Guilty of using the same toys

Ive recently realised that ive become guilty of using the same three toys. Is anyone else guilty of this?

i'm considering taking them out of my toy box so i rumage through my box and pick something differnt out. so i don't neglect them and give the toys in my  a chance to come out for a change!

I have a box full of toys under the bed and a handful in my drawer and they are the only ones that get used!

I have my tango, and rosa for when im alone. A glass butt plug for when im in the mood, and two glass dildos.

Tbh my box could disappear and i probably wouldnt notice!

i don't have many and i try to rotate them

Same, over the past month or so ive been trying to use others and that but i basically only use the same ones over and over.

Its ok i guess as long as your happy... if your not then get the rest out :)

IMHO that shows that you have found the three toys that are right for you! I don't see any reason why you should use the others - they won't pine and feel neglected (but it might be a good idea to take the batteries out if they are still in and to wrap the toys up individually in case any are "meltable" plastic).

Actually, I look forward to the day when I'll have found my perfect toys!

Yep, I always have plans to use everything and then end up just using my favourites. Every time I look though our boxes I find something I had forgotten about because it has been in there so long!

We use a couple of toys a lot more than others. We have quite a collection of toys now, thanks to LH but still end up using our favourites.

Think it's same with many other other material things, I have my 3 dressing gowns but only wear one, I have countless bras but only wear a select few.

I have a couple of toys that We would use more often but I do try to use the rest now and again. TBF though we don't have a massive collection of toys and they all fit in one box at the minute so it's easier to not forget about what we have.

I'm like this. And tbf, they will prob remain as my favourites but I still have to be on the look out for a new favourite😃😃

There is one toy I choose far more often than the rest of my collection, and that is the Tango (unfortunately I had to send a faulty one back but I still have the white one from the Pleasure Mate Set). It is so versatile and brilliant when you need a quick orgasm to help you fall asleep. As for the rest of my stash, it greatly depends on my mood. I use all of my toys, some of them more often than others, but I don't feel particularly guilty about that. I always go for good quality materials and I keep my toys meticulously clean and properly stored - so far, none of them got yucky, so no loss there, I can go back to any of them should I feel like doing so at one time or another.

I've used the same toy a few times in a row but I don't feel guilty. I like all the toys I currently have but it depends on my mood as to which I'll use.

I can play with a specific anal toy every other/few days because I'm in the mood but then other times I'll stick to say my Fleshlight. There is even times when I'll go through several different toys in a week.

I have few, which I use more often than the others, but I am trying now to rotate them more and its paying off. I admit some toys still do not get used often, like some dildos, as I need to be in certain mood for them, but more toys are now used on regular basis.

Yep!! Then you feel bad for neglecting all the others haha.

Yeah I have a drawer full of toys but it's awkward to get open so I just use the same one, I always feel bad knowing I have so many others to use, i'll have to start!

What toys I use depend on what mood I'm in. I do intend to have phases of what I like. I have been ising my swan a lot untill a couple of weeks ago and now I'm more with the glass dildo. I don't have lots of toys, but I use all the toys I do have.

We use our glass dildo 7/10 times we use the toys... It works and we both enjoy it so why not! :)

Oh my, I really have too many toys...but like others it depends on my mood. When I want something cool on my skin I'll go for glass. A quick cum before I sleep, either a wand or happy rabbit ears.

anal toys don't get so much use, as the prep is a bit of a faff. OH not into anal, so they are for my solo use anyway.

he is more vanilla, so it is usually a case of just us, maybe a cock ring and a wand or bullet for me to use. Sometimes, we get the massage candle or oil out, sometimes I persuade him to use restraints and a flogger.

Theres always lube though ;)

Luv bunny wrote:

Oh my, I really have too many toys...but like others it depends on my mood.

I feel the same way and I'm actually glad I have a collection of diverse toys. It's nice to be able to have some variety in play sessions!

I've only been buying since the summer, when I discovered LH, but I'm going to by guilty of neglecting them all from now on as I bought a Womanizer.

I'm in love with this little beast (can't really call it a beauty).

I hope my other toys aren't gonna be a bit Woody/Buzz Lightyear over the new addition!

Yeah since I got the Lelo, I just leave it on the side so I don't open the toy drawer or see the others.