Guys in thongs

My husband thinks it’s the funniest thing to shove his boxers up his crack discreetly while we are watching tv then “get up to get a drink” but in such an exaggerated way that his makeshift thonged ass ends up in my face before he goes. Even the dogs throw him bewildered glances.

The only other experience I have had with thongs and him is when he wore one of mine to a party and mooned all the boys. (It was a cross dress party but for “the lads”, and for fun, not for reals)
But I got a dress rehearsal before he left, and with him having an excellent butt, it looked mighty fine in a proper one, not just bunched up boxers. But the context was not to turn me on, and I don’t think it would if he did it seriously. What would, would be if it turned him on and made him happy.


I now love wearing a thong/pouch/g string. My OH loves seeing me grow hard in a pouch​:wink:. Only started wearing them after reading various posts on this forum. Shows you the power of sexy chat​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thongs for men can absolutely be extremely comfortable to wear.
They can be fun and give the wearer confidence in their body. It’s a shame that most guys never even get the chance to learn this.

I don’t want to high-jack the thread topic, but there’re several reasons why men don’t generally wear them, tastes aside. Some of these reasons have extremely complex societal causes and some are to do with anatomy and practicalities. So it doesn’t surprise me that more men don’t wear anything other than underwear designs sold at your typical clothing store.

Finding a well-made, comfortable, everyday thong that’s easy-care and priced sensibly has been quite a challenge.


It’s a pity we’re not allowed to name competitors on the forum because there are plenty of ‘female’ thongs and strings on the market that are much nicer to look at, more comfortable due to the lack of front seams and stretchy enough to accommodate.
The important thing to look for is an elasticated leg to stop your bits falling out so anything that’s sold as ‘no VPL’ or ‘lazer cut’ is probably not going to work.

While I love wearing thongs, I have little to no interest in seeing any man in one. No judgement of those brave enough to wear one, it’s just not something that I like to see. The ones with the elephant trunk-like pouches in the front crack me up! I guess that’s a big part of the reason I am not a fan of men in thongs. I just cannot take them seriously! :woman_shrugging:

I have a few thongs that I wear and I find them ok - however my preference is high waisted satin front knickers with mesh back - totally comfortable and sexy and being satin front look good especially when you got a nice bulge

The first one I bought was one of those like elephant looking pouches and I literally laughed out loud. My wife and I had a good chuckle over it and returned it lol. No offense to anyone who does like those, but a regular pouch one looks way better IMO. More comfortable for me too.

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Well, at least you were a good sport about it and were able to get a good laugh out of it! :joy:

My husband and I were talking about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that, ridiculous looking or not, if a man has enough “equipment” to have a need for one of those trunk-like :elephant: pouches, nobody is probably going to be laughing at him anyway! :woman_shrugging::joy:

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Lady things all the way
Love the thongs that come with Lovehoney basques

No not for me boring boxers all the way or nothing

My husband is a regular thong wearer and has been for a number of years. He is pretty large down there and says he prefers the feel, fit and look of a men’s thong and I’m not complaining at all. He has been buying his own thongs to wear for a while now.


I first tried thongs when I was 19 so just over 20 years ago. I was living at home still so had to hide them away but much preferred to wear them over boxers. I kept them secret for a good while until I finally told my wife (girlfriend at the time) who didn’t mind at the time and now likes me to wear them. I wear thong undies most days of the week now.


I started wearing thongs (mens cut) in my late teens and 15 years later they’re now the only underwear I own. Sadly I know there’s a stigma towards men wearing thongs but I find them incredibly comfortable, offer a lot of support at the front and I think I do feel sexy when wearing them.

Undoubtedly the attraction towards wearing them started as a fetish but from a practical sense, they are amazing. There’s a couple of go-to brands I favour, which unfortunately I can’t put in here. I wish LH would sell mens microfibre thongs and g-strings, pretty much identical to @GettingMoreKinkyGuy profile picture.

In terms of when they slip, I do still panic and try keeping them under wraps. (I don’t walk around like Lita in the early 2000’s).

I know it took my wife (then gf) by surprise when she found out but thankfully she’s always been on board with it :slight_smile: She’s even mentioned it to some her friends and their reactions were positive towards it.

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Awesome to read. I too love the microfibre feel or polyamide.
Thin straps do feel sexy.

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It’s a yes from me wear nothing else

i never have my thong off me. well i wear it mostly around my ankles :wink:


Silky pouch, 1 or 1 and a half inches waistband, T back design. Also good as a swimwear thong.


Thongs are pretty much all I wear in summer, they are super comfy and better to keep you cool I’ve not worn a pair of boxer shorts for a few weeks now


I tried thongs when I was younger and started to wear them now and again but went back to briefs and shorts after a while. My wife knows I have worn them before and doesn’t mind them, so the the last few years, especially working from home, I started wearing thongs again most of the time.


I wear string thongs most days now and have done so for a few years. I find them to be way more comfortable and cooler than boxes or briefs but still feel awkward if my wife sees me wearing them while Im getting dressed / undressed.