Girls and anal sex

Do girls actually enjoy it or is it something they do to please their lover?

i,m sure they do enjoy it,i know i wouldn,t do anything i didn,t enjoy just to please my partner.

ive tried it n didnt really like it all that much..wudnt do it jus to please sum1 tho x

naughtyboy , i want to answer without it sounding >.what the heck.. is it because the arse is tight and u are thinking along the lines , women can get loose & men love the feel of shafting a tight arse >> and to please thier man they will do it even though they didn,t like it >>> I think women do it because they like it & us women know what we want & i don,t think they would do it , just to please thier partner as reading threw the forums , it shows that women know what they like & what they don,t like ( i can only imagen , thier r women who would ..just to please thier partner ).. oh naughtyboy >> i,m not saying u are thinking along the lines which i mentioned.. can i ask what made u ask that Q ?

Well basically I know loads of girls who say "ewww anal" but also know guys who say "I love giving her anal". Now I realise some of it is bravado but I just wondered if the girls going "ewww anal" were actually still taking it in the ass. There is logic there somewhere.
I suppose I was also looking for reassurance thats its a normal thing for my girl to enjoy it

I love anal, solo or with my Hubby. sometimes he wants to stick his cock in my ass or I'll have my butt plug in while we shag. For flying solo, I stick the butt plug on the bathroom tiles and then fuck against the wall whilst using my rabbit vibe - Heaven:-). I reckon that anal's no different to most sex acts - it will either float your boat or it won't.

Mrs T is a slave to anal, having taken a monster cock in her youth, hi there friend in Cumbria !!!- she has always had a penchant for this aspect of shafting.
Trying ever greater and greater items, as l am still trying to put away all 3 heads on Three Bangs for Your Butt !!

i havent tried it cuz im not really interested at the minute but no guy could 'persuade' me to do it if i wasnt 100% comfortable with it..unless they were extremely hot and i'd do anything for them eg gerard butler, josh holloway :D hehe

Thanks naughtyboy 4 answering my Q & i,m sure for women who do have anul ,enjoy it .

My hubby just never seemed keen and then all of a sudden.....however I've had a little previous experience in this area (no pun intended) and I have to say that I'm with LadyVelvet on this one. Have to be in the right mood though, and I like a lot of warming up before hand- but get it right and I'm befuddled for days afterwards!

I love anal sex, both receiving and giving. My wife loves it too. She will lay face down on the bed to give me a hint. I get to rub her bottom and stimulate/probe her anus. From there it is the copious use of lube and a stiff cock. She likes me to slide in and lay on top of her. We then roll onto our sides and I get to fondle her breasts whilst she masturbates. Feeling her fingers push against my cock through the wall of her vagina is quite stimulating. Next I go onto my back and she sits on my cock. It slides into her back passage quite easily by now. She then bounces up and down as I play with her clit. I also use a small vibrator on her too. I am always surprised how intense her orgasm is, and the tightness of her ass against my cock always makes me cum hard. If we do anal, we rarely do vaginal sex as well, mainly because I can't help cumming!!, but also because of the health issue too.

I love it! As long as it's done with someone who's gentle (it also helps if they're circumcised, makes it slide in easier!) and doesn't hurt you, then it's incredible. I come much harder from anal than anything else! And my fella loves it too!

Absolutely not for us!

Pussy - hands - mouth - boobs far better!

Every so often a theme crops up over and over again regarding sexual behaviour. Just now, it seems that almost everyone has tried anal. I feel obliged to try it, even a bit of peer pressure going on. It is just one of the many sexual variants that I will die wondering about. Anyone, is it worth trying at least once? Creativewriter1985 says she comes harder from it than anything else! I don't understand how this is possible, is your clit being manipulated at the same time? Can you come through anal alone? Oh and what would everybody do if they had an unwilling partner but wanted to try it?

Hi JM, it's something you might talk about with other women at an Ann Summer's party or similar. Some women love it, some find it okay, some hate it. I think you'll find it's the same story with men! give it a try. Start with a small anal toy and lots of lube, take it very slow and see how it feels. Women don't have a prostate but some seem to get off on it as if they did. There are lots of guides to anal sex on the internet so read them and see if it sounds okay to you.

We both enjoy taking a cock anally, but had to build up to it slowly. For us it is fairly advanced sexplay, something that happens only occasionally. It needs lots of lube and a lover who can restrain himself from plunging too deep or too fast. A butt plug put in during foreplay really helps stretch you, and good ones can be left in during vaginal sex, to be taken out if sex play moves up a level. Together, we don't use a condom but this is a MUST when either is with someone else. It does hurt a little bit, but a friend says "it always hurts and I hope it always will!" Try it!

dont feel pressured into it!! i havent done it and i dont really want to right now. theres alot of people on this site who havent so dont worry about it. if youre not 100% comfortable with something dont do it!! just because you dont leap into it straight away it doesnt mean you have to 'die wondering about' it..i think spankys is the best advice, just experiment a bit before jumping into anything xx

At the moment we have a situation where I like anal play and he doesen't. He's not completely put off by it, but tells me it's not a turn-on for him.
So I stick to anal play when I'm alone, and "normal" vaginal play when we're together. For now that works fine. I wouldn't dream of preassuring him into anyhting he doesen't feel like doing. For me sex is a matter of "ooohh yea!!" not "ummm.. ok.. if you really want to".
I have just got a film in the mail where anal is part of the action, and will see how he reacts to my comments on it. I'll just tll him something aliong the lines of "thst looks soooo good", and see what he says. :)

Answering the question from a slightly different angle, as a bisexual man I can say that I enjoy anal for two reasons-

First, I just love the physical sensation of having my ass opened up and stretched, wether that's by a cock, a dildo, a butt plug, a vibrator or whatever. There are lots of nerve endings down there and the feeling of something nice and chunky inside you is very satisfying. I find the extra sensation of it thrusting in and out a big additional pleasure too. Like anything else in life though I have to be in the mood for it.

Second there's the psychological side. Anal is still seen by many as taboo (witness this thread!) so it gives you an extra feeling of being a bit "daring" when you do it. Somehow it adds to the excitement and anything that feels wanton is guaranteed to make you more aroused. And the whole idea of being penetrated anally is so arousing. When I think about it I see a little porn movie in my head, with me on all fours with my ass in the air, a pair of hands holding my hips as a big thick cock thrusts in and out of my ass. Sometimes I imagine a guy, sometimes a girl with a strap-on dildo. Whichever it is, the thought of it totally blows me away and it makes me want it even more. Do any of the girls here think like this?


I never used to be at all interested in anal, but reading all the comments by everyone who enjoys it is making me think again. Hurray for OA!!