How do you clean yours?

Just a quick little topic where we can share info on how to keep your genitals clean. :slightly_smiling_face: All questions and tips welcome. :+1:

First question:

How do you clean a penis that has a foreskin?

Edit: Second question:

How do you clean a vulva?


As a man with one, I pull the foreskin back to fully reveal the entire head and then wash with water and a suitable wash. Also can use baby wipes for a quick clean, but again making sure to fully pull abck the foreskin.

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Is there an age at which you need to start doing this? (like a puberty thing)

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I have 2 boys and I got them started cleaning under there as early as they started washing themselves really, or at least once it was comfortable for them to pull the foreskin over the head, it can be tight early on. The earlier you start them, the more it just becomes a normal part of washing - no one wants a smelly/unwashed ‘head’ hiding under the foreskin.


Brilliant. :+1: Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I regularly wash with water, just like @ir1shlover said pull my foreskin right back and rinse sufficiently. Avoid any soaps/irritants like shower gel etc as that can really dry things out down there. I also use an in shower non scented moisturiser too, rub in and then totally wash it off and then make sure I fully dry under my foreskin and on the head, to avoid any dampness which can lead to infections like balanitis and thrush etc. Nobody wants to deal with any of that!


Just pull it back and wash with shower gel or soap when i have a daily bath or shower. I think puberty triggers the production of smegma, but the earlier you get into the habit of washing it the better.


Absolutely spot on as regards teaching your kid(s) to retract the foreskin once they’ve reached a stage at which retraction is possible (it varies from person to person) and clean the whole shebang every day. Vitally important. Back in the day (1960s), a schoolfriend of mine had parents who could never bring themselves to talk about “down there” stuff, so was never taught to do this. As a result, by the time he got to puberty he had a foreskin that would not retract at all (phimosis). He was too embarassed to talk to his idiot parents about it and in the end he got an infection in there and had to have an emergency circumcision. Oh the price of ignorance! :roll_eyes:

ADDED LATER: I had issues with my own foreskin growing up. Nowhere near as bad as my friend, but a nuisance. It would retract fully, but always felt too tight/uncomfortable, especially when I was erect, which made sex problematic, as you can imagine. I finally got circumcised at the age of 24. Hurrah! :partying_face:


Not sure about nowadays, but in our sex education lessons at school in the 70’s we were taught the importance of personal hygiene down there.


My eldest has real problems with his foreskin, it doesn’t stretch or retract at all and he frequently gets infections because he can’t clean it :pensive: GP won’t do anything until he’s closer to puberty as apparently many boys grow out of it? But all guys I’ve spoken to it ended up having an intervention of some sort even if not a full circumcision.


If that’s the case, your GP should be referring him for treatment/surgery, regardless of his age. See the 3rd paragraph of this NHS page:


I’ll definitely kick up a fuss next time it happens!

This Australian webpage provides a more detailed overview of the whole thing:

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There’s a solid chance I was told at school, but I have now forgotten entirely. :slightly_smiling_face: I can’t remember pulling my foreskin back to clean it, and it’s since been whipped off due to tightness (possibly a connected issue?), so thought I better brush up before teaching my son what he should be doing with his. :slightly_smiling_face:

What age were you taught?

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We had the basics when we were about 9 in primary school and “proper” sex education at secondary school aged about 11/12. It was the secondary class that taught about personal hygiene, that would have been around 1975/76.

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Soap and water I use to clean my penis


I just do it in the shower, pull the foreskin back to rinse out anything out, pop it back over and job done :+1:

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Karcher pressure washer :crazy_face:

Dove soap and warm water in the shower. I have quite a lot of foreskin so like to get in to all the nooks and crannies and give it a through clean. Not a fan of highly scented shower gels on my cock but don’t mind using them in the general gentleman’s area :grinning:

Andrex flushable toilet wipes are quite handy for a quick freshen up.

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This is genuinely helpful. :+1:

I’ve opened the OP up a bit more now and asked about vulvas too, in case anyone was feeling left out. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I’m circumcised, and I just wash my penis like any other part of my body. I wish I could add more. :man_shrugging::slightly_smiling_face:

I’m gonna weigh in here.

My foreskin was really tight and wouldn’t retract until my late twenties / early thirties - so that I couldn’t have sex without putting on a condom when my foreskin was unretracted - to the point where I nearly screamed in pain and bled when… (well you can probably guess the rest).

I was incredibly fortunate to have a doctor who suggested stretching exercises before a medical intervention - manually pulling my foreskin laterally (if that makes sense? IE stretching it side to side not back over my helmet) - and it worked.

The first time I made love with my foreskin working properly was such a relief!

Hope this helps…