how to make our sex life more interesting....

I have always wanted more in my sex life: more excitement, more
foreplay and to trying new things, but never had the courage to try
something new. Then I accidentally found a very interesting website:
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I bought a sex toy from this website and I was amazed by how it
changed my sex life. But now I have got used to it and want to try
something else. Can you help me and give me some suggestions.

LOL sounds like an advertisement.... but any way ..
I dont know if you are alone or in a relationship...also you didnt state what it was you tried already...this being the sex toys for boys tread I will asue you want a boy toy :P
Have you tried out the flash light? or if you are in a relationship you could try a vibrating cock ring.. or maybe even the monkey spanker.. I have heard only good things about that one.. hope this helps get back to us soon!

Breaks help a lot. Just have a break and your fantasy will work on you.

Your dead right Laynie the same message is spammed into four sections. Once again I have to say tonight How Rude

ha! I had a little look to see what site would actually be that cheeky and all their prices are in dollars so i'm assuming theyre american, and it looks pretty dodgey as theyve got advertisment banners they ovbiously havent sold yet...i wouldnt reccomend handing your credit card details over to a site like that! Stick to lovely lovehoney! (oh dear now that sounds like an advert, its not, honest)

Oh, and like so many sex toy sites (but NOT like Lovehoney, hooray!) theis one shows a distinct lack of important detail (length, girth, reviews etc).