hiya newbie

hiya all just though i would say hello to you all i new to the site and using toys but sure i have alot of fun with them and put some spice into my sex life with my man

Wo0t welkom hun we love fresh meat herebefore you know it you will be a dirty girl and happy for it

Any advice u need on sex toys we will be happy to give .. dont be shy we only bite a little

hello and welcome to O.A

hi, welcome, this place is so addictive, have fun

Wlcome babe, hope you got a comfy chair cos you wont be leaving anytime soon if youve got that addictive streak

HI and thank you for the warm welcome you all making me feel at home here a least i know when advice is needed i can ask you all

Hi Minx!

Hello and welcome to OA!!


hiya and thank you again well my new toy arrived boy i,am i going to have some fun with it i mst say reading the reviews on this site and the forums help me choose but thank all for warm welcome you have all given me

hi all im new on here not to familiar with forums but hope to get some good advice

Yeah the reviews really are helpful aren't they? It's totally what brought me to the site.

they seem great

hope to take note of them and have some fun

Welcome little minx.


hiya yeah it is what got me on here chating to you guys purchase the rabbit lol did i have some fun testing it out hehe

Hi there, I'm new too! new to toys new to forums but have been reading the posts and boy do they ring some bells.

Welcome curious1, glad to see you are still curious, how did you find out about us pray do tell.....


Have always been curious but was looking for a start to pegging & found love honey on the net by accident but soon started to read the reviews & threads. has helped me choose my first toy. loving it!!

Good for you Curious1, a.... stops to check Love Honey Profile..... girl after my own heart, Mrs T and l are quite into this, albeit l am currently looking for something larger, so if l can be of any assistance feel free to ask. Good luck with the lucky gal/guy!!!


hiya curious1 welcome and its good to know i not the only one with L plates hope you enjoy the forums