Girls, are you OK with men's thongs?

We are new to Lovehoney but have been looking for ideas on the forum to spice things up and expand our horizons in the bedroom department!. One of the things we have both seen is men wearing thongs as their underwear. I really like this idea and my boyfriend is quite keen to try but didn't think I would be! Girl's, what do you think about men wearing thongs now?

If he's happy and comfortable that's all I really care about. If my man wanted to wear a thong I'd be all for it - especially if it was from the LHM range as they have some sexy ones!

If they're happy wearing thongs, then I'm all for it. I find them a huge turn on xx

My wife would like me to get one or two but i'm not sure i have the butt to carry them off (or package for that matter).
She is a bit more daring than me and gets a lot of idea's from her erotica books like the chaos series etc
Lots of stuff i havent fancied till we tried so i guess i'll give a thong a go...but I'm not sure...i'll report back ;-)

I think they're incredibly sexy. My OH wears them a lot and he looks much better in them than boxers :)

I'm absolutely fine with men wearing thongs, in fact wearing anything they are comfortable to wear.

My father use to wear thongs, as a builder. No builders bottom there then.

I'm not so keen on them mainly because I like a bit more coverage to leave things to the imagination. That said an open back is something I like on mens underwear and sheer materials like mesh provide the coverage but show enough to be teasing.


From a long time wearer of thongs, I can say i love wearing them, even when they wasn't as comfortable as they are today. I nearly always wear a pair when we go out, and I always show and ask wifey if she approves before we go out. So our friends dont know, but she knows whats on underneath. Wifey love's it!

Its fun, its daring, and its a laugh! ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

Give it a whirl, you have nothing to lose, i'm sure you will both enjoy it.

PS: welcome to the forums, please join in, they are a good bunch these LH customers!

Good luck!

I love wearing my thongs there better than boxers and OH like them I wear them in gym hold you in much better

As long as they like them then hell yes, mine won't wear them but I'd love to see him wear some 😍

I am a huge thong and g string lover. My partner loves me in them too! Love wearing them to work amd people not knowing what naughty undies I have on 😜

Personally I'm not into anything small underwear-wise (my own underwear legs almost touch my knees !), but that's a comfort thing.
If someone feels comfortable wearing thongs or G-strings, etc. I think that's wonderful and they should flaunt it and have fun ! (Though, if my boyfriend wears one, as much as I'll want to nibble on his bum, I MIGHT giggle a bit when I first see it. :p ).

They're very comfy I've worn them "forever" so why not?

Most of the time I go commando but if I'm wearing underwear it a thong they're comfortable and make me feel good about myself

My boyfriend likes to wear thongs and I'm fine with that. He decided he wanted to try them for himself and started wearing them on the odd occaision in the house then to go out in. He wears them most of the time now including for work and it is quite a turn on for me knowing he is wearing a thong underneath his business suit.

I think there are probably plenty of men now that wear thongs that we don't know about!

I am a thong wearer and have been for a few years, they certainly make me feel sexier
Certainly love the LHM range but need to lose some weight before I can buy them.

I would have never thought about my hubby wearing a thong but after reading all these comments I might suggest it. The thing is that I don’t really like wearing them myself. I am more for the lacy boy shorts!

I'm with OrangeKiss on this one really. I don't mind the occasional thong but certainly prefer lacey boyshorts, they seem to hold me in slightly better 😁

Like a few others, I love wearing thongs & g-strings, as I think it enhances my tackle & I look much sexier for my wife !. To me, the old y-fronts are drab & dull passion killers !! My wife likes to see my package nicely tucked up in a thong/g-string & enjoys arousing me before taking them off. She says its nice to stroke her fingers over her " best bed friend " whilst its in a nice smooth thong/g-string !

My ex used to wear thongs a lot. Made his bum look amazing 😍😍😍