Fuck Buddy

Hi all, Just wondered if any of you have got or had a fuck buddy?

I've had one, a long time ago myself and the OH were going through a very tough time with no sex at all! I knew someone who was in a failing relationship that was coming to an end, we were both highly sexed people so agreed to become fuck buddies, it was some of the most amazing no commitment sex I've ever had, and also helped me sort out my relationship with the OH as I wasn't frustrated about lack of sex.
My only regret about it was my fuck buddy was my OH's best friend and whilst it was good for us both at the time, and whether it sounds right or wrong it was needed, it's put a massive strain on our friendship since.

What about your fuck buddies?

I had one when I was younger I would never ever do it again. Someone always ends up getting hurt.

I had one when I was younger too. I got attached but hid it well until I was over the feelings and called the whole thing off out of boredom. Don't think I'd do it now though. I find the sex with feelings like it is with my man much more satisfying than when ive just had sex.. If that makes sense! X

Makes perfect sense hun. That's exactly what I'm like. Xx

I did just before I meet my current partner. I had previously been in a serious relationship that fell drastically apart. I was so heartbroken that having a FB was all I wanted. We were both highly sexed people so it worked for us. Every time a guy started to get close to me I would run the opposite way.
In the end it was down to the FB that got serious with my current man. I was lying in bed with my FB telling him i was planning on dumping the other man i was shagging because he seemed to want more but my FB told me to wise up and give the relationship ago. Four years later we are now getting married and have two kiddies and I owe that all to my FB

me and the ex are still at it on a very regular basis...... i'm getting mine

although we seem to be getting very close to getting back together :s

I thought your fuck buddy would be your ex bumblebee its always seems to be their ex.

I've never had one. For me, sex is much better when you’re in love. Cheesy but that's how I feel about it :p ! Xx

tried a few times but always send up wanting more or doff things or rules you make at start dont carry out!!

ive had them, but the sex has never been that fun for me. It's not an emotional thing, just probably me being higher sexed than most people and wanting to do more kink than others. Im also relitivley young in the kink world (being 23) so ive never met people my age.

Lollipop ;) wrote:

I thought your fuck buddy would be your ex bumblebee its always seems to be their ex.

can only get away with doing him lol, I have the kids 24/7 and would never ever ever bring someone random into their home while they're asleep

Good mummy. :D

yes mega respect for that

never had one

When younger and work was making more formal relationships impossible to sustain, I did have such an arrangement with a colleague. Despite my ambivalence, it was simulataneously one of the best and worst things to have ever done.

We had a fantastic time together — lots of laughs aside from the sex . Sadly after after a several months I discovered she was married and was thus left with no choice but to halt our liaisons. If I'd known at the time, beginning an affair with her would have been entirely out of the question, irrespective of her later alleging the marriage had atrophied long before meeting me. By this point, fortunately my six-month post was coming to an end, so I moved away to make life simpler for her and to help focus her attentions on sorting said marriage out. Couldn't help but feel she had duped and compromised me.

Eventually she was divorced, after which we decided to give a proper relationship a try. Again for a number of months it was wonderful; however, the notion of being an unwitting contributor to the decline of her marriage kept playing on me, likewise "would she cheat on me too?" so, we didn't last. Missed her terribly for quite some time afterwards, though ultimately for the best.

I never had one. Think I need some feeling. I even struggle with one night stands. I don't know why

Never had one night stand, but did have a fwb. lasted about 6 months but fizzled out when realized needed more than just a shag (glorious though it was) ! and he wasn't the one to provide the other stuff i needed x

I've had a few over the years. One lasted about 2 years and only ended because he moved away. I'm a bit like sweetlove though, I need a bit of kink or at the very least alot of variety and alot of guys can't handle it

I have not had one but am open to offers!!!