Frisky Business Episode 5. Chat

Good Morning!

It's that day again... Wednesday A.K.A Frisky Business Day!

I sound like a record on repeat, this is the boring bit for all you Frisky regulars - Please can we use this thread to talk about the show tonight. This way everyone can interact with each other, on the same thread and not get lost in multiple threads of the same topic.

Catch Episode 5 tonight, at 10pm on Lifetime TV. Channel Sky 156 and Virgin 242.

I can't believe it is the penultimate episode already. *cries a little*

On tonight's show you get to take a trip to Coco De Mer with the big Bosses, and go to a Bluebella party! Much more too but that would be revealing all.

We are giving away another great prize bundle this week, with a 'Coco De Mer' theme - Frisky hey ;) This one is not to be missed.

Plus a live Q&A with Laura from Customer Care, on Twitter straight after the show - simply type #AskLaura to get your question answered! You can also join in with the conversation on Twitter using the hashtags #FriskyBusiness or #FriskyBiz.

Hope you will be watching tonight!

Cazz x

Yay, Looking forward to the show...

Is it just me or is your writing super small Caz?! lol Testing my eyes this morning.

Yay! My birthday AND new episode of Frisky Business! My lucky day :p

Happy Birthday David! x

Because it was bank holiday, I totally forgot it's Wednesday!!! This has just made my day!!! So excited!

Really excited for tonights episode! Beats watching the aftermath of Lucy's murder on Eastenders! X

Aw thanks Cazz x hope you have an absolutely fab time in Florida you lucky devil! Xx

Thanks David you psychic :P

Yes have a fab time in Florida Caz! You keep making me jealous on Twitter! lol!

Hopefully I'll get to watch tonight missed last weeks episode and was disappointed there were no repeats on Friday or Sunday

Can't wait for tonight's episode xx

Cant wait, me and my fiance will be watching on time today rather than on a recording :)

GreenJuggler wrote:

Cant wait, me and my fiance will be watching on time today rather than on a recording :)

Yeah we are :)

my birthday also today! Yay for us birthday babes :) Can't wait for tonight's episode

Happy Birthday Juicy89 and DavidB1986

Happy Birthday birthday peeps!! I also forgot it's Weds today until I got to work this morning - SO EXCITING! ^_^

thank you hun! Yes Happy Birthday to David also :D

looking forward to it :)

happy birthday juicy and david! i'm looking forward the episode i'm enjoying it so far :)

Thanks Fizzy :)

I am really loving the show, when I first got my hubby to watch it he thought it was going to be some seedy porno! He was pleasantly surprised, the show really makes us giggle!