Help to link community page with forum profile

Been trying to link my pages but am having no luck!! Any advise thanks :blush:

I’m afraid the main website got updated last week, and that is no longer possible. Hopefully the guide will be updated soon with the new info in. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you so much for your reply… was literally about to throw my laptop, I couldn’t understand where I was going wrong🙈

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I think they’re working on bringing wishlists back (and hopefully review profiles too :crossed_fingers:), but as yet there’s no due date.

The Great Big Review and Testing Guide has some new instructions in for the next tester list. :+1:

I was looking for my community profile just now to look for my reviews, as I’m sure some are missing from the product pages.

But when I go to;

It says Oh no! We’re really sorry but this page is no longer available

Glad to hear they are working on a fix :lovehoney_heart: