How long does it take to cum from a bj?

Seems to take me ages 10-15 mins, I think more frustrating for Mrs. What about others??

It’s normally around 5/10 minutes for my hubby. I enjoy it though I wouldn’t want him cumming right away as I enjoy the build up :-)

I can be giving Mr LNT a BJ for ages and it's not going to happen. I will not have him cum in my mouth anyway but we both enjoy him cumming on me so it's all good xx

It can take my partner a long time. Some techniches speed it up but I can be down there a while and sometimes it just doesn't happen and we call it a day unfortunately

If its been a few days it can take as little as 5 minutes. As she is very very good and knows what i like. But usually if she is performing oral, she takes her time and provides a lot of build up. Licking and touching the most amazing areas. The best orgasm ive ever had has been from a slow build up BJlasting about 30 minutes with denial etc

About 5 mins she looks up at me ask me to cum in her mouth then it's all over

It used to take me ages too, about 15-20 minutes.

It takes me ages, don't know why as I love a BJ. I think it may be a mental block as a early girlfriend was dead against me coming in her mouth.

My partner usually takes around 5/ 10 mins x

If it's a non stop blowjob depending how turned on I am and how sensitive it's feeling, Its about 5-10 minutes. I love blowjobs so stopping and doing something else is fun then come back again to blow me its great as then when i cum its more of a intense feeling and a bigger load, seeing as we both enjoy cum fun, after I have blown my load its alot of fun.

Think it all comes done to whats going on in my mind, if i think / other half os keen and wants it , it can be 5 mins. If i am slightly worried about cuming then it can take ages, until OT just asks if I'm going to gym and tells me to then its over in seconds.

Depends on how good person is at giving the bj is. Been days where Iv lasted 5 minutes and other days where it’s just not happening at all

How long is a piece of a string? There are so many factors that influence how long it takes to come, that my answer will be different to anyone else's and also different from one day to another. If you want to come quicker try some tricks like a vibrating cock ring, or a vibrator on your balls (or your OHs cheek if she can tolerate it!), or maybe something up your butt, a bit of nipple pulling, or perhaps a change of technique? Long hard sucks just on the glans really gets me going quick

Varies massively. Can be 5-10 mins, can go on for ages. If I don't cum quickly, OH can think I'm not enjoying it (which is never the case!) but I quite like the slow build up. Technique and the mood also have a massive influence - a really hot, aggressive bj will have me cumming in a few minutes!

Again depends massively for me, but don't think it's any quicker than 5mins or so... Different techniques and moods will play a big part

I can last until I decide, usually when the Mrs is getting jaw ache, say about 15-20 mins normally but am able to go for a quickie if needs be

I love being given a BJ but now that i'm older I rarely if ever orgasm from it so nowadays we just use oral sex as part of our general foreplay.

I get this issue. It will usually take me longer to reach climax from a bj even though I'm arguably enjoying it more. I guess part of it is psychological; if I'm worrying that my wife will think I'm not in to it, then I won't be as relaxed or caught up in the moment. Also, if I'm stressing about how long it's taking then it will only delay it further. I did say this all to her recently and said how much I love them. She added that she would trust me to mention it if I desired anything different.

MrandMrs_L wrote:

It’s normally around 5/10 minutes for my hubby. I enjoy it though I wouldn’t want him cumming right away as I enjoy the build up :-)

Same here, sometimes 15 minutes for him.

I don't mind being patient though, because he is with me when I'm 'at it' with myself!

I so enjoy the build up to him cumming too! 😜

Could never cum through receiving a bj with my ex but now with my current partner it’s about 10-15 minutes