If I review a toy on the main shopping page does that help me become a tester?

tell me if i should put this in a different chat but i think it goes here?
I think i may be misunderstanding something, im really sorry if i am and this is really obvious to others i have a hard time processing what i read. when they say on the tester tips page you should have a wish list and reviews, are they talking about the ones on your shopping account on the love honey site?
same with the address is that also on the LH shopping site?
if it isnt can someone walk me through how to set it up?
again im really sorry if this is super obvious i just cant seem to get myself to figure it out :sweat_smile:

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Hi, yep you need to write reviews on the shopping site. Use the same email as you use here. When you see tester posts on the forum, read the instructions in the post and select what items you would be interested in testing (sometimes this is by a poll, sometimes this is by replying with the name of the item(s) but it will be made very obvious in the post).

The only other thing you need to do is make sure your postal address is saved on the shopping site.

The up to date info is all in this thread. That thread itself should be completely up to date but some other threads will have old information in them. For example, there is no longer a wishlist function and all testers are advertised on the forum.


We cant make wishlists anymore sadly. When they updated the website recently that feature was removed. Lots of good info on calie’s link. Reading the “how to write a good review” part is very helpful too :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Calie @Green_Eyed_Girl thanks so much!!

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