How long do you use a new toy for before you review it?

We joined the site six weeks ago on a sunday, and by monday night had spent nearly £250, and reviewd a lot of it by the following weekend. Now i've been away from the site for just over a month, I love you all but i dont want lovehoney in my work laptops history! and looking back at our reviews found my self wishing we'd left it a bit longer.

So my question is how long do people use a toy before they review it?

Howdy M and H!

When I purchase something I will use it at least twice and get a feel for it if possible and definitely involve my OH to fully get to grips with the item as a couple. I bought the Aneros MGX and used it last night on my own but will be using it on wed when I see my OH as I want to have sex with it in to see how it goes before I make any comment although it's a solo toy!!

SG69 x

I generally leave it a week or two. That gives me long enough to have a few goes with it by myself and with my boyfriend. It's also long enough for the novelty value to wear off so I can look at it a bit more objectively.

Often though, I'll start writing my review in Word and keep adding to it as the days pass. Yes, I'm that sad.

We try and leave it till we have given it a good seeing to! If its worth reviewing we get on and do it, likewise if its pants we do the same, a average joe toy might not get reviewed.

We are desperate to try something different, not sure what but very open to suggestions!

Not sad, I like the idea of notes in word, when it comes to reviewing we always forget bits, be like a dildo diary

Usually when i purchase things, or when im sent review items, i usually review within a week or so, providing of course i've used it a few times to make sure i've given it a good try, unless of course the toy is so amazing that im eagar to review,lol, thats only happened a couple times though, lol.

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i just use it a few times, i usualy review it within a fortnight of buying it unless i feel i need more time xx

Hello me and her and welcome to the forums

When I was first on these forums, I must admit that I would try and review things right away after only one or two tries. But now I will take some time to form an opinion and base that on at least 3 uses.

Of course, if you are asked to review a product by the LH team, then they expect a quicker turnaround, so I find you have to make time and be a bit more objective, while working to a time limit. But if it's something you have bought for yourself, then take all the time you need.

And I am so impressed (and a tiny bit jealous) that you managed to spend £250 in so short a time. Kudos, I think

We just got carried away, our wish list was over £100 within a week or so after that i think we might out a week's limit on our reviews, get a good feel for it

Depends on whether it's one Ruth wants asap!!

A fair few times to be as far to the product as possible, but mine are generally solo toys so I can do that fairly quickly. For clothes/lingerie I just write my own opinions, I don't wait to get the reaction from others.

it depends, for ones ive bought and can review at leisure they normally get a good few outings before their review, but if its a tester item that is often wanted asap, i give it 2, 3 if poss test runs (more if there are other factors - like me maybe not being totally in the mood or whatever) and then review. i do try to be as prompt as i reasonably can be :)

not had a tester yet

but OH and me use whatever we buy at least twice, if not more before we submit a review.

Got one on hold at moment .. just need to use once more, then will post.

I tend to give it two or three goes on my own and once with a partner before I submite my review, if I can! That said, I've had my Jessica so long now that I think a newer version has come out and I still haven't reviewed it... oops!

normally i tend to forget to review things until i have broken them or they have stopped working or more than likely just wan an upgrade i buy the new one obviously using other ppls reviews then write a review on the item that has made me turn up here Again lol

It depends, I usually review it when I think I'm ready to.

First product I reviewed was my rabbit (check profile to see which) and I decided to review it when I felt I was ready to. I think I reviewed it after 3 or 4 months of purchasing it.

With my bullet I reviewed it recently as I hadn't got around to it and I've had that about a year now.

Ruth has just sent us a few testers to review, feeling under preasure now

Me and her wrote:

Ruth has just sent us a few testers to review, feeling under preasure now

Don't feel too under pressure! Just give them a couple of spins, see how you get on and give them a review :) Am sure it'll be fine :)

Luckily the excitement overwhelms the nerves

awesome :D

Rather than starting a new thread with this question, I thought I'd kinda hijack this one as its on a fairly similar topic....

Do people here review EVERYTHING they get? I have been trying to up to now, but most of the things I've reviewed up to now haven't had that many reviews about it already.

I noticed a couple of things in my last order had quite a lot (one had 22, the other 47)... do you still write reviews for things that are already heavily reviewed, or just leave it be?

My experience with the products was a good one, which is in line with most of what everyone else says, so would it be worth my while writing a review that isn't really going to give any more info than is already there.