I would do ANYTHING for love - but I won't do that

Apart from anything involving faeces - I would seriously consider doing anything that my partner wanted me to do, no matter how 'odd' or kinky. To date I have never said no - even allowing him to find a woman for me to have sex with while he watched (then later joined in).

What would others do to please their partner?

Dude! Meat Loaf (Sorry- he's like my God)

I wouldn't do anything involving a third party unless we were all single (and even then it'd be preferable to be MMF). And I would draw the line at defecation/ urination too. And beastiality lol.

I'd be up for most other things though. Theres a list of things I'd love to try from tame to not tame.

I would do anything for love, but I won't do:

- Poo
- Animals
- Children
- Corpses
- Anything more violent than spanking (i.e. blood, asphyxiation etc)

I'd do anything except acts involving faeces, urine or extreme violence. There's things I've done relatively recently that I never thought I'd do, so for the most part I'd say - don't knock it til you've tried it!

I'm with creativewriter1985 on this one. Thinking back to when I was younger, there's a few things i do now that I ruled out back then- i suppose tastes change over time?

I should have changed this to I wouldn't do anything for love but I will do that!
I also agree with creativewriter .......... OMG I hadn't even thought about THAT stuff!

CW, it's like you read my mind! Those are my dealbreakers too. I am ambivalent on the topic of watersports... I would always have thought I was dead against it, but confronted with a bf who was into it, I did find myself considering it. We broke up before we got to try it though!

That's a shame shellyboo I believe water skiing can be great fun! :-)

Lol- creative covered the nasty ones there.

The extreme violence is a funny one. If it didn't scar I'd be tempted by it. I've been getting into VERY light strangling recently (as an accident, as was the way I got into anal lol) so as tattiebee said- never say never...

Yeah I also agree with CW. I don't mind the concept of watersports if my partner was into it, but haven't needed to go there yet.

I like restraint and the idea of giving over control, but really that's it. I could never do BDSM properly.

Crayola- I love the phrase "light strangling".

Now there are a few people I'd like to lightly strangle but believe me it's not a sexual thing!!!!

Lol- it's rather oxymoronic really isnt it? :)

^^^ creativewriter covered my list very nicely :-)

There aren't many things I wouldn't do. But the few things I'd refuse:
- Anything to do with faeces or urine.
- Beastilality
- Children
- Necrophillia
- Love dolls (I want one as a huge doll to add to my collection, but using the for sex creeps me out for some reason ^_^;;)
- Any form of BDSM that could potentially seriously harm me or my parnter.
So no drawing blood, light strangling...etc. However good it may feel, if its not safe I won't do it.

I always tell my partner I would do anything,(apart from the things mentioned by other writers) but he can be difficult about introducing new things into our sex life.

I am not too sure about anal, but am curious about it, so I might yet induldge.

Ooh, go on, be a devil jmt - you won't regret trying! :-D

Go for it! I was totally dead set against anal because the thought really turned me off and grossed me out, but now I bloomin love it!

You're a girl after my own heart crayola - LOL

I tried watersports, it's OK and I'd do it again if a partner wanted to, but it doesn't really do anything for me... it doesn't turn me on, or turn me off, it's just - blah...