Household items

What household items have you lot used as dildos?

Cucumber...spice crusher and my vibrating razor... but with the razor bit off of course :P

Hi Im new to this site not sure yet what to do. ok here goes household items.....let me see the wife and myself have tried a small carrot on me and a cucumber on her, but she still like's the rampit rabbit(on her self) that I bought her a few years ago.can someone please inform me what im in for Ilove suprises.....

wine bottle' bottle's..banana's..a pear..

I think there is loads of household items you could use if you look at them close enough :P I'm always on the look out ^_o

@miss_hev.. what have you used as a household dildo..???? your yet to tell us...

Hey good eyes Challisangela......... yes please do tell!!

Before buying sex toys, I used the good ol' traditional one of a hairbrush handle -- works very well if you get the right sort of hairbrush.
First thing I ever used was a worn out mascara tube. It may have been small, but it certainly worked for me (well, all I'd had up there previously was a finger or two).

A vibrating tooth brush works a treat.

LMAO @ hair brush :O

Has anyone used the new IPod linked toy? Am Curious as to how good this could be.

I havent even hear of this toy... I would also be intresed to know what it is if there is a link to it.

I have sworn off cucumbers since as a 19 yr old I had my boyfriend over and we raided the fridge - washed the thing and as I lived at home still put it back planning to have it with just our lunch the next day - as it would be suspicious if it just went missing...

However when we came down to my horror a family member had already made himself a salad!!!! I nearly died!!!! Glad they never found out

Laynie, I would assume jessie78 is referring either to this: or this:

And, oh, that must have been mortifying, Miss Kitty. I don't know if I would have burst out laughing, or turned bright red and ran to my room!

:O they ate your love cumber :O terrible :S I would have cracked up laughing..

Thank you miss nomer :D for the links.

Cucumber ready coated with Salad Cream perhaps ??

hehe ouch !! sounds painful.. my cumber was coated in ky jelly.

No Laynie you missed the joke there....Miss Kitty + friend having it off with cucumber then replacing it in the fridge...not salad cream really but ....I've been in silly mood all day...brilliant sex last night and a bottle of vino tonite....goodnite!

heheh Sorry im a bit slow :O

before we had decend vibes i used to use the long handle of our back scrubber (its really really long and ribbed right at the end for a good 15cm rulers worth ;O)