I am a guitarist and have been playing for about 8 years (i think). I only really know my wifes opinions on me playing guitar so I wondered what you guys think.

Are guitarists sexy? Are there any more guitarists on the LH forums? Do you date one and find it as annoying as my wife does? (she finds it very annoying as I tend to practice lots and will play the same thing over and over)

Middle-aged folkie here. Started playing 27 years ago.

Oh my. %-)

You dont say whether it is acoustic or electric guitar. My wifes previous boyfriend and my friend were in a rock band, my wife and I met because the band and myself used the same van and shared the cost.

A male musician performing live is as far as I can tell sexy to some women, certainly successful musicians are never short of girlfriends. However, my friends endless playing of the same tune and constant fiddling with his guitar drove me nuts, I stopped going to see him because it was boring and he couldnt stop. My wife said her bf became increasingly obsessed with practicing to the point where they didnt really have a relationship any more. He did have a career as a guitarist as a session musician so I suppose it paid off but ended his relationship. When they split he returned everythiong she ever gave him except the 1959 Les Paul original guitar, which sort of sums things up.

Advice? Practice where she cant hear it, dont pick the geetar up when she wants to talk. Only play to her when you have it completely sorted.

I play electric guitar and heavy metal. I tend to play when she is busy doing other stuff or when I am at home and she is at work (I do shifts). Also started to have propper guitar lessons but I really dont practice enough.

But as for the topic I mean any type of guitarist

I envy anyone who can play the guitar. I had a cheap electric guitar maybe 20 years ago and never got the hang of it so decided to sell it.

The guy who purchased it came to my house to pick it up and obviously wanted to try it before he handed over his cash, I couldn't believe the sounds he was making come from this guitar the very same guitar I could just about play happy birthday on one string.

This thread has got me thinking maybe its time to try again now I'm a bit older and hopefully more patient.

I've been playing for 21 years and probably have too many guitars for one person. I play rock and metal and things like that.

I tend not to mention it to people that much.

I started playing about three months before I discovered I was going to be a dad - what little I had learned was soon forgotten, as my free/practice-time was replaced by masses of DIY. The little monkey is nearly two now & I still only manage to pick up a guitar about once every couple of months. I'm hoping that we'll be able to learn to play together in a few years time.

In answer to the original questions:

Yes, guitarists are clearly much sexier than the average man in the street. :)

I'm not mean enough to practice with my other half in the house - I'm well aware that I sound ruddy awful so I only play when I'm home alone.

Wll i'm a bit of a suspect because i love metal and guitar solos and all. so yes watching a guy playing guitar its hot , its a real turn on. n if he has long hair its even better

Well my hair is very long and i generally only wear t-shirts from heavy metal bands and jeans!

Although I still dont think I am that good a guitarist

that must come easy to you Theolain since ur this octopuss with 8 arms lolololol

SeleneMoon wrote:

that must come easy to you Theolain since ur this octopuss with 8 arms lolololol

he should play drums lol

Actually I am baby Cthulhu.... :-P

noooo you can compare a guy with a guitar in his hand with drums lolololol not the same

I always though a bassist would be better with his hands where it matters though... especially good heavy metal ones

Drummers are much hotter

well i

angelkez wrote:

Drummers are much hotter

dont think sooo lolololol

Theolain wrote:

I always though a bassist would be better with his hands where it matters though... especially good heavy metal ones

dont know really only dated guitarrist sooooo

i may be slightly biased

angelkez wrote:

i may be slightly biased

You would say that.... Bet it would be different if i was in a huge band rather than making no money off it and instead anoying you by playing it!

i dont think anyone would get annoyed

Only just spotted this thread. I have been playing for about 25 years. Was in a couple of pub / covers bands in my yoof, now just play for own amusment. I have 9 if you include the bass and mandolin. I play every day, mostly blues to keep my fingers in practice.