder before a work out - it is so filling - maybe worth you checking it out :) xx

Ahh thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments! I will try and go one by one :)

Lannah - much love xoxoxo <3 <3

PurpleHeart - Thank you so much for taking the time to write me a lovely reply! I have a weekly meal plan at the moment and have just prepped everryythinnnggg so hopefully I can keep motivated. I am a crappy cook, so i'm hoping this will help my cooking skills too :) I will definitely keep everyone updated- thank you!

Stuburns - Yep! Working on it. Thankfully I have spammed myself with motivational quotes and videos to keep my willpower as motivated as possible at all times. Thanks!

Frisk69 - That is what I have tried to do, I have joined the gym right near the Lovehoney AU office so fingers crossed that will keep me motivated. I also have a very cute poodle, so I am hoping to walk him as much as I possibly can. I'm hoping once I adapt to a new routine, I won't jump out of it.

Jessicaleon11 - Yay! I hope you do well too. You must keep me updated! I reached both my fitness goals today (1 hr cardio workout as well as 10,000 steps) so I wish you all the best for you and hubby today! You can do it!

Subdom27 - Thank you so much, that is awesome advice. My favourite doughnut place here is opening an location right near the city - I am so annoyed haha! I love their doughnuts! I think that will be my first major treat. I get 'treat meals' sometimes so I will be lucky there.

Scorps - Thank you very much :) Today I did really great with the cardio and my asthma behaved very well which I was super proud of. I have a nutri bullet! How amazing are they?! I love how you can blend just into the take out cup you are going to use. Wonderful! I had a banana museli cinnamon smoothie this morning!

Prepping a big thing too! One of my favourite quotes regarding this is "failing to prepare is preparing to fail". You clearly got this part right :).

And I'm just good enough at cooking to not kill myself haha. Still looking for the perfect cooking for dummies guide!

What do you mean by fitness "challenge"?

I used to do several x-weeks programs since realizing that physically working is not quite the same thing as working out :(

I started with Yoga for Dummies (the DVD), which I found a nice introduction when starting after too many years of doing nothing at all.

Then I progressed to Mira Mehta's 10-weeks course in How to Use Yoga, of which I pretty much hated every minute.

Next I hit upon Mark Lauren's Body By You, which I stuck to for several months, till I discoved that the 3rd cycle doesn't work as described. AND that the program is a bit of a cheat - the huge progress at the beginning is due to starting below one's current fitness level, if one has done the evaluation correctly (and is not at rock-bottom anyway). Actually, I still like this program, I just can't seem to get started again :(

So it's back to working in the stables, cycling and I even went swimming a few times in summer, but that's over now.

Good on you Paige. It might help the willpower to remember that the work you do in your 20s is money in the bank for your 40s and beyond :-)

And there's lots things that keep you fit.... find the ones you enjoy... though sometimes that enjoyment is after the event.... especially running I find....

Good on you lass

just eat healthy..keep to the fitnes schedule..even make up your own
if you like an it..if not then dont do it..find another one that you like...its rubbish doing sonething you dont enjoy...gets boring etc

keep progress pics for will see the results...and it will egg you on

all the best and hope you reach your goals...

any help needed..drop a line :)

Good luck! I work as a fitness instructor so if you need any help let me know.

Purpleheart - I'm trying to prep as much as I can, but it's hard haha! I got all my food shopping yesterday, and have everything prepped today except for dinner so thats a start :)

Talia - I am doing a 12WBT through Michelle Bridges if you wanted to google it. At the moment, I am taking it with easy steps just because I have severe asthma. I don't want to end up at the hospital haha so additional working with an hour workout a day with cardio is what I am doing at the moment. I hope you can get started again soon! I think you can still join the challenge I am in if you are interested. I am really enjoying it so far :)

Frisk69 - Thank you so much! Yes lets hope so. I should really get my fitness and health back up to speed and I am having a great time at the moment, I just hope I can stick to it too!

Stockinmuncher - Thank you very much! Yes I'm trying to find one I like, personal favourite are the bikes at the moment. Thanks for offering to help, much appreciated.

Philjones - Thank you! Thats very nice of you, ill let you know :)

PokingFun wrote:

GO PAIGE!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

I'm asthma to and I use it as an excuse many times. There's an Olympic runner who won a medal and she's asthmatic too!

THANK YOU!!Β ![cool|20x20](upload://nXzNBAACFMemirV1148YTO7ENey.gif "cool")Β Heck yeah, asthma fitness for the win! haha

Hey everyone!! I HAVE GOOD NEWS!

Week 1 has been pretty damn awesome! Went to the gym 5 times, 1 rest day, and one epic walk with my Poodle today.

I feel a lot better already and can tell I really don't catch my breath asthma wise anymore! I have mainly been doing bikes, treadmill and crossfit as I am a wuss at the gym and get scared using the various machines haha but I want to focus on more arm stuff soon. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also I have lost some weight (which is fabulous) and my eating plan so far has been lovely and easy with a few moderations here and here cause im fussy as hell. Yay!

If you find the machines and free weights a bit daunting then keep it simple.

Press ups ( wide arm and close arm), pull ups ( wide arm palms away from you, close arm palms towards you are palms facing towards each other if possible)

Get a training elastic band and hold it in front of you at arms length and then pull either end to sweep your arms outwards and reach behind

For legs just squat

Above all don't forget a good warm up band stretch.

Other options at the gym are classes which help get things moving in a more social environment