How big is too big and how small is too small

I think everyone would agree we all want to be pleasured sexually. Some women say a size of a man’s penis matters and others say it doesn’t. I think we have things that are deal breakers when it comes to someone’s physical appearance. Some men need a woman to have a minimum breast size and others need their women to be less than a certain dress size. I am curios what women or men think a penis is too big or too small. Both length and girth. My wife has her minimum at 4 inches in length and also girth with her maximum at 6.5 inches in length and a circumference of 5.75. Her best friend minimum is 5.5 inches in length and 4.75 in in girth but her maximum is about 8.5 with a circumstance of 6.5. Her current boyfriend is 7.75 inches in length and 6 inches in girth. She I talking to my wife about how they are having sex 8-10 times a week right now. Their first full week of sex was 18 times. My wife has been more into sex with what her best friend and her talking about sex together, but she is up to no more than 5 times in a week, but normally about 2. Her best friend has told me that she loves me but I am too small for her to have sex with. She doesn’t suggest my wife cheat but she is honest and has a nice sex drive. We have some interesting conversations about sex together. I enjoy them, and quite often my wife have sex that night after those talks. I love my wife’s best friend. She is fun to be around.

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I deleted what I wanted to say many times.
You asked a similar question and the responses you got were more that adequate.

Just know this, if a man loves and cares for a women, her shape or size is f****** irrelevant.


I must admit, the comments I got yesterday took me back abit, I was in 2 mind’s how to answer them cos of what was said, and how it was put.
The one that upset me the most was keep hold of him cos my hubby’s big and I’ll probably won’t find another one like him. Yeah he’s big but that’s not what a relationship should be based on. I don’t plan on finding anyone else, I’m with him cos I love him and he literally is my everything, not cos of the size of manhood.
I think you need to approach it differently so it doesn’t offend anyone else in the forum. I’m a size 22/24 and took offence to the comment about the women’s shape and size, she should be loved no matter what, I don’t like my shape. No matter what I do, nothing shifts. But hubby’s said to me I love you no matter what, he’s always telling me that he fell in love with this person who I am, not what I look like.


Sounds to me like you need to spend less time comparing yourself to others, and more time being the best husband you can be to your wife. Who cares whether other guys are bigger, girthier, larger or smaller in body size, do the deed more often etc.? That’s them, not you. Your wife has told you you’re more than enough for her, so chillax and make sure you’re keeping her happy in other areas of the marriage as well as the bedroom, keep the communication between you open, and you should have nothing to worry about.


Holy mackeral, what a confusing post you gave us, but i am going to offer my own reply and see what you think.
When you meet someone to form a partnership with, you are accepting them for who they are, and what they have to offer, but most everyone i would say has a defined preference in what they look for in a future partner, and will not accept anything less, otherwise there would be no attraction.
When i met my partner of 31 years, i was 34, and i had several partners up until then, she was almost 27, and she had no previous sexual partners, yep she was a virgin, from Asia.
Before we met, i always wanted to be with an Asian woman, i was also more attracted to smaller petite women who had smaller size breasts, and i liked a woman who was on my level mentally and academically, and i was not really interested in accepting a woman who never fit this criteria, so when i did meet my partner, she had everything that i was looking for, the attraction was immediate, and fortunately she was also very attracted to me, so obviously there were aspects about me that she was attracted to.
When we met i knew that she had smaller boobs just from looking at her, but i had no idea what shape she was until i saw her in a bikini at the beach, but i had no idea what her genitals looked like, but i had a pretty good idea.
At the same time, she had no idea of my physical penis size either, she never asked me, and i never told her how big or small i was, i just assumed that she would accept me for what i had packed inside my pants.
I am only 5" long with average girth, and i am cut, and i distinctly recall on the night that we first had sex, she almost died when she saw my penis, claiming it was so big, yet i considered myself to be a lot on the smallish size, compared to many guys that i had seen naked.
As far as our physical attributes were concerned, we seemed to be a good match for each other.
Having said all that, we have had a wonderful sex life until a few years ago, when i started suffering with erectile dysfunction issues, and i could no longer have intercourse with her, so i ended up buying a strapon harness with an 8" long RealRock flexible Dildo (made from phthalate-free Skin TPE) and we began using that during our sexual encounters instead, and can i say that initially she was scared of the size of this dildo, but once we got started she now absolutely loves it, and she can take every inch of it inside of her.
So to the question of “Does Size Really Matter” to a woman, well my lady claims that it doesn’t, she tells me that she has always very happy with my penis size, and now she is very happy with her new 8" dildo.
As far as she physical attributes go, well after 31 years and 2 kids, she is not quite the same as she was when we met, her boobs are still smallish (32") but not quite as “perky” as they were, she still has a small tight vagina, and she is still small and petite, and i still love her.

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Also feels body-negative :thinking: