Has anyone else had any problems placing an order today?

I've tried to place an online order, using a discount code that expires TODAY - and each time I go through the checkout process (i'm paying with Paypal) - I get to the last step, click 'Confirm Order' and immediately I get taken to an error message that says:

"Sorry, Something bad has happened

We are distraught! If you can see this message something's not right on Lovehoney.

Our crack technical department has been notified and won't go home until it's been fixed"

Livechat say they are not aware of any problems (at least no one else has reported a problem) and told I need to make a phone order (which I can't do at the moment as I was trying to order some things as a suprise for our wedding anniversary on tuesday).

Is it just me having this problem, or has anyone else encountered an error whilst placing an order?

I have encountered the same problem with the same error message. Has happened to me previously too and the only way I got around it, was not using the voucher code. Hope you get your order sorted x

Hmmm... If I can't use the code, then I won't order. It's frustrating as it's a lovehoney email code!!

I'll have to try and do a phone order tomorrow and see if I can still get the discount.

Mine was too, the 15% one, I'm lucky to get 10% off with the swinging site I'm on, so used that instead.

Have you tried activating the code first by clicking on the link in your email?

Yup - even tried using different browsers etc and still the same error.

Have you cleared Cookies and cache and whatnot reboot my dear.

Aye :( I'm hoping it's just a temporary glitch... Will try again later.

I had an email offer that's single use only - you've not used it already have you?

No, but that's what I was trying to use. I also tried an affiliate discount and a vouchercloud discount and they all failed.

Ooooh oo!oh. I'm out

Try place order on ur phone perhaps that might help... :) so irritating, I had same issue the other day but was actually down to my Internet connection, wasn't strong enough to go through PayPal, I know that sounds odd but once I went into the area where my wifi was available glitch fixed itself x

@milf - it's the same on my phone, iPad and laptop :-x

Lol A. I was, but not now.

Grrrrrrrrrr frustrating... !! It's prob a glitch in the site then.

I've just the voucher no probs. Now need to cancel my order as I can't afford it either

This has been a problem for me for 7 months. 4 months I couldn't place an order, it wasn't PayPal's fault, and it wasn't lovehoneys fault. I went back and fourth for weeks between them until I decided to try and check out as a guest. I was so happy I could place an order again, but now it's getting tedious having to be a guest and then get the points transferred over. It's pretty annoying, and after trying to fix it, it looks like it just can't be fixed.

Hmmm even checking out as a guest isn't working :-( pain in the bum!!

David - is there someone on here you trust? Could you send them LH gift vouchers in order for them to make the purchase for you?

i possibly could but im not sure i can check out at all.

i just tried to place an order without a discount with a credit card - still wouldnt work.

i dont want to use my credit card but i might have to, and place a phone order.

Its ok - ive sent an email to CS explaining everything.

i have resisted spending money on LH and now that i can, it wont let me!!!