funnest place's to have sex.....????

where is the funnest place you have had sex? cum one cum all tell all.. the back of an army lorry with a camouflage net as a mattress - oh, and in one of the old red telephone boxes perched on the ledge (not very comfy!)

... you?

we did on a london bus.. it was the kwikst but one of the best...4 mins o what days.... and a train loo... one leg on the door to keep it shut BR no

Only other place I've tried it is a club toilet, and I don't recommend it. We got caught- UTTER humiliation!


Wild African National Park in River Zambezi, 100meters away form the Hippos Watching!!!

in a back lane,not fun you might add but when another couple decided to do the same they apologised for for intruding but we said that was got so hot thats another story

@dididid....come on cum one cum all you got to tell all...???lol

i want to know the rest of that story too. Well ive given a blow job on a bus thats about how intresting my life is lol

I had sex with my hubby outside which just ended in me being eaten alive and not by my hubby....
But we did have some amazing sex in the car on a lane near the lady bower which ended with a guy riding past us on a bike :O embarassing :P..... COME on Dididid tell tell.

me and my hubby had sex on my old school playing field last night...o what fun it was. if only my old teacher's new. lol hehe

One the 12th hole of a golf course behind some bushes.

nice one...hehe

On a park late at night but got caught by a man in an infamous black coat walking his dog, in a leisure centre car park in broad day light, down lanes on a car bonnet.

only ever had sex in a bed :o(
ive asked countless times about maybe doing stuff outside of the bed but nothing as yet

@emmabi23 if you can drive take him out in the car one night when his not expecting a thing put some thing nice on that will get him going find a lane. and tell him to take you that will get his blood rushing..

There's more unusual places in these posts on the LoveHoney blog... Quite a few LOLs in there...

D'oh. Second one was the wrong link:'ve-had-oral-sex/

In amongst the logs at a log sort - it was so much fun! We photographed the whole thing with our camera, which had a remote control.

In a warm gas station washroom after getting all soaking wet walking down a ski hill in the snow.

Also, in a field next to my old VW Beetle - it started to rain and it was so sexy and totally freaking amazing.

When I was about 18 I passed out in the closet at a party with my then fuck buddy. We had sex in the closet while my friend and her boyfriend slept in the bed across the room. They didn't know we were in the closet so we had to be so sneaky!

myn is just on a balcony in a busy hotel of faliraki, nothing special but im working on that :P