How many sex toys do you have?

How many sex toys do you have - solo or as a couple? What’s the general make-up of what you have?

I was looking at our collection earlier today and feeling pretty smug about it. Then I wondered how it compared to others. I’ve nearly filled a number of bedside drawers, and I can’t help myself than to keep buying us more (expecting my next LH delivery tomorrow!). We’ve got at least one of most things, and about 75% of our toys are things I’ve bought for her.

I suspect that most people on this forum are kinkier and have more sex toys than average (given that you contribute to a forum about sex), but I also wonder how many toys the ‘average’ person or couple has.


I have lost count of the number of sex toys that we own but i have two big plastic storage boxes in the bottom of the wardrobe full of toys and there is so much i want from lovehoney that i have in my basket, just need the money now to buy all of them :rofl: :rofl:


A disgustingly sexy amount :joy:

Actual toys (bullets, wands, vibrators, dildos, pumps etc), I’m now over 100.

Lingerie pieces, last time I counted was 80 something, but I’m pretty sure thats close to or over 100 now too :woman_facepalming:t3:


That sounds like a lot of toys! How many of them do you use?

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I honestly have no idea. Far too many to count in my head.

She had 15 - 20 vibrators, bullets and wands, 10 or so lingerie sets, 5 or 6 things to hit me with and at least 6 things to insert into to me with harnesses to match.

I have 8 - 10 butt plugs, prostate massagers and similar things, 5 or 6 chastity cages, 10 or more sets of nipple clamps and chains, at least 4 male masturbation sleeves, quite a few pieces of bondage gear (hogtie, handcuffs, under mattress restraints etc), an Electrastim unit, a full set of Hagar sounding rods, a Humbler, a ball crusher, various pieces of ball stretching equipment, steel cock rings, a Fleshlight Quickshot Launch motorised masturbator and a fuxxing machine with a male sleeve attachment.

I’m sure there’s a lot I’ve missed out but that’s a reasonably comprehensive list.

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‘Disgustingly sexy amount’ is my new favourite measure.
Now I feel the urge to count ours.
What are the different levels of sexiness in terms of amounts? Just so that I know…


That sounds like a very comprehensive (and impressive) list!

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I don’t use them all at once :grin: (although I do combine them quite a lot).

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@Gareth Haha I like to think of the disgusting part as when the house insurance asks you how much your building ‘contents’ are worth…

That lot is probably the most expensive thing that’s in my house :joy: I’m assuming there’s thousands there


I would have guessed not. Don’t know how someone could use 6 chastity cages at once hahah

So long as they don’t ask you to start specifying them hahahha!

I made the mistake a couple of months ago (and a couple of £xxx’s ago) of totalling how much I spent on LH alone (email confirmations). I was amazed!

I wouldn’t recommend it.

Clearly not enough, doubt we’d register in terms of what is being discussed in this thread. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Where would it measure up on the @ChloJakes scale?

Well, I have enough sex and kink toys that I have to take their overall value into consideration when I renew my home contents insurance…. So a lot! If I had to put figures on it, it would have to be well over 100 sex toys and probably over 200 kink toys (I must have at least 50 floggers!)


I’ve got 4 110ltr boxes filled to the brim with toys, bondage and lingerie :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That’s genuinely amazing! I can imagine 100 sex toys, but can’t get my head around 200 kink toys! (In addition to the 100.)

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That’s amazing. How do you access them in giant full boxes? Genuine question as I’ve always struggled when using storage boxes. Always felt like a mood killer.

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We are definitely amateurs in this group.


A very crude calculation and off the top of my head… I’m guestimating about 60 toys. Arranged in:

  • Floggers, crops, paddles etc on hooks on back of wardrobe door
  • 5-drawer tallboy unit at end of the bed with leather cuffs, dildos, butt plugs
  • Bedside drawer unit with “regular” toys (velcro cuffs, blindfold, wand, clit sucker)
  • Ottoman bed with “bulkier” stuff and under-the-mattress restraint system on it

The bulk of our toys are vibrators and floggers, not sure which outnumbers which without getting the fifty questions :joy:

Much of our problem unfortunately is space :frowning:


Mine are here after I did a clear out. Lingerie is separate to this.

I’d have more toys if I saw my sexual partner more regularly. As it is, I’m not spending the money on things that would only get used every few months, if it wasn’t a regular use item. I’d love to have my back room be a bondage and spanking room, but being realistic, it wouldn’t get the use so we improvise, it makes us creative :grin:

About half of my toys are from testers, and the toy I have most of are clit suction toys, followed by wands. I’d like to build my bdsm collection so I’m particular about what I volunteer for, and everytime I go to but a tawse, I think of how much I enjoy his belt and I talk myself out of it :melting_face: