Fleshlights: How to avoid sticky ones?

My BF has never tried male sex toys. I got him (edited - competitor product) … its extremely sticky lol which means EVERYTHING sticks to it. I did some research and realized alot of the fleshlights use the same super skin material. The texture is fine, the super stickiness is what we don’t like. So now I’m kind of nervous to get him somethine else … I don’t mind spending money, just don’t want to make the same mistake twice lol. Any info/tips/etc would be much appreciated. Any other toy suggestions? We’ve looked at all kinds of toys, doesnt have to be a fleshlight although some other fleshlight suggestions would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


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Sorry can’t help with that. I’m sure someone will advise you soon just wanted to say…

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Have you tried a Tenga? They are a big hit with my guy.

Hey and welcome :wave:t2: Just to check have you used renewer powder (just cornflour) with it in between washes (after it’s fully dry)? That should help with the stickiness if the texture and shape is okay.

I’m sure others will have suggestions for other fleshlights though and any other in-use advice :blush:


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Having had a couple of fleshlights I am slightly confused as to what you mean by sticky when using one. On initial touch they are sticky to touch but using the correct lubricant with them the stickiness should not be an issue, I am assuming that he is using a lubricant? They do require a certain amount of lubricant applied prior to use.

The fleshlight that I currently have is the fleshlight flight which, for me, has been the better. The Cobra Libra, O force 2 dual motor male vibrator are 2 examples of toys that are very good and are in no way sticky.

I bought my partner this toy last week and he absolutely loved it, it was the first sex toy he had ever owned. I’m not sure what you mean by sticky but he never used that word to describe it. Can I ask what type of lube your using as that might be why it’s sticky?

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You need the renewer powder as previously mentioned above, this eliminates the sticky problem.

Can ask is the renewal powder essential to these toys? And do love honey sell it? I’ve never heard of it before

Yes to both questions, I would suggest you try it as it would hopefully save you disposing of the item or purchasing something else, saving cash for something else.
It’s now 9.99 and is showing 4* reviews.

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I think cornflour is a suitable low cost alternative to renewal powders. I’ve had this problem with TPE toys where they pick up dust and fluff and can be hard to clean as they are so sticky.


Renewer powder is 100% cornflour/cornstarch. You can save yourself a few quid by picking some up from the supermarket. :+1:


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The material is what gives you the real feel. I know exactly what you mean with the stickiness … BUT easily sortable :nerd_face:.

Either renew powder made by fleshlight (available on LH) OR

I just use corn flower powder (definitely same as renew powder for couple quid) put in an old talc and powder bottle, works great and gives the silky feel back.

Make sure it’s dry from washing out, then hold over the bath or shower and puff some powder over it :+1: it will be back to being smooth and silky, not sticky and will slip easily back into plastic holder.


Yes as others have said the renewal powder /cornflower is what is needed after you have used it / washed it. I then use lube when starting to reuse and have never had a problem.

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I’ve used renewal powder on my Fleshlights and it stops them being sticky but, unless you wash the powder out again before use, it forms a messy paste when you add water based lubricant.

Nowadays I simply wash them out after use and let them dry thoroughly before putting them back in their outer casing. When I want to use them I add water based lubricant and the stickiness disappears.


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Amazingly fleshlights require a lot of looking after if you wanna keep it in tip top condition. My one came with some powder stuff which looked like baby powder but it’s basically meant to help keep it fresh and I reckon even to stop any stickiness, so perhaps try look on Lovehoney to see if they sell any of these sachets to try :relieved:

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It’s cornflour.

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@manda2dope Like others have said, the fleshlight renew powder (which is just 100% cornstarch) will keep it feeling soft and not sticky :+1: My husband really likes his fleshlight go torque and fleshlight quickshot, but when we use the quick shot in combination with oral, he’ll rinse off any cornstarch, as it otherwise cakes on my teeth :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Most of the fleshlight range show the texture of the canal in the photos and have all the measurements in the description once you browse and find a color and opening you like :ok_hand:

Here’s a link to the fleshlight guide on the Lovehoney blog that has some care tips with links to the Lovehoney YouTube channel if you want to see some demonstrations! Hope you find something fun to try!

Haha ooo now that’s easier to get a bag of while shopping :sweat_smile:

I’ve seen them but there are different ones so I’m kind of lost lol. Are there a few you could recommend to me? Also, I don’t remember if they are made by the same company but Ive also seen the egg ones/one time use ones. I wouldn’t buy them continually but I have thought about getting some for my partner to try and see what he likes.