I am looking at purchasing my first glass piece but don't know where to start!

Any recommendations on which feels best?


I would recommend the Lovehoney Nubby or Tracey Cox Glass Set as first glass pieces x

This was my fist glass 😊

We second the tracey cox set they are great

I've just ordered the nubby :) had it in my basket and been debating it lol

Hello, I recommend these glass dildos


Hi, I did buy as recomended from a friend on here a really nice glass butt plug, it was soo great when really cold, simliar to this

I would really like to have a larger more fuller one but cant seem to find one anywhere ideally around this size Basically Im looking for something I can sleep with inside and have that lovely feeling when waking up glass is the best for that with the right lube of course. If there any suggestions I would love to hear them

My OH and I have a double ended glass dildo! We brought it from here

years ago, well worth the price like previous post have said amazing cold and my hubby

like the fact you can see through the it! The best most practical thing about glass is it's so easy

to clean, feel clean and it's gonna last years. Don't let the fact it's glass worry you they are very well


you won't look back!

I love my glass dildos, I have the Tracy Cox double set and the LH spiral dildo, and the pink rose butt plug, they are so easy to clean and there is no where for germs to hide, very easy to sterilse. They feel great either cold or hot inside and lint or fluff don't stick to them. You can't go wrong with glass toys.

Tracey cox set, pink rosebud butt plug and the beaded glass favourites xx