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I am only 4 and half inches long and 4 and a quarter inches around. I want to give my wife more. The biggest cock she ever slept with was 7 n long and she though 6 in around and that was too big she said. That was a one and done. Half were about 6 and 5 and the others were about my size. She did have sex once with a pinkie guy she called him which she ended for she hardly felt anything. She says she is happy with my size even at a inch more than pinkie guy, but I want to give her more. Any recommendations on how to bring her aboard to this or should I with as small as I am. I would be willing to do a threesome with a bigger guy, but that could be dangerous of her being satisfied by a bigger man.

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Hi @Small_Bobby there are plenty of hollow strapon and penis sleeves available but I can’t recommend any but I’m sure others will be able to answer that. Do you want to go bigger due to your own insecurities? She has pointed out that she is more than happy how you are and I doubt she will be lying. As they say not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean


Best forget the idea of a threesome for the reason you mentioned.
As mentioned above, your partner has said she is happy with you as you are is there really any need for an extension?


It’s not uncommon for men to have concerns about size and insecurities. Nobody is ever 100% happy with their body.

But just remember - Size isn’t the be all and end all. Larger guys often find some activities harder and partners unwilling to try certain things. Anal. Deep throat. Even ordinary penetrative sex can be problematic for big guys. Focus on things she enjoys that are not related to size and you’ll soon worry less.

There’s never any point in comparing yourself to others or previous partners as they’re not you. Doing so will only end badly.

Has she actually made any comments herself or is this just a concern of yours?


Listen to the words of your wife :slightly_smiling_face: if she’s said she’s happy with what you’ve got then I’d try not to worry on it and if so then yes a penis extension sleeve could be an idea to try


Sex doesn’t always have to be penetrative, if you haven’t already maybe look at other ways to satisfy your partner with oral or sex toys etc.

If your wife says that she’s satisfied and you trust he then it’s likely not even an issue, but doesn’t hurt ti spice things up from time to time.


I agree with the above - you’re making the most of what you have, if you’re both happy then it’s a win win.

If you both fancy it, wouldn’t hurt to try a penis sleeve to change it up sometimes - but she may not even like the feel of them.

Bigger is not always better x


She said she would be willing, because she loves me and this is what I want, but she would rather not. My guess is we would try it once and that would be it. Thanks for all of the encouragement to be happy with what I have in a wife who doesn’t need much in regards of size.


Why is it that you are so fixated on expressing measurements in an exact and almost very precise way, is it really that important to you that you must express your size as being 4 1/2" long and 4 1/4" around ?

Anyway, please DO NOT attempt to use a penis extender, otherwise you are going to be doomed for failure, believe me, we tried, it was like ripping up money and throwing it in the rubbish bin.
Recently i have had erectile dysfunction issues and can no longer have intercourse with my partner, we started buying lots of vibrating type sex toys for her, which are great for the purpose that they are designed for, but my partner still craved for the normal thrusting penetration of normal sex, so i ended up buying her an 8" long “RealRock” Skin type suction cup Dildo which comes with a great Pegging Harness included, and although these harnesses are not designed for men to wear, i found a way of using it perfectly, and we now have absolutely wonderful intercourse using this dildo, and she manages to take every single inch of it.
She now uses it on her own in various places around the home, including the shower (using the suction cup)
I know it may not be ideal for most men to use, lack of sensation etc, but personally i don’t care about that, i just love watching my partner getting off while we use it, and as far as i am concerned, happy wife happy life.

I have included a link to the RealRock product that we bought, unfortunately LH do not sell it, so we had to buy it elsewhere.


I highly recommend this to you, your wife will love it, and it is by far the most realistic dildo that you will find out there.

Hi there. Lots of good points in posts to consider. I think the first thing to consider is sex is more than just pleasure, not that you’re not giving it based on what you said. There’s lots that goes into it and it seems as if you are fulfilling that both from a pleasure standpoint and emotional standpoint. Not good with measurements but my guess is my husband is smaller than you are. As a whole it’s great sex. With that being said the only time I cum with him is with clit stimulation. There are other men I have that are frequent partners (our lifestyle) who are all shapes and sizes. Some that are bigger are great, and some that are bigger leave a lot to be desired. And as for bringing someone else in. Respectfully I say that is not the reason to bring another man in, especially if she’s satisfied with you.


Not sure there’s anything much I can add to the above, but I’ll add my bit anyway.
Personally I would think bringing someone else in will add to your insecurities - and I think that is the issue here as others have mentioned.

I think this statement confirms that Mrs_Bobby is quite genuine that your size is not a show stopper, or you’d have gone the same way as poor Pinkie, right?

Have to say, historically I have had my own insecurities sexually in the past, more so around performance as I have a neurological condition affecting legs and balance. It is partly what led me to kink also, as I always wanted to find more ways of making my partner happy. Although it was not for right reasons (long long story), its worked to my benefit.

I suggested an extender to my OH ages ago, and got a flat no. I’m ok length wise but lacking girth I think, although never measured to find out what I am, and thought be something she’d like.
I couldn’t get why not, so asked her to explain.
She likes me using toys on her when she knows they’re toys, but sex itself she wants to feel me, and know it’s me. @steevo68 worded it superbly, its the motion of the ocean not the size of the boat!

Insecurities are never easy to deal with, but I used to put my own beliefs I onto to my partners. I didn’t think I could perform as well as others, so partners at the time must have thought the same but felt sorry for me and to polite to say.
When they told me I was talking rubbish, I knew better of course.
Turns out I should have listened, I missed out on enjoying myself a lot more in younger years.

My only suggestion, if you need to do anything at all, would be to look at exploring things you both enjoy sexually; whether it’s vibes, spanking, other toys, tying each other up, dressing up, just enjoy yourselves. You’re on the LH forums, the variety options of spicing things up are endless, just focus on enjoying each other!

I just want to chime in here by asking why the link to a strapon harness and dildo was removed from my previous post, it was a link direct to the manufacturers website showing the product, which they do not sell themselves to the public, so it was not a link to another adult shop that sells it, which seems to be the reason why my link was removed.
Not my fault that LH don’t sell that item, even though i have approached them to put it in their store because it is a wonderful product.

We can only discuss items that Lovehoney sell, and not suggest buying alternative products from other suppliers.

If you’d like to suggest Lovehoney stock a product that they don’t already you can include links in the Pander to me! topic, but that’s the only one. :+1:

Here’s the Welcome Topic and the Forum Rules

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So is it a case that i cannot even type the name of a product that LH do not sell, if so then this is absolutely crazy.
I am in Australia, i believe this Forum might be in the UK, so maybe the UK LoveHoney online stores stock different items than what the Australian stores sell.
I have even bought 3 of the same item from LH here in australia, in each case the fabric ripped on all 3 items, i had them replaced or got a refund, but yet LH here are still selling the same item even though it has a problem with it.
Sad that LH have not listened to complaints, or stocked items that are popular out there, and available at other stores.

The etiquette is to be slightly vague about it (eg. “I bought a fantastic dildo, but it’s from somewhere else so I can’t go into too much detail. I’ve put a link in the Pander topic :+1:”), and that’s normally okay. :slightly_smiling_face:

The forum is on the internet, so is pretty much everywhere. :slightly_smiling_face: Different Lovehoney sites do stock different things, but as long as it’s stocked in one of them then you’re safe. :+1: (eg. Satisfyer Pro3)

It’s Lovehoney’s forum, and those are the rules. :man_shrugging: