G-string or thong - which do you prefer?

I always wear G-strings with a thin string back as they are so much more comfortable than a thicker thong. I don't know the string is there but with a thong there's too much up my bum. I have friends who say the opposite and that a string cuts them in two. Which one are you? 🤔

I wear & feel comfortable in both, having several of each. Mainly, it depends on what I'm doing, or where I'm going, as to whether its a G-string or a thong ?

Love both , but my G Strings generally keep me hornier . Tanning I go more modest with a thong .

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I feel comfortable in both really

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I'm a thong girl and wear a lace thing most days. I'm not a fan of g-strings, a bit too much like a cheese wire of you ask me.

I wear both, my wife has both but prefers thongs. I think G strings are really sexy. We don't have any big pants

ilikepussy wrote:

I wear both, my wife has both but prefers thongs. I think G strings are really sexy. We don't have any big pants

I like both but would probably say g-strings, especially under yoga pants and leggings. My boyfriend likes to wear HOM strings and there are not many big pants left in our drawers either now!

I prefer thongs because it feels like g-strings are ''cutting'' me sometimes. However, I have some sexy g-strings for special occasions.. but they don't stay on long xD

I'm a thong girl myself, much prefer for it to be lace though.

I love both, but probably would choose the g string as most comfortable for me.

Thongs are preferred by my wife.

Lace thongs for the bedroom - sometimes the g-strings which come with lingerie sets but once the action starts I find they can nip. By day, black cotton knickers and not ashamed to admit it!

I like both g-strings and thongs on women, but I prefer to wear (women's) thongs myself as they are very comfortable.

French knickers

French knickers I like that there’s still something to be removed

Thongs for both of us everyday.

It depends what I’m wearing. Strings with yoga pant and things most of the time. I have strings for topless sunbathing when I can’t go naked. I hate tan lines!

Oh , let me add I am 100% hair free down there . Otherwise , could be uncomfortable with h-string .

Ha ha , G-String !

Every day wear- black lace shorts https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32337 or nothing. Hubby prefers when I go commando

Thongs are my preference between thongs and strings. Will only wear strings for a very short time frame. Not my thing!