Gags. Good or Bad?

I recently got a bondage kit and amongst the more vanilla items were more hardcore things like a gag. Has anyone ever used one? Did you find it enjoyable? Rubbish? When do you normally use it in the bedroom if you do?

I'm quite new to a lot of these things. But who isn't really, if we new everything about sex it'd be rubbish.

I have two gags myself. One is a small ball gag. The other is one with a vinyl dildo attached to it. ^_~

I've worn it in the past when I've been tied up and just adds to the excitment. I can't move, shout or scream.
I'm sure you can see the fun in the other gag we have. lol

But you didn't find it claustrophobic or anything? Can you breath okay with it on?

Oh yeah, you can still breathe through your nose. And It didn't bother me at all. But I do know people who've not enjoyed them too. A friend of mine who tried them before me said she didn't like having the little plastic ball in her mouth (well its not all in there, but you know what I mean), and that it made her feel nausious. She got rid of that one and found a metal bit gag. The material didn't make her feel sick and being smaller she could still open her mouth with that gag and found it easier to breath.

I love my gags- I have three ball gags and a bit gag. Two of the balls are different sizes, and the third is sliced up so the wearer can chew it a bit.

They're great if you HAVE to be quiet because of flatmates or something, and they're also fun to threaten someone with (in that sexy loving way, of course!) Different people like different gags. Even a cloth can work.

Ball gags tend to make people drool, so keep that in mind. Some people enjoy the humiliation aspect of that, others hate it. Always ask!

Hi folks, l have often been tempted into trying deep throat- on a banana !!! but have always been put off by the gag reflex. Can anyone enlighten me please as to how long it took them to overcome the reflex, and any tricks of the trade l should know about?

I have no natural gag reflex. I had to learn it.

A good way to not gag is to get a pen and sit it as far back on your tongue as your fine with. Then move out of comfort zone a tiny amount and hold it there. Don't move it about. Just let yourself get used to it being there.
Then relax. And repeat.

The first time I tried to make myself throw up was awful. I'm not a bulimic, I was drunk, and was talking to the big white phone for half an hour trying to get my gag reflex going.

personally i hate being gagged, always worry i'll bite my own tongue/choke
also, if you're all tied up and gagged, what the heck are you doing for a safe word!

will try the pen Greymatter and report back thanks, did once try my truncheon, talk of getting wood !!!!!!!!!!
Many thanks. OA an opening here methinks !!!!!

Thats a good point Ms.Borgias....with my previous partner, he never went to far and was always checking with me that I was ok. When I wasn't gagged our safe word was ducky. ^.^

Ours is peanuts.

I think if you're gagged you use a hand signal. Maybe a thumbs down?

This is a thing i wouldn't mind trying but my breathing is not to good when it comes to things making me breathe through my nose

Gags are always worse in the winter months...hard to breathe through your nose with a stinking cold! ;)

If you're gagged you use a "safe signal".

Hand signals are useless unless your "Top" is actively asking whether you're ok.

Hold something in your hand, like a bunch of keys, and if/when you need to signal, you drop them or jangle them about. Keys are good because they make a noise and are - for the most part - readily available in your house!

As for gags, I have a few. But nothing really beats a pair of His underpants (or mine - but this is usually only used if He's just made me cum in them) stuffed into my mouth with a piece of duct tape over!

I've always preferred bit gags to ball gags, but the advice about using an object instead of a safety word or gesture is really good, we use to use a small wooden ball that made a loud bang when it hit the floor, always made me jump and was a good way of saying stop

I love gags- ball gags, bit gags, used panties taped into a mouth... delicious! Especially when they start to drool.

(His_rabbit and I seem to have a similar wavelength...)

I also like to use a bar of soap, which I will then punish the submissive for not holding in their mouth properly, or if it slips out. :D

jezzer, you could try a ring gag or a dental gag, both of which allow you to breathe through your mouth.

I too love gags and prefer to use duct tape. The real American stuff totally seals your mouth and normally leaves no residue when removed. with this stuff on you can only grunt and definitely not talk! cockgags come in several sizes and the large need practice to endure. Ball gags again are either solid which makes you salivate or have holes in through which you can breathe...

As for safe words when gagged - I always ensure my Sub can click his fingers twice - and once he/she shows they can that is their safe word if they cannot talk...

Mmmh mpppthhh murmmumph mmmmhhh

Sorry what was the question? ;-)

Gags R Good. been into bondage for ages but only recently tried being gagged when I am tied up. Brilliant. You lose all control, no temptation to keep telling the Mrs to do this, do that, no, yes no yes. You are completely helpless & it makes it much more of a turn on. I think she liked gagging me more than expected too, chuckled a lot and got very micschevious.

Anyone know where I can get something like this from a UK supplier?

Been looking for a while after seeing it in a film but have had no luck so far! All help appreciated