Have dildos ruined your wife/gf ?

Well I dont think they do, we have been useing large rubber dicks for 25 years and things are more flexable but no way ruined alot of people do have this idea so what do you guys think, does a big dildo ruin a pussey ?

Having just got my first one (Vixen Silicone Dildo) all I can say is I wish I'd been ruined years ago !! LOL

Far more effective than any vibrator I've ever used....never ever going back to plastic now !!

Well, since your vagina streches enough to give birth, I doubt it could be ruined by a dildo, unless you pushed too hard and ripped something.

My husband gets the toys out more than me, I think they have ruined my hubby more - I need some real willy dammit!

And no, a woman who practices pelvic floor excersizes will always be tight ;-)

Have to agree with Miss Kitty, if you're into using big dildos a lot you need to put in the exercise to stay tight down there. But if its every now and again then I'd be inclined to say that it wont affect you too much.

Yup, Miss Kitty is correct- if you do your kegals you'll be good to go!

Well, Himself is a "larger than average" individual and states that I'm almost as tight now as I was the day He met me.

Daily Kegals are a must for any girl. They're the only "exercise" that I don't mind doing!

Plus, they heighten the sensation of your orgasms because of the increased muscle tone!

Hi folks just a few words to say that the pussy and ass are muscles especally in the ass its got sphincter muscles and stretching them within reason does no harm at all. as long as you dont over do it all should be ok but just be careful.

Have fun.

How exactly are the pelvic floor exercises done? I'm gonna make sure she starts these early so she's still as tight and feels as good now, as when she's a sexy wrinkly 60 year old granny!

I'm 44 and have had 3 kids...am I to old to do and get any real benefit from pelvic floor exercises. I mean how long before I or my hubby would notice a difference? And would the difference if any really be noticable?

Depends luvly on how traumatic childbirth was for you also your phyisical type but yes pelvic exercises are good for tightness ,,,,,but dont over estimate a good supple pussy

I haven't had kids but started doing these about a month ago and my orgasms just keep getting better and better. So just as fun for us girls as the mine. Squeeze away at work and get paid to improve your orgasms!!!!

I must say, my pelvic muscles really come into play when they grip hubby's cock ;)

Correction.....dont under estimate a supple pussey no edit here sucks

Yes I think you can have the best of both worlds a supple/accommodating pussey and with pelvic floor excercises a tight pussey . The mrs can take a 3 inch wide dildo while still being able to work my cock like a virgin when she or I want best of both worlds .

But I must say that there is nothing better than slipping in after she has been playing with her biggest dildos now that is awsome and just shows how fantastic a womans pussy is ..

And her orgasms are more intense since she started on the bigger dildos sort of use it or lose it !

each time i read the forum i start ding my exercise again but i forget so quickly to do them! i think the only answeris to go on theforums more or put post its everywhere!!

I must, I must, improve my bust.oops I meant pelvic floor exercises....lol

Come on then- someone tell us all how to do them!

I dout if vibes are going to ruin the size of your girls mimsy but she might get spoilt with the technique.

After a month working abroad, my wife had been "entertaining" herself, when we get our freak on I really had to bring out my 'A' game. She'd being doing everything exactly how she liked and when she liked it with something that vibrates, moves & has specially designed ridges for extra oomph! What chance have we men got against that !?

Women will always prefer men to toys....the intimacy factor and affection and all that can't be underestimated!

Phew thank goodness for that... but l think l know a few who do prefer toys to men !!!