Giving a friend a box of toys for Xmas?

Hi everyone 😘 hope you're all doing good.

I've been thinking about giving my best friend a box of sex toys for Christmas but I wanted to know if you think this would be a good idea? I know she owns a little bullet vib.

I know you don't know her and she's my friend but just wanted some help. I don't have much money this time of year like most people. But I have some toys left over from my bundle or stuff I've got in an offer witch I haven't and won't use.

The toys I was going to give her was a G-spot vibrator, a rabbit and a Lovehoney mini magic wand.

Thanks for reading and any help you can give! 😃 X

It depends what type of relationship you have, do you talk about sex toys and sex? I know I wouldn't give any of my friends sex toys

Go for it lollipop, but I also think you should include some lube :)

Yeah we YandF sorry should of said that 😜 x

It sound very cute in theory, but I'm not sure how I would feel if a friend gave me a box of toys... I might think they thought my sex life was dull!

If she's mentioned before that she wants to try more sex toys then definitely go for it though

That's a great idea SS! Thank you.
I have loads of lube I haven't used yet and it's still has the seal.

Gonna pop it all in one of them lovehoney Purple Heart boxes with the paper then wrap it up. X

Hey Lollipop,

I personally think that it is a good idea. What better way to save yourself some money and give toys a new home where they will be loved (excuse the pun!)

You said she is your best friend so you should be fine. Or if it is a bit of a shock, you should both be able to laugh about it for a long time to come :D

(I think I need a friend like you :P my friends are taboo about toys) x

Go for it! Orgasm is the best gift anyone can get, your friend will be grateful :)

Like I said she goes own a bullet vibtator witch she's shown me, So I know she's uses that.

Hi! That's what I was thinking kinkyminxmoo.

I know she's not the type to get annoyed about it if anything like you said she will just laugh.

Agree I need more friends like the people from here! X

I think it's a fab idea hunni, why not?!

I got my friend a Tango and a glass dildo last Christmas. I don't see anything wrong with it. x

100% agree Anonymous lady. :)

Thanks FrozenAngel hun, Good on you!

I've known her all my life and we talk nearly everyday and see each other usually more then once a week. So she's far from a stranger. Xx

Yeah if you're close like that it's an awesome idea!

Thanks YandF, can I ask what's happen to that toy in your picture? Lol x

If you are certain she won't think it's strange, I say go for it! Especially if she's said before she wants to try more stuff, she'll be thrilled ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

Lollipop ;) wrote:

Thanks YandF, can I ask what's happen to that toy in your picture? Lol x

It's a clone of OH, the tube was broken so we only got a little one lol LH replaced it though so were gonna make another today

It's a great idea! I've given my friend a Bettie Page set that I didn't use because I ended up having two of them. It's a great idea :) xx

Ummmm, Y&F does your boyfriend know you have a picture of his penis on the Internet? 🙈

MrsMcX wrote:

Ummmm, Y&F does your boyfriend know you have a picture of his penis on the Internet? 🙈

No lol I don't think he'd be bothered though