The Great Big Review and Testing Guide

Welcome to the Lovehoney Testing & Reviewing Guide!

This guide includes all the information you’ll need to become part of our pool of potential Lovehoney testers and reviewers.

You’ll be glad to hear you’re already on the right track by having a community account. Now you need to start/keep reviewing items you already own from us, as this gives us an idea of your writing style and what Testers you may be suited to.

The best place to submit a review is on the product page itself (if the product is already live on the site).

Depending on how secret the tester is, you can also find a link to review products you’ve been sent on Your Account page, in the Lovehoney Community - Forums and Product Reviews section

And if none of those are working there’s the generic review link that you can use for any item.

If we feel that your reviews are well written, honest, and informative, and that you have contributed positively to the forums, you may then be selected to receive free items to review for Lovehoney.

And if you also write a Review Blog you can share it with us in our Bloggers topic. :+1:

You can find all the latest reviews on our Reviews page.

More Info: If you’re unsure on what makes a great review there’s a really good ‘How to Write a Great Review’ guide below that will help you see what we look out for. :star2:

The Tester List

Each week items are added to the Tester List to be sent out for review purposes. In exchange for this review the item is kept by the recipient. Amazing, right?

And it’s not just sex toys we send out for testing. We also need reviews on essentials, lingerie, bondage… well, actually, pretty much anything that we have, or will have, on our site can pop up on our Tester List.

You’ll need to add items from this list to a ‘Sex Toy Testers’ wishlist so we can see who is interested in what.

To create this wishlist go to the Wishlist section of the main site, click on “Create A Wishlist”, call it ‘Sex Toy Testers’, and make sure it’s set up so “Anyone who views my Public Profile” can see it.

Anything from the Tester List can be added, as this is what we need reviews on. We will not send anything else that is on your wishlist, so please keep it up to date with the tester items only.

And please ensure you put your address in your account. If we don’t have your current address, we can’t send you products (even if we really wanted to!).

:lovehoney_heart_2: Pro Tip:
Whenever the List gets an update a message is posted in the Sex Toy Tester Thread. And if you set that topic to “Watching” you’ll get a notification every time new items are added.

Key Points:

  • Please be patient. Not everyone can be selected sadly as we do have thousands of members wanting this great opportunity. Typically ten or more reviews are helpful to have for us to consider someone as a tester.

  • Please keep your ‘Sex Toy Tester’ wishlist up to date, remove old items and add just the new ones that crop up.

  • Address! Make sure you have an updated address in your account that we can ship to.

More info: Testing & Reviewing FAQs

The Secret Testers

If you have been lucky enough to review as a tester we then have the next step… Secret Testers!

We will sometimes need to grab feedback or obtain reviews on an item that is not yet showing on the website. These are secret testers. Typically these are either items that are in development, ones we are considering stocking, or are a brand ‘spanking’ new range coming in and we want to know what you think ASAP!


A forum topic will magically appear asking for reviewers on secret items - and this is your chance to be selected. It’s as simple as commenting on the forum topic to pop your name (and the items you’re interested in) down for consideration. Once this topic is closed reviewers have been selected, and those chosen will then receive an email.

To get to this level of testing we will expect more than 11 live reviews, and at least one of which has been due to the tester programme above.

To never miss a Secret Tester go to the #testers category and set the Notification Bell to ‘Watching First Post’, and you’ll get a notification every time a new Tester topic is created. :eyes::shushing_face:

More info: Secret Testers FAQs

Improve Your Chances

There are a couple of things you can do to improve your chances of being selected for Secret Testers.

Link Your Profiles

Firstly, it’s really useful to link your Community page to your Forum Profile so we can zip straight to your reviews and see what sort of things you like/don’t like from here.

You can find your Community page by going to Your Account, scrolling down to the ‘Lovehoney Community - Forums and Product Reviews’ section. Then copy the View your profile as others see it link.

Then paste this link into the Web Site box on your Preferences/Profile page (and don’t forget to save the changes!)

Send Your Measurements

Secondly, to be selected for lingerie testers it helps if we know your measurements. If you’re happy to, please could copy and paste the questions below into an email, get them answered, and email them over to with the title ‘Lingerie Measurements’ that’ll help us match you to potential items.




(If male are you happy receiving female lingerie to wear):

Are the items for you or partner:


UK Dress size:

Bust & cup size/ chest (in inches):

Waist (in inches):

Hips (in inches):



Any allergies to materials: (eg latex)

Additional information about sizing: (eg long legs)

And here’s a useful ‘how to’ guide:

And there you have it. You should all be set up and ready to rock. If you have any more questions there are some brilliant FAQs below that go into a lot more detail, and you can also ask anything not covered in those in the Sex Toy Tester - Chit-Chat topic, where I (or one of the more experienced reviewers) will try and sort you out an answer. :partying_face:

Thanks for reading, and Happy Reviewing! :lovehoney_heart:


Updated Nov20
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How to Write a Great Review!

When you review your purchases on Lovehoney, your aim is to give other people the information that they can’t find on the product page: an opinion on how it performs and whether you think it’s worth spending the money on.

The best reviews are those that help someone else make an informed decision about the right toy for them. It doesn’t matter whether you loved a toy or thought it was awful, the most important thing is to describe how it made you feel and what someone else would find if they bought the same item.

Remember to use your item a couple of times before you pass judgement on it. First impressions do count, but you might find your opinion changes (for better or worse) after a couple of sessions.

When writing a sex toy review for a Lovehoney, think about the following things:

If I could sum up a toy in three phrases, what would I say?

The main thing other people want from your review is your personal experience - in a nutshell. “Amazing when used as a clitoral stimulator during penetration”, “woefully lacking in power”, “incredibly and pleasurably tight” are important things you want to say about the toy and even more importantly, they’re things that customers want to know.

Is the information already covered on the product page?

If there are photos of the packaging, you don’t need to describe it for five paragraphs. If the measurements and materials are listed, you don’t need to state them unless there’s something important to add e.g. “6 inch circumference doesn’t sound much, but when combined with the material this feels like a really girthy toy”.

It’s much more important to comment on things people’s can’t tell from measurements - how noisy was it, how strong were the vibrations?

If you think Lovehoney’s got something wrong in the details, contact us so we can double check.

Am I waffling?

Lovehoney customers read a few reviews to get a balanced view, so don’t usually spend much time reading each one. Make sure your ‘pros’, ‘cons’ and ‘bottom line’ cover the key points, for the skim readers.

The best reviews are between 4 and 10 paragraphs in length, so If you wrote your review for your blog, cut it down to the most important points for Lovehoney.

Am I being too explicit?

Seems like an odd question to ask when you’re writing a review of a sex toy, doesn’t it? Other shoppers don’t want to know the ins and outs of your anatomy when it comes to a sex toy review, so try to keep it out of the realms of a biology class or a porno flick.

And finally

Re-read your review when you have finished and make sure you have:

  • Explained what the product does.
  • Described the product’s best/worst features.
  • Described your experience using the product.
  • Explained why the product would (or wouldn’t) be right for someone else.

Testing & Reviewing FAQs

So you want to be a Sex Toy Tester…

Over the years one of the main topics of questions that get asked a lot are about how to become a Sex Toy Tester. Hopefully this post will answer most of the questions that get asked, and help people understand how and what and why etc.

  1. You need to set up a wishlist called Sex Toy Testers and make it public. If they can’t see it then you won’t get anything!

  2. ONLY items from this list are to be added to your Sex Toy Testers wishlist. Don’t add everything that grabs your fancy as it simply doesn’t work like that. The Lovehoney staff carefully select the items they want reviewing and put them on the list. They don’t go through each profile looking to see what you fancy trying.

    If you want to make other wishlists for yourself so you can keep track of what you want to buy or to share with your partner etc that’s great but DO NOT title it ‘Sex Toy Tester’ as this is wastefully time consuming for the Lovehoney staff.

  3. There are thousands of people with tester wishlists. To increase your chances of being chosen there are several things you need to do, and several things that will help you, to be chosen. The main thing you NEED to do is start writing reviews of things you already own. Don’t worry if these are things you have not bought from Lovehoney, if they are on the site for sale, then you can submit a review for it. The usual things to help you get going with reviews are condoms & lubricants.

  4. Be detailed in your reviews. A reviews with three sentences is not going to get you chosen, neither is being overly graphic. To help you learn how to write good reviews that are more likely to get you chosen to be a tester read the How to Write a Great Review guide.

    Also check out the Review of the Month winners for the past few months to get an idea of what they look for in reviews.

    The more you write reviews the better you will get at it and the more chance you have of being selected. But you also have to BE PATIENT, as I mentioned above, there are a lot more testers than there are products. And remember…

  5. It’s QUALITY over QUANTITY. Anyone can knock out loads of two line reviews like “I bought this last week. It was great and gave me awesome orgasms” but it will not get them chosen to be a tester as it’s not helpful to anyone. Most people tend to have written between 5 to 10 good reviews before they are chosen as a tester.

  6. The items on the list change regularly. There is no set day or time that it changes, so check back often and update your list accordingly.

  7. Only put items on your list that you know you can give a thorough test and write a good review for. Don’t add them just because you want a freebie. Examples - Don’t add normal condoms if you have a latex allergy.

  8. If there is something on the list that you have never tried before but are interested in trying then don’t be afraid to add it.

  9. Make sure you get the sizing correct with lingerie. Don’t add a one size 8-14 if you are a size 20, likewise don’t add plus size if you’re a size 8. Common sense applies here really. Nothing worse than reading a review of someone saying it didn’t fit when they didn’t check the sizing first.

  10. Items stay on the list for varying amounts of time. It all depends on how long it takes to find the right person they want to test the item/s. Some stay for a few hours, some for a week.

  11. When choosing someone to test the item, they could be looking for a number of different things. Sometimes they want someone experienced, sometimes they want a newbies perspective. Sometimes they want a couples view etc. It changes with each item.

  12. Sometimes there will be topics on the forum asking for people to test items. These are usually items that are not yet stocked on Lovehoney and they want opinions before they stock them. These you post an answer within the topic stating your chosen preference and desire to participate.

  13. Discussing items you have been sent. The rule of thumb is this - If it’s live on the site then you can mention it. If it isn’t then don’t comment about it or blog about or talk about it. Especially if you have been sent an email about a secret tester. These happen occasionally and are usually only sent to people that have quite a few tester reviews submitted already.

  14. My review isn’t showing yet? If the item is live on the website then give it 48-72 hours to appear - if it still has not appeared then contact Customer Care. If it is a product that was posted on a forum topic, or you were sent an email about, then your review will not go live until the product does. This can sometimes take months. Sometimes it doesn’t make it to sale at all, and in this case your review is counted as submitted but obviously won’t be put on the site.

  15. Should I delete old items off my list? Short answer: Yes. Keeping your list recent and limited to current testers is preferred. Having the odd old item on there is not going to spike your chances, but if your list gets too big it makes it more difficult to see what’s on there.

  16. I haven’t had a tester for a while, why not? Again BE PATIENT, just because you have had testers sent to you before does not guarantee you will always get them. There are so many people wanting to be/are testers that there are simply not enough products to keep giving everyone them all the time. Just keep writing your reviews of the things you’ve bought in the meantime and keep writing good reviews. Sometimes you can get several items in a couple of weeks and then nothing for months, it’s just how it goes.

  17. How long do I have to write my review? Usually you have a month to write your review. This gives you enough time to use the item you receive properly and give it a fair review. If you get close to the time limit you will be sent some reminder emails to ask if there is anything wrong. If you have not been able to write your review for whatever reason, just let the staff know. If you don’t submit a review at all you will be put on the naughty list and not sent any items again.

  18. I’m new to sex toys, does that matter? No not at all, in fact they often like to see reviews from people who are new to toys as it helps others that are new to toys too. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been using toys for years, write a blog about them or have never used one before, all opinions and reviews are helpful to someone.

  19. Does it matter how many items I buy, how often or how much I spend? Will that make a difference to what I can be chosen for? No not at all. Though don’t expect to be sent an item worth £100 as your first tester. Be realistic, they need to find out what the quality of your reviews are like before starting to send you more expensive toys. Expect something small at first, do a good job on the review and you’ll have more chance of getting the more luxury items later on.

  20. And last but not least DON’T BEG! It makes no difference to you being picked for an item.

A massive thank you again to @PurringTiger for these incredibly detailed FAQs. It is truly exceptional. :1st_place_medal:


Secret Testers FAQS

How can I be selected for a Secret Tester?

There will be forum topics that crop up in the #Tester category, and you’ll need to add your name to the list by commenting in them with the item name you wish to be considered for. Live reviews are a requirement, and typically I look for people that have had an item from the tester list before.

When does my review need to be in?

Within 1 month, unless I state otherwise in the topic and email. Some secret items do require a quick turnaround. The deadline, if sooner, will be stated on the forum or in the invitation email so please read the details in full before committing. The deadline DOES NOT include shipping and starts when the order is dispatched. If there are delays in receiving your parcel (super rare) do let me know ASAP.

Do I need to state in my review that I am a tester?

That is up to you if you wish to mention it. However, we would rather you use the space to talk about the product itself. If you are testing lingerie maybe use that space to talk about your dress size/cup size/height and the size received - this is far more helpful.

Can I share details of my secret item on this forum?

No. This includes images. They are secret testers until they potentially go live. Failure to keep them hush can result in removal from the tester programme. If you have a question about secret testers please contact Customer Care.

When will the product be sent?

Sometimes on the same day as receiving the ‘you have been selected email’. Sometimes I find reviewers ready for the samples to come in. I will always mention if the samples are not ready yet in the posting topic. So if this has been mentioned please expect the item within a month. A dispatch email shall be sent via me or the warehouse on dispatch.

Why is my review order showing as cancelled?

I set the order up in the account for review chaser purposes, I then manually send the item to you. Unless I have made a mistake, and in that case I will email. haha!

What is the RRP?

Occasionally we know this but not always, so if I can give the RRP I certainly will on the letter that arrives with the secret tester. I can never give an exact RRP as this isn’t always shared until it is due to go live. If you do not have the RRP please continue the review without this.

My tester is faulty, shall I just review it?

No. If it is faulty that means you can not review it, as the tester reviews are for use, fit, feel etc. If you are unfortunate enough to have a faulty tester piece please contact Customer Care stating you have a faulty tester. If you wish to contact me you can do so too.

Where can I see the product description?

You can’t. The item is not live so we do not have that access to give you. If there are special instructions they will be included in the parcel.

The product page link does not work, where can I review this?

The product page will not work until it is live. You can review with the ‘write my review’ link in the ‘Lovehoney Community - Forums and Product Reviews’ section on Your Account page, and if there isn’t one then use the generic review link.

Have you got my review? Could you email me to say you got it?

Please give 72 working hours to allow us time to edit reviews to go live. Once a review is edited to go live you will receive an email. Please be patient. If you still don’t have an email after 72 hours please email me or contact Customer Care.

My review says it is live but the link will not work?

It will not work until the product goes live, as soon as it shows on the site so will your review.

Do we take the amount of forum activity by a member into consideration when selecting testers?

The short answer is no.

Message count does not contribute towards becoming a tester. We do state: “If we feel that your reviews are well written, honest and informative, and you have contributed positively to the forums”, but this is nothing to do with the amount of activity.

The forum activity gives us an insight into a tester’s likes and dislikes, so certainly by positively contributing it can help be selected for the right item, but it certainly won’t stop you ever being selected.

Am I Blacklisted? I haven’t received a tester recently. Do I have a black mark against my name?

I have started emailing warnings for testers, much like rule breaking in the forum. This can be due to not keeping to the T&Cs (eg. sharing details of an item that is not yet live on the site). However we are not obliged to send warnings, so this will not always happen. If you have stuck to the T&Cs, deadlines and are not receiving chaser emails it is safe to say you are ok and it is simply that you have not been suited to some recent testers. Please do remember it is a privilege and not a right.

Reasons you will receive a ‘black mark’:

  • Sharing data that is not yet shareable
  • Constant chasers being sent
  • No email communication to chasers
  • Quality of reviews has decreased (we may think you need a break from testers)
  • Indiscretion via social media in regards to LH. We need to trust our reviewers, especially as we are sending not yet released items.

If you think: ‘ah yes, this rings a bell’ you may have a black mark - sorry.


If you do have any issues/need a break please simply email me at