implant removed now cant get enough any one else?

HI all as the thread title says really i had my implanon implant removed 4 weeks ago and for the past 2 weeks i just cant seem to get enough of my OH , I had it in for 4 and a half years and allthough i knew it had suppressed my sex drive i didnt realise how much. OH doesnt have a high sex drive so when i got it in it was quite nice to not have sex as an issue , we would only have sex at a push once a week mostly once every 3 weeks :o !!! now its 4 times a week now i know thats not alot compared to others but given that we have gone from the little amount we were having, he works stupidly long hours and we have 3 primary school age kids,

Just wonderd if any one else out there has had the same sort of thing due to implant going in or out ?

I was exactly the same, and still am! Even after sex, I feel I could go again! I didn't make the connection until my husband pointed out I'm like an sex crazed animal since having it out! Sadly I have no advice!!! :)

:) Glad im not the only one

Sorry if this is slightly off topic but - did it decrease your sex drive when it first went in and then, after having it out, your sex drive has gone back to normal, or is it more like you are now craving sex more than ever before?

It decreased it when it went in and now it is out it has gone back up to what it was before, just forgot how much of a higher sex drive i had than hubby lol had it in for longer than it should have been though i had it in for 4 and half years and they are only recommended for 3

Hi i have been excatly the same its great ! Just cant get enough of sex . Only problem we had was birth control as dont want anymore kids condoms where horrid, use withdraw method scarey every month. So have now gone on progestone pill and still happily bonking away .

I had an IUS put in in 2009, no babies no periods no hassle til 2014. Downside is the weight gain. My sex drive was unaffected.

I dont have periods any way well maybe one every 8 to 10 months but i can cope with that :) will have to go on something else though as 3 lovely cherubs is enough :) especially with my youngest going to school this year

No! Dont say that. My sex drive is high enough and I'm planning on having my implant out next year.