How often does everyone have sex?

Got the big T-shirt on this one and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

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With my ex hubbie I went to the stage where I hated it and would allow him every Sunday but really couldn’t stand him coming near me.

Years later now with my partner and dad to my child, I am more comfortable and enjoy it. What I found was, the more I have it the more I want it. So we were flat at it over Christmas, he has hurt himself now and not overall fit for it. Although last night I got some brilliant fingerings, something he hasn’t done for a while. Also made him cum by just teasing and kissing not even doing much to his cock! I really hope we have some more fun tonight.


I use my tracker which is free and recently started using glow there is in app purchase options but so far the free version is working for me.

Even with kids it’s still at least once a day unless we’re ill or one of us is out. Or with another partner.

Your a very highly sexed lady @Samantha0 , at least once a day is a great achievement. Very impressed. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I always have been. Part of my DNA I think, literally lol. I always manage to get at least one a day except for illness or other circumstances. Up to 3 already today lol, but it is the weekend!


Awesome. @Samantha0

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Once a week, very occasionally twice depending on how much time off we have together. 9 years married and 3 kids. Definitely become less frequent since kids but with the agreed intention to make more frequent

If you can keep up with @KinkyMira, then you are doing well. If sex becomes an Olympic sport we have a chance of gold.

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We average about x3/week. Sometimes a challenge with x2 young kids but we’ve been making it work!

think we could put in a team of at least 4 forum members that would take the team price as well, @KinkyMira on 1st leg and @Dirty-Wife to bring the gold home on the final leg. 2 legs team members to be decided on, any suggestions? @DLJL

Perhaps the newly revived @The_Little_Ladybird for the second leg, we just need a third, to keep the momentum.

@DLJL that made me laugh

Im currently on a 4 day streak, but as we don’t live together (and have to grab moments when we can be alone together) its not as easy as Id like.

Put me on the reserves list :grin:


Put you on the reserve list @The_Little_Ladybird , NO BODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER, your in the team. I’ve put myself on the 15th team as first reserve at that.

My wife has lost a lot / most of her sexual desires… I have no idea why… Most frustrating. It is not another man or woman I’m 100% certain as I can be.

My wife has no medical issues like your Hub. I’m reduced to hand job’s and find it hard to talk to her about it…

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For us it depends on work, life etc. sometimes it can be weeks. Recently it has been daily. We have a great relationship and are open with each other which helps.

What is wrong with hand jobs? That’s what my husband mostly gets too

Averages out at every 4 weeks, average seems to be drifting out though :disappointed:

I don’t have sex but enjoy lotioning and oiling all day because orgasms are addictive for sure :open_mouth: and my massage therapist makes me come but he did NOT mean to i just have sensitive thighs/bum always.

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