Help stop premature ejaculation

Any advice and tips on stopping or controlling premature ejaculation. I don’t last long with bjs or vaginal sex bc it just blows. I love it but wish I could last longer and get that woh feeling. Share your tips experiences

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Maybe try out some delay creams or practice edging to help build up your ability to last longer :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps try cock rings? My hubby lasts a lot longer when wearing a cock ring

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Will have to try that thanks

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Good luck x

Just been looking at mens items to treat my hubby and theres something called:
Fleshlight pink lady stamina, which says its to help with this type of thing. Have a look x
My hubby sometimes cums too quickly or gets hard quickly then goes soft.

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I never had much luck with the delay sprays but other people have :+1: something that used to work for me and my ex was that she would get me to cum first quickly, then I’d move on to pleasuring her and by the time she was done I was ready to go again so we’d have sex and I’d last longer :yum:


Ooh yes, we’ve also done that too x

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I tried a spray called super dooz, a red can, man that worked, but I couldn’t feel my dick, it definitely numbs it, but I could go on for about 45 mins, sometimes I had to stop because I couldn’t cum!

That just about sums me up in a sentence lol :star_struck:

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My wife can’t really complain either bc she cums quickly from oral as well to. Lol the problem is it’s just to good to hold back lol


It might be kinda counter intuitive, but masturbating often decreases your stamina instead of increasing it. If I were you I wouldn’t use delay sprays too, cause it just takes away from the fun. There are some tricks with your breath that really work wonders if you want to last longer, I can’t remember the exact times, but I think it was 4 seconds of inhaling, 4 seconds of exhaling and 4 seconds in-between. You might want to Google that, but I think these times are pretty close.

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Oh yes indeedy, I always cum quickly with oral but that just makes me want more and more :rofl:

I would deffently try some solo sessions to help control it more and then practice edging as it will increase your sensation and time ability!!! There are many delay sprays and creams on the market aswell

If it doesn’t prevent you getting hard again then I wouldn’t worry - many have the opposite issue and it takes them too long for them to cum, it causes concern from partners that there’s an issue in some way with you not being turned on or finding them attractive, and can even cause soreness to a partner.

If there’s nothing stopping you then just enjoy the first orgasm and head into round two. Ask any man if they’re bothered by a female partner coming quickly and before them and I suspect you’d find few with any worries, yet it seems to be a constant concern the other way round. Many women are flattered that they can elicit such a response and if you’re capable of carrying on then lucky old you! After all - multiple orgasms are significantly more common in women so if you can cum quickly and then still manage a second round then think of it as a bonus instead of a problem. :wink:

I’ll take his cum when ever he’s getting the urge, I cum pretty quick when he’s thrusting, only takes a few thrusts, and I cum multiple times after too :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and he likes to make me cum first, always has. I always enjoy our sex sessions, love it in fact. He does worry sometimes that he does cum too quickly and it’s over with, but to me I don’t care how long it lasts, cos I get my satisfaction and orgasm every time we have sex.

I won’t lie, if it has been a little bit, I’ll take care of myself a little before a session just to know I can last a bit longer. Edging helps. And of course maybe try to get your partner off first just in case

I‘ve had a few times where we’ve used smaller buzzier vibrators on the frenulum, and desensitised the tip to the point I almost couldn‘t cum.
Might be worth a try?

My boyfriend was prescribed Sertraline for anxiety last year and the doctor also told him that side effects could likely affect his time to orgasm and possibly sex drive. It can actually be prescribed just for premature ejaculation for this reason and may be worth considering depending on how much of an issue it is for you.

After only a couple of weeks he was lasting much longer and taking a long time to cum himself which he was very happy about. I could get there a couple of times before he was anywhere close himself so it has also been very good for me!

He’s definitely noticed that his urge to masturbate has reduced but he doesn’t seem to mind this at all.

I haven’t really tried anything but the stop start method but that only seems to last so long bc I just can’t help myself lol