Hiding toys from your parents :)

Hey, I am a Uni student- and I need some help on this- none of the usual suggestions so far- I know are going to work, when I go home for the holidays. Basically, I need to know a strong hideaway- from my extremely suspicious mom ans very curious younger sisters. Do bare in mind, I share a room with my siblings- and I do not have the luxury of having my own wardrobe anymore... Any ideas?

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A lockable box ? If you are tall and they are diddy, on top of the wardrobe, buy odd things they do not recognise as sex toys, keep them at a friends and have parties!! keep them in your jam jar if you have one.... difficult really as if they are really curious they will ferret things out of just about anywhere. Some members would have you believe they walk about with them up their bums most of the day !!


hi sexyscorpio, welocome to OA, hope you have fun here.

the only thing i can suggest is just to put a lock on your bag and if any of your family ask why its got a lock on it, just tell them it was for security when you was travelling back there.

someone else will probably have a better suggestion though

Hopefully this is really you sexyscorpio & not just your mum getting some tips where to look!!

If you share a room with your sisters you are going to struggle to get the chance for a adecent toy session. You might get away with a clit stimulator or small ladyfinger vibe in the shower, those can be hidden practically anywhere.

*In a sock inside a pair of boots *In one of those stash cans which look like a tin of coke or deoderant. *In a cut out boring book (get a cheap book on your uni subject from a second hand store & cut the middle of the centre pages out with sharp knife to make a reccess). *Under the bottom drawer of a chest of draws (often a bit of space between the drawer & the bottom of the cabinet) *A bit extreme, but cut a small hole a side seam of your mattress & poke them in there. *Buy a vanity case with lots of pockets, fill it with the usual crap & stuff the toys under all the junk or again inside the lining! *In a sock stuffed behind a radiator (at the bottom), if you can get an obstructed radiator then all the better! *In a sock behind the hot water tank in the airing cupboard. * Inside a hollow curtain pole *Buy a big fluffy cushion for your bed & stick em in there (ditto for a Teddy bear) *Buy a BIG square candle, scoop out the majority of the bottom & middle & stash them inside.

Depending on how old they are buy them one each to 'buy' their silence (sorry if they're too young!)

I strongly recommend against storing any battery operated or other electrical devices near any heat source, such as an airing cupboard or radiator.

The only thing I can think of is to get a metal box which can lock securely, and keep the key with you at all times. Everybody is entitled to some privacy, and if anybody nags you about what's in it, just tell them it's private. If they insist, then tell them if they really want to know, then they are welcome to try to break the lock.

I wish you luck!

If it's ust temp storage during the holidays, I suggest asking a good friend if possible. Other than that it's the lockable box maybe under the bed?

how about buying a little safe - and any one is nosey enough to ask you why you need a safe, say you bought it to keep your stuff safe at uni.

It would be a handy thing to have for all sorts of gear anyway

OOh that's a fab idea bingo!

under the materss is a good one or in the bottom of a drawer. there is the option of taking a discreet toy such as the "i rub my ducky" that looks discret enough to fool the little ones. in a laptop case maybe that loks or in a hidden compartment of a suitcase

I only left one vibe at home, and its a ladyfinger, hidden in a millions sweet tube (if anyone knows what that is!). Pringles tubes could work just as wll, then if you leave that in your bedside drawer maye, or on the top shelf of the wardrobe underneath clothing?

Good luck!

Maybe someone should make a book with a space for a vibrator in it.

I've seen bibles with space for a hip flask before but not a vibrator. Get sourcing one LH

I would have thought using, rather than storing would be more of a problem. I have the same with inquisitive little kiddies. Making any noise with them in the house just seems wrong. I suppose it is wierd because their Dad and I never had sex since they were conceived, and now I only have a shagfest with my man when they are at their Dads (yes, the split was inevitable, the celibacy was one step too far for me)

Sorry if going off thread. Locks are always justified, everyone needs their privacy.

I hope you get to have some fun,

Legs xx

Yeah thats true Andserkiel. Once you pop... (ooh double meaning score!)

Now who's on with the bad jokes?

Hmm, yeah think anything too interesting to young peoples might be out of the question for the O/P.

as for me, im still at home but probably not the best one to ask - luckily my room is my own so i dont have too much of an issue - but my drawer that my toys are currently in is a bit damaged and doesnt even shut properly so i just hope that my mum has neevr been nosy lol.. i do have a new box for them all to go into but i want to line it or something first and maybe fit a lock too... need to use that though as theyre outgrowing their allotted drawer space!

Would something completely innocuous work? I keep my toys in a cardboard box under my bead. A shoes box could work for a few select ones and probably wouldn't attract too much attention if you shove it far enough under the bed.

Or you could always abstain from toys and use waht god gave you when you're home...

lol mum once found my vibe i my uni room. luckily shes really relaxed about those kind of things :).

this is the thing, i dont think it'd be too horrific if a parent found a vibe. but finding a stash of all kinds of toys might be a bit more embarrassing...

Split them to 1 per draw then if she finds 1 she'd stop looking around in the shock of finding it and not find the other 100 in various other places round the room

This suddenly gives me a great idea for a where's Wally type dildo picture....

EdTheDuck wrote:


This suddenly gives me a great idea for a where's Wally type dildo picture....

A book like that could sell as some kind of hen party novelty gift, y'know? you could be on to something there!

(It's a bit of a scary thought though!)