help trying to find

I hope you can help !

I've asked on the live chat and it seems that love honey dont have the toy Im after

The toy Im looking for is simlair to a rabbit style vibrator ! but without the actual rabbit part of the side ! ( I did say simlair)

So the shaft will rotate as with a rabbit ! (maybe even a bit faster )and at the base where the balls go around this would Ideally be a vibrating part !

I hope that makes sence !

The reason , my OH isnt the keen on anal play (yet) so simpley turning the rabbit around isnt an option and when ingaged in oral or manual play the rabbit part just gets in the way

I also hope this thread doesnt get deleted , as I am asking about something that may mean a link to another site I am not sure if this is against any of the forum rules !


you could try getting a rabbit that you can turn the "rabbit" bit off quite a few do that, but essentially what you want is a rotating/vibrating dildo?

but it dosnt have great reviews


this would be your best bet imo its meant for anal play but no reason why it couldnt be used in the front (that im aware of)

Thank you Mr-Mrs-Sexy

The one in your second link is much more the sort of thing Im looking for !