Holding labia open

Bit of a strange one, but we wonder if anyone can suggest a method or way to help us? Mrs Belle loves to have her labia pulled open, and stretched back so that her clitoris is pulled up and out. It makes her come more easily and she also finds it a lot more stimulating.

At the moment Mr Belle just uses his fingers (unless we are with another girl or couple) to hold them open which then makes it impossible to use any toys. Before anyone suggests it, holding a vibe in your mouth is not easy..... plus of course his tongue can't be used.

We have tried surgical tape to help hold them, but once things start to get a bit slippery (which is very rapidly when she is held open), it doesn't hold. A lot of the nipple clamps and things are too painful for her, she is not into pain at all.

So has anyone got any other ideas?



il be interested to see the result of this as its something i like to

LoveHoney - Bot recommends: Split crotch lingerie - when worn tightly, the material either side of the centre can stretch and pull the labia just right.

Please see: Sensualle Rosinha Crotchless Lace Tie-Side Thong.

Hi Belles!

I know you've said the nipple clamps and things were too painful but I've recently been brought this lovely little clit clamp: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=8061 and it's completely pain-free. It's totally adjustable so you don't have to put it on tightly.

Another idea might be crotchless knickers which you might be able to adjust so the clitorus is revealed as you desire. I just wonder if these latex ones would do the trick because the latex would be a bit stronger than normal lace and silk underwear materials: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=828

That's all I can think of at the minute but I will ponder some more to see if I can come up with anything better!


KittyPurry, do you mean using the clamp on the clitoris itself or the labia?


I use the clamp on the clit itself, it doesn't keep the lips wide open unfortunately but it holds them slightly seperate from the clit.

It's not precisely what you're looking for I don't think but I found it produces a similar feeling. I too really love having my clit completely exposed but after I used the clamp and experienced similar sensations I realised that for me the enhanced pleasure comes from isolating the clit and the pressure on the sides where the clit meets the lips.

Hope this is helpful, I seem to be really struggling to be coherant today!


My hubby manages to do this one handed - he puts his palm on my mons and pushes upwards, it opens me up and exposes my clit nicely, if he's facing downwards he will do the same by having his fingers in a v shape and pulling my skin taught .

Yes, we have been able to do that, but hands free is the goal, really. We want to do lots of things, and having both hands and other extremities available allows us to be really inventive...


I've seen these used for holding labia open. Attach to either lip.


could you not just hold yourself open and then let him be hands free?

i normaly do this when my OH goes down on me so he can use his fingers or a toy inside me


I tend to put my hand on my mound, above everything. Then pull my hand up slightly, this lifts all the skin and pulls my clit slightly higher - amazing for getting rabbit ears in the perfect positioning!


Diamonds, Mrs Belle will have her hands (and potentially other places...!) full at the time.

He he he...

GreyMatter, reading the reviews for the clip, we suspect the forecast would be pain followed by more pain, so we are trying to find a gentler method. Thanks for the input though


I'm glad you raised this topic, I haven't got any suggestions but I love this and would be interested in any suggestions also that me and MH could try! x

I have seen some large bulldog-style clips with rubber endcaps and a screw that lets you adjust the tension; these might be suitable? Something like these, but wider:


If you're remotely handy, it wouldn't be too hard to make your own - you could even drill out the 'handle' ends of some clothes pins and make a simple tension adjuster with a bolt and wingnut. Visit your local hardware store with a creative mindset - you'll be amazed at the creative possibilities!

For the ultimate labia clip, you can't do better than a couple of modified mousetraps, with the pin removed and the spring de-tensioned a bit. I haven't tried this myself, but I have seen it in a bondage video and it looks hot!

Try these http://www.uberkinky.co.uk/Labia-Spreader-with-Stockings/productinfo/U80619/ . They did tend to ping off occaisionally but that might be down to the operator

What about bondage tape? I know it doesn't stick to skin, but maybe you could fashion something to pull in the desired direction?

We've actually been considering doing something along the lines of what 5Mil is suggesting, the trouble is finding the time to do so and lso the garage is note very inviting for Mr Belle at the moment. What we'd considered is something like some of those big plastic bulldog type clips with something to stop them biting so tightly, and just like in the labia clips thing shown in the ad SusiQ directed us to, would then tie across to a garter or stockings. Hands free is the goal here.

BUT, if Mr Belle is going to have to spend time in the garage, his first priority is to make a decent remote control clit vibrator out of the one we bought a few weeks ago. Mrs Belle has visions of walking around with an astronauts backpack on to provide the power, so she's going to wait for that to emerge before trusting him with something that could circumcise her...

He can continue to use his fingers in the meantime for hlding the labia back!

Thanks for all your posts, guys!


We had a play over the weekend - a chance visit to Staples triggered it, of all things - and we came up with a simple DIY solution to this.

We were there getting some special printer paper, and we noticed some of the large bulldog clips we'd previously thought might work. They were cheap enough for us to say 'to hell with the expense', so we got a few of them to experiment with.

We messed around with them to see how strong they were and whether they'd grip; they certainly do grip, the bondage crew might just have a rather unlikely source of alternative material. If fact they gripped too hard, and there was a sharpish edge that was uncomfortable.

The sharp edges we got rid of with sandpaper, and by using some little bolts and nuts we came up with something that meant we could control how far they closed. By making it so there was still a gap left when you let them close, when they were on they would hold on to the labia just enough to allow them to be pulled with the clips, but not enough to hurt. We found that by putting a bit of silicone rubber edge protector stuff (looks like rubber tubing with a slit along it, we got it from a DIY shop to put on the sharp edge of some metal shelves) it was even grippier and more comfortable.

We then tied some lace through the holes in the 'handles' of the clips, and using that PVC bondage tape, we held the lace with the bondage tape wound round the tops of the thighs. When Mrs Belle spread her legs the labia would be pulled open, and after some experimenting she found she could control the amount of tension on the labia.

No prizes for guessing what we did after that!

Anyway, thought we'd share the idea with you all - happy experimenting!


Yay! I'm glad you managed to find suitable materials, Belles - I'm a great fan of DIY experiments like that!

There's a great little book called 'KinkyCrafts - 101 Do-it-Yourself S/M Toys' that I got as a present from a friend, which has lots of similar things that are fun to make and play with:


Some of the projects, such as a bondage bench, require a workshop and fairly advanced woodworking skills, but most of them can be easily constructed from household items. There are some interesting variations on the labia clips, including a 'flower opener' made from wire that is kind of like a reverse clit clip and holds the labia apart; and a 'labia stretcher' - an extension of the labia clip idea that incorporates a dildo and an adjustable T-bar that the clips are attached to.

It's a great inspiration for other ideas and will really get your creative imagination working.

Brilliant, thanks for the tip on the book - must get that!

We want to try and get the remote control clit vibe working well as well, not sure we'll have as much success with it though