Guys in thongs

Guys… do you wear a thong? Does your lady/partner enjoy it?

Ladies…. Does it turn you on? Not for you?

Just curious…. My wife loves when I wear a thong! She bought me all different colors… not gonna lie… I feel incredibly sexy wearing them!


Personally don’t see the appeal of men in woman’s underwear. It’s designed for the female body.

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They actually do thongs designed for men too! Just a little different to the shape of a lady’s one :wink::joy:
More of a pouch at the front and the rest is pretty much the same.
Quite comfy when everything is supported nicely to be honest but they don’t do anything for the OH so I only have a few pairs but tend to stick to boxers or trunks.


I wear boxers or nothing… Dont like the cheese slicer thingys.
I have got a Rudolph posing pouch thong she got me for xmas but it was only worn whilst opening pressies.


Thongs and g-strings all through the summer, men’s designs. OH likes the bright colours.

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I only wore thongs or g-strings until recently when my wife bought me a couple of pairs of LH jockstraps.
I’ve now got a decent collection of each.
Many of my thongs are made for women but if you look around and get the right material they can be just as comfortable but without the annoying seams and double layer that men’s underwear have up the front.


I love to see men in knickers but it’s a no no in a thong - sorry lads but wear full back knickers will turn me on - however a thong makes me vomit.


i wear a thong 99% of the time. My wife loves the look, especially the bulge in the front.

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I would have never thought I’d wear one. Not for me.


My Mrs loves my arse and apparently a man in a thong. So a year or so back I tried a basic black one her for her in the bedroom. She. Loved. It !

I slept it in and wore it the next day… was something strange getting used too… but fairy, if not more comfortable than my under armour boxers

Give it a few weeks later and I found a decent rated brand on Amazon that came in camo. I’m happy it’s manly enough for me (they are men’s thongs!) and I actually find them the most comfortable thing. I wear thongs every weekend now for a treat for myself and my Mrs

I will still wear boxers for work however to save my soul, would be the end of me with one of the lads seeing a whale tail on my arse while working away

I’m with @batjamboree on this one, thongs are not for me. Its a bit like speedo’s on the older more rounded body. No, NO.

Personally, I love wearing thongs. I wouldn’t say they turn me on but they do feel good. They are supportive and keep everything in place. For anyone unsure, try these:

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Yes g strings are something I love, feel sexy and love soft material to touch.
All mine are men’s and OH loves them.

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My husband doesn’t wear thongs everyday for daily wear, but he wears them for me sometimes before sex because I love how he looks in them :face_with_hand_over_mouth: My favorite is his LHM Leopard Print Thong :bum2:


Todays choice. Unbelievably comfortable and definitely one to try if you’re concerned about the cheese wire effect.
You really don’t know you’re wearing these.

Mens thongs are about all I wear nowadays. I’ve actually found them to be way more supportive than any other types of underwear I’ve tried out, briefs included. Also personally, I used to sweat a lot back there and thats totally gone away, which I didn’t expect! I also feel sexy in them, and the wife likes them, so good all around here.

Bit of a stigma around them, which I get. But they do make them for men and they’re comfortable.

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Thongs about 80% of the time , in cold weather while riding my motorcycles I wear a men’s bikini . I could never stand boxers , zero support and bunched up when seated . The last pair of briefs I had were bought for me by my mother while in high school , about 50 years ago . If a thong is uncomfortable , then it is the wrong size . My wife enjoys the look of my best “asset” in them . From my photo likes on here I guess a number of people think they look OK also . You be the judge .

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All the replies are amazing! Everyone has a different viewpoint on them for sure. I never imagined myself wearing a thong. My wife absolutely loves it and it’s extremely comfortable. All I have is men’s thongs with the pouch in the front so the extra support is amazing.

It’s a no from me and Mrs Bonzo.
Never found the appeal on me.
On her …. Yes!!!

I just stick to male trunks

I’m not really into women’s lingerie but man thongs can be rather sexy and nice on at times

There’s a few men’s thongs we bought from Lovehoney that my wife loves seeing me in