Forum FAQs (old)

Forum Rankings - What are they?

Before Lovehoney had an overhaul, we used to run a stand-alone forum site called the “Orgasm Army”. The ranking is all in proper military order and your ranking is worked out with a complicated formula based on the number of reviews you’ve written and how many posts you’ve posted.

Even though the “Orgasm Army” has long gone, feedback from members told us that they liked the ranking system, so we kept it! In reality, it doesn’t really mean anything anymore, but it’s a fun way to quickly see how active other members of the forum have been.

Forum Friend Requests

Before Lovehoney had an overhaul, we used to have a private chat system where members could talk to one another one-on-one.  Sadly we were forced to remove this system as it was impossible for us to moderate conversations and protect our members.

We left the ‘Friend Request’ system in place as members seem to enjoy it, plus it makes visiting certain members’ accounts really easy and quick. For example, you might know that a particular member tends to post really useful sex toy reviews that suit your tastes. Having them on your friend's list makes it really easy to jump to their account quickly so you can keep up to date with their latest community activity.

Lovehoney Chat - Where is it? Can we have it?

As above, we used to have a private chat system where members could talk to one another one-on-one.  Sadly we were forced to remove this system as it was impossible for us to moderate conversations and protect our members.

Lovehoney has never been (and will never be) a place for arranging hookups, private cybersex, phone fun or flirting. There are plenty of other websites designed specifically for this purpose, and these sites have tools in place to protect their members properly.

Lovehoney is a place for open discussions about sex, and anything you say here should be able to be said publicly. If not, it’s probably breaking the rules and best said elsewhere! If you’re unsure of the do’s and don’ts of posting on the forum please check out the Forum Rules.

Trouble uploading a photo

Could you make sure that:

1. You check the size of your upload. We cannot accept images over 1MB in size and the uploader will reject any photos this size or larger. You can change the size of your image by using any free editing software, such as Picasa.

2. Cookies and caching are working correctly on your browser. To do this, visit the 'Tools' menu at the top of your browser and select 'Options' from the drop-down list. Here you should enable cookies and caching in your security settings to ensure an easy, trouble-free upload.

Don’t forget that all photo uploads must be approved by the Forum Moderator. If your photo breaks any of our Photo Guidelines, it will be rejected or removed.

Where is my photo? Why has my photo been removed?

All photos which are uploaded to Lovehoney must adhere to the Lovehoney Photo Guidelines. If your photo does not meet these guidelines, it will not be approved.

Profile avatars are still privy to the same rules. If your avatar has been removed, chances are it broke one of the rules. Please upload a new one which falls within our guidelines. Usually, a tweak to your original photo in Photoshop or Paint will solve the problem.

To access photos please use this URL :

Where did my post/thread on the forum go?

All threads and posts must adhere to the Lovehoney Forum Rules. If your post or thread does not meet fall within these rules, it will be edited or hidden from public view.  

Repeat offenders will be emailed. If we need to send you warning emails, we will eventually suspend your account indefinitely, without further warning.

Can I change my screen name?

When you sign up for your community account, it does state that you should think very hard about the username you go for because it can't be changed once you've picked it, and this is true. Although we do have the physical ability to change account names in-house, the work it involves to fix broken links around the website after we've changed a name is quite a big problem.

We only change screen names in extreme circumstances. If your screen name change isn't urgent, please continue to use the screen name you have.

If you believe your screen name must be changed contact Customer Care who will forward your request to the Forum Moderator for review.

It will help speed up the process if you can provide the following information when you get in touch:

Current Screen Name:
New Screen Name:
Email Address:
Full Name:
DOB or Postcode:
Reason for change:

Can Lovehoney upload my review/picture on my behalf?

The simple answer is no. I or anyone else here cannot log in as a member. Your account is password protected and that is your access. Therefore any content you wish to upload and share must be done so on your account by you.

These are just some questions that crop up quite often on the forum. If you have others that may need to be added. Please post below.

👍helpful info Leanne. Thank you.

This will be really handy to link new people to. Thanks for taking the time to write this up Leanne, much appreciated 👍🏼😊

Very handy! I never actually knew the reason for the ranks. Now I do. Thanks Leanne!

Always helpful and appreciated informative information. Thank you Leanne

The points you highlighted Leanne are clear and easily understandable.

Thanks, Leanne.. you is a star! Thats really informative and cleared up a few wonderings of mine! xx

I love the orgasm army idea, thats fantastic 😊 thanks leanne, insightful as ever

Thanks Leanne and Jess, all properly read in detail and understood. x

Lovely photo Tandg WHAT is the outfit would love one myself to wear out

Have to say I am straight woman but what fantastic photos, showing your lovely items, quite a turn on for me to see such lovely bodies in these outfits hmmmm Thank you all KP