i dont know why, but when my partner sucks my toes, i get turned on, it feels.....different and i love it. anyone with me?

I like sucking my wifes toes while screwing... she loves it!

i do that to my girlfriend, she loves it!

good, so im not on my own then :)

i love sucking my partners toes but she aint keen on doing it bk lol

My boyfriend's done it to me, but it tickles really bad!

Someone I used to go with used to climax by having her toes sucked. Not entirely convinced she was being honest tho. But its possible.

I love sucking toes and having them sucked! Feet have a hell of a lot of nerve endings in so it's not surprising it feels awesome!


There are a lot of foot fetishists out there, but generally, sucking any part of the body is VERY erotically exciting. unless the feet are distinctly unhealthy and disgusting. but good on ya.

Pleasure will always be good, so more is Fantastic :D

hmm personally i dont expect anyone to go near my feet! so its not something ive ever tried

I'm certainly not a fan of toes....

I really don't like feet. (well in a sexual way... I do find them quite useful in general life).

I'm with you on this one WandA, I don't like feet much either!

WandA wrote:

I'm certainly not a fan of toes....

I really don't like feet. (well in a sexual way... I do find them quite useful in general life).

Toe sucker here!


I love it to and I love to suck my partners toes to. XxX

i love a lot of things, but ive never understood toes.... maybe someday tho?

I Hate Feet,

You know i trust you if you catch a glimpse of my feet

i just hate them, they're ugly stuff!!!

I can't stand people looking at my feet in any situation. (they are dancers' feet and as such, arent' the best looking I've ever seen). I'm also stupidly ticklish, a finger just has to LOOK at my body and I'm in spasms of giggles. ;) I'm not big on other people's feet either and have been quite repulsed if they have wanted me to touch etc etc their feet.

However, my last partner made me more 'feet aware' - and I found that his feet were quite delicious and I had no problems being all footsy with him. I don't think I'm over my foot thing but with him it just feels good.

i find having my toes sucked quite pleasant but i wouldnt be into it in a big way. i'm hoping a man never asks me to do it to him though.

Mine aren't the best feet or toes about either,

but hey, if my OH wants to suck them, then she's welcome to.

As for her toes, she doesn't really like them being touched at all, but have been working on that for awhile,

slowly getting to the point that she enjoys it, but just needs to be forwarned before i touch them.

I don't like feet, but I do like them when they're covered in tights/holdups, hmmm that's very sexy to feel and rub against :) I wouldn't suck though, just isn't an erotic body part for me I'm afraid!