Hey there, new to the forums and toys in general.

Was just wondering, what's apropriate for profile pictures? Obviously no genitals but are the standard types ok as well? Everyone seems to have their pictures as boobs or butts.

Hi and welcome to the forums xx

Thanks, I'll have another try tomorrow then.

Hi and welcome! You can't change your avi at the moment, you can only upload photos to the gallery.

Hi and welcome :)

Hello and welcome. Hope you have fun on here.

Annoy everyone chatting

Hi and welcome to the forums.



Hi, am new to all this.

Hi and welcome!!!

Hi, welcome to the forums. There's a glitch uploading photos with no time scale on the fix. Reason I done my photo of just boobs is so that my identity is protected. Not everyone is as anonymous, plenty of faces about. 😘

Hello and welcome.

Actually it's the 3 B's - boobs, butts and bellies! xx

Ahaha, thanks all!

Hello, welcome to the forum.


Hi and welcome

Hello and Welcome