I have no boyfriend and I have a vibrator but don't have new batteries as batteries that ran out recently. I don't want to ask mum. I don't have a credit or debit card. I've asked my friends to get me some but I'm yet to get them. I would rather get a rechargeable vibrator but they are rather expensive. I dunno if I should just give up. I've been feeling rather lonely.

Not all rechargeable vibrators are expensive. This one is pretty cheap. Batteries will end up costing more than this vibrator does over time.

Could you not get a debit card?

Why can you not ask your Mum to get you some batteries? Could be for your TV remote or lamp or something? She doesn't have to know what they are for?

Why should you give up on experiencing pleasure?

As above really.

You can now get top make batteries from the top pound stores . All you need to do to bring them under the radar is to say they are for something else ,clock,remote,calculater . Surel;y you don't get searched everytime you come home !?

How old are you that you need to justify the purchase of batteries? Also,batteries are not exactly difficult to smuggle into the house in your pocket,and as said,are cheap enough at any Pound shop.

They are not the normal AA batteries they are C batteries. Mum would be worried to give me one incase I lose it. You are right. She goes through my draws sometimes just to put stuff away, I'm not sure if she's seen it. I have difficulty walking distances and mum would always want to make sure there's someone accompany me. Everything I use has AAA or AA. I just wish someone would give me them already.

She'd be worried giving you a debit card incase you lost it? Did I understand that right?

I'm 20

Yeah or someone else got hold of it.

Well you're 20, I think you're responsible enough to be able to have your own card. If you were to happen to lose it, you can cancel cards. You're an adult so should be able to make that decision yourself in order to make your purchases easier. It would be easier for you having your own card to purchase items online whenever you please, so you don't have to walk long distance and have someone with you to do so. Tell her you want to become more independent

I'll ask her soon but she might want to watch what I'm buying.

Perhaps you need to tell her in a nice way to cut you a bit of slack. I appreciate you sound as though you could be disabled if you can't walk so far and therfore will rely on your mum a lot .

But at 20 she really does need to treat you like an adult .

Unitl that status quo alters then you will have to rely on supplies from your fiiends which is far from ideal .

You could argue your case for a debit card which will enable you to order things through the internet , which would be more practical for you and improve things as you stated you can't walk so far. Surely your mum would agree that it would be an advantage and would help you and of course the card needn't leave the house.

It is true I am disabled. I do have time when I'm at college where people go to the shops and stuff but I don't do that incase I'm in trouble. But I'm thinking about it now.

Until then though I will ask my friends to go for me or I'll go with them.

IMO you need to start talking to your mum and include things like sex. Your 20 now not a kid anymore . I think you will be surprised when you start talking to her about various things of how supportive she will come.

We did talk about that but not about toys.

There are some good prepaid cards such as pockit which wouldnt matter much if you lost because you can make sure you dont put more than £10-£20 on it at a time.

Update: my friend was supposed to come on Friday to get me them but he didn't. My mum has a torch that uses the same kinda batteries that I needed I asked if she needed some and she said no. We didn't get them.

Dali256 wrote:

There are some good prepaid cards such as pockit which wouldnt matter much if you lost because you can make sure you dont put more than £10-£20 on it at a time.

I tried that but when I did the sms payment it wouldn't let me put the last number in. I'm frustrated.

Will someone just order the cheap rechargeable one I added on my wish list today? XD Probably not. I have a simply pleasure store in the town we live in but it's a fair walk.

If your vibrator takes C size batteries it's going to be of the size you can use it with out batteries like a dildo ccombined with your hands if needed.

if batteries are really critical you need to talk to your mum about giving you independance letting you have a bank account debit/pre paid card, your an adult unless you have mental disability in addition to your mobility problems your mum should not be dictating how you live your life, you should be able to manage your own finances, go out when you want go to the shops by yourself if you can't walk very far learn how to drive it'll give you more independance