How do you feel about rim jobs?

This is something my OH first did to me a few years ago completely out of the blue and it blew my mind. And it’s now led to other anal play like her fingering me or using toys. She loves doing it and seeing the pleasure it gives me, but I wish I could reciprocate as she really hates the sensations of anal play on her. But each to their own.

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Wife is totally into receiving a rim job and I love giving them. She will give me a rim job every now and then, mostly before she pegs me. I am more into giving them than receiving.

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It’s something we tried before we were married. It was pleasant but we both agreed that it didn’t turn us on as much as we anticipated. We may try again this weekend as maybe we were a bit too immature the first time.


Only had it done to me a few times and I absolutely love it. It was a bit of a strange feeling at first, but once I relaxed and just let it happen the feeling of a tongue down there turned me on even more. First time was from a one night stand with a woman and last two times was from a man. Both totally different experiences and how the difference between a man and a woman feels a million miles apart.

Definitely better from the woman, she seemed more passionate about it which made for a more pleasurable experience.

It was a bit rushed and forced from the man.

Feels absolutely great though my wife is giver only

I like to be in the 69 position with me lying on my back and him on top :slightly_smiling_face:


Love giving to the wife whilst she pleasures herself with the wand. Hoping for my first time receiving this weekend but only on the promise of a waxing before hand :flushed:


I probably prefer rimming to ‘regular’ oral. I just find it so much more intimate